The Reading Fightins will Wear Chewbacca Jerseys for an Upcoming Star Wars Night

They aren’t the Stud Muffins, but we’ll have to settle:  On June 4th, the Fightins will be wearing those Chewbacca jerseys above in the seemingly annual “Star Wars night” game. Different Star Wars characters will be in attendance, and the whole thing will end the way all baseball games should: Explosions. The post-game celebration will feature “Mega Blast 9,” what the Fightins are calling “the largest fireworks show in stadium history, set to music from the Star Wars films.” As per usual, the game worn jerseys will be auctioned off for charity after the game.

I’m no uni critic Dan Fuller, but the Chewy unis this year are at least better than the Iron Pigs’ Star Wars get-ups.


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  1. wish that site the F*ghtins would make a comeback with the phils good again.

  2. I don’t know how much Jim makes, I can’t assume it’s very much, but whatever it is, he’s stealing it from Kyle’s republican pockets.

    For someone as frugal and money obsessed as Kyle is – he’s going to vote for a maniac white nationalist because his tax rate would go down a very percentage points – it’s amazing he pays Jim to churn out crap content that a 16 year old could put together inbetween jerk off sessions.

  3. Nothing on Vai Sikahema’s awkward pushups during Hurricane Schwartz’s interview at the Phils game today?

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