Videos: Reactions To Kris Jenkins’ Shot

Videos from the shot inside NRG Stadium are here.

I’ve been hard on Jim Nantz for seeming like he mails it in to get to Augusta, but he was terrific throughout the tournament, and his call of Jenkins’ game-winning three-pointer was perfect. “For the championship…”

Here are all the videos. Kyle Cam is coming later. [Give them a second to load.]

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5 Responses

    1. Wrong answer turd.
      Villanova isn’t in the city limits.
      Quit trying to jump on the band wagon at the last minute.
      Go back to Dallas and your cowboys

  1. You see that stuff spraying on the girls in the first video…that’s coming from this nutsack! Those hosebags and I went at it all night long, that was only the pre coming out! BANG BANG!

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