Our Eagles Tipster Weighs in on Doug Pederson Rumor

Our Eagles tipster, who’s rarely led us astray and informed us of the origin of Howie’s and Doug’s packed lunches, weighs in on the rumor that Doug Pederson was banging his assistant in Kansas City and that got him oustered by mormon Andy Reid:

I can’t confirm whether or not he was banging his assistant as [REDACTED] never [REDACTED]. However, let me make this clear. If Doug was, Andy would give ZERO fucks.

Want to know why? During Andy’s run at the Eagles he knew of many inter-office relationships.

Andy’s [REDACTED COACH] was banging [REDACTED ASSISTANT]. The two of them are now married, and I’m pretty sure got married while Andy was still with the team.

[REDACTED ASSISTANT] who does the heavy lifting in [REDACTED DUTY] started dating [REDACTED] over in [REDACTED DEPARTMENT] back during Andy’s run.

For Christ sake – [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] were both previously married. When the two of them met at the Eagles they both had shotgun divorces so the two of them could get married instead.

There were many more, including big time execs that I don’t even want to print in black and white.

Rule 101 of working in the NFL – you’re going to fuck your co-workers.

This is such a non-story. If Doug was getting his dick wet, good for him.

I mean, there’s a big difference between [REDACTED] banging [REDACTED] and your married assistant coach banging his young assistant… but, yeah, kinda get the sense the rumor is bullshit.

Personally, I’m not sure Doug looks cunning enough to pull off butting in the lunch line, let alone D-ing his assistant behind his wife’s back.

Side note 1: One of these days I’ll put a crypto-key for [REDACTED].

Side note 2: I think maybe I overdid it with the [REDACTED]s.

Side note 3: [REDACTED].

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11 Responses

  1. Doug Pederson should get fired. Can not lead a team by setting an example that’s it alright to cheat on your wife. He even looks like a s*xual pred@tor with his creepy haircut

  2. Buddy Ryan use to have personal tryouts for the Eagles’ cheerleaders at the then Hilton Hotel at the Stadium, now the Holiday Inn. How do I know? The then hotel G.M. told me after I saw his football signed by every member of the team. A gift from Buddy for making the “private screening (screaming?) room available and keeping his mouth shut.

  3. I wonder what Doug Pederson thinks about [Redacted}. Because I would really like to know if [Redacted] was really banging [Redacted]. We should make a TV show about this whole thing and just call it [Redacted]…[Redacted][Redacted][Redacted]

    1. Shut it down, we have a winner. It’s nice to see an actual funny comment instead of mouth-breathers writing “Juuuuuuuuuuuu” or talking politics here. Well played, sir.

  4. Cheater, scumbag how about you don’t get married if “he wants to get his dick wet”.by assistants…..Eagles wanted Coughlin so bad that he stalled their process then said thanks but no thanks, Pederson is only their coach bc there wasn’t much left after Coughlin said no if he wasn’t given total power, and he knows how the Eagles are with a media circus event after each loss regarding coaches v roseman. Pederson will be out in 3 years. Remember when Chip was the next Parcells?? Now they curse him. Worry about getting ONE trophy in the Eagles empty dusted display case instead of cheating on your wife.

  5. Who the heck is Doug waving to in that pic? Am I supposed to believe that he’s beseiged by fans on the tarmac of the airport like the Pope? Odd picture.

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