Ed Snider’s estate is selling his ridiculous California mansion for a paltry $52 million. The Wall Street Journal describes the home as “Italian-inspired,” and it features eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, home theater (where Snider would host friends to watch Flyers games), tennis court, cabana, two-bedroom guesthouse, and more in over 21,000 square feet. It sits in over nine acres of insane gardens with mind-boggling views. It makes you wonder why Snider would have ever even visited Philadelphia, and the fact that he always came back shows you what kind of guy he was.

He was also an insanely rich guy. As the WSJ lays out, Snider bought the property in 1994, added additional lots for gardens, privacy, and views, and lived in the house for a few years before knocking the whole thing down and starting over from scratch.

Just look at this place. [The photos of the estate are amazing in and of themselves, taken by photographer Jim Bartsch, and the fact that the home is beautiful doesn’t hurt.] I mean this is just insane:











The home is for sale for 83% of the Sixers’ entire payroll last year. I can barely comprehend how much money it takes to buy this place. Does Fletcher Cox need new digs?