LeSean McCoy Is In Fact Dating Marcus Vick’s Ex, To Whom He May Have Given Herpes

Wow so the Marcus Vick accuses LeSean McCoy of giving his ex-girlfriend herpes story has taken quite a few revealing turns.

Vick’s ex is at least dating – or having potentially contagious sexual relations with – McCoy. Delicia Cordon posted a picture of the itchy happy couple on those social medias:

Voila_Capture 2016-08-03_04-26-35_PM

She denies that Shady has the herp (does she know it can be dormant?), but did mention Marcus’ brother, presumably Michael, paying her off in 2012 over something that I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW ABOUT!

Voila_Capture 2016-08-03_04-35-45_PM

So, from one simple herpes accusation, we’ve learned that McCoy did in fact steal Vick’s girl and that Michael Vick was paying people off for something when he was with the Eagles. Ironically, what remains an unknown in all of this is whether or not McCoy actually has herpes.

Side note: I know this is disgusting, but how terrible of a sexual partner do you think McCoy is? Gotta be a 9 on a scale from 1-10… and that’s before the whole herpes thing. He just seems like a selfish dude. Just a terrible disrespectful dick who doesn’t even offer a towel and just watches himself shower in the mirror, flexing after his 30-second conquest. Shady, uh, get it, get it, woooooo, got it! That’s what he do, baby. Holla.

H/T to Terez Owens

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36 Responses

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  1. I’ll Break balls as much as the next guy, but Kyle, that last paragraph was truly disturbing. If you were one of my boys and said that at a bar back of your head would have gotten a slap hard enough to make your Mom feel it. WTF dude?

  2. Funny side note: I know a girl J*ll M*ri* that has herpes and fucked Evan Mathis last summer in SIC

  3. I can’t fucking believe Mike miss said the Nintendo game Mario & lugi was racist towards Italian people

    1. It’s only racist if it doesn’t let fat middle-aged da .gos soothe their sense of lacking masculinity by quoting it endlessly.

    1. Nobody watches that garbage. No way I’m turning all the pussy off of ch 3 news show to watch bob. Fuck that! unless Jillian wears a bikini top I’m not watching

  4. Maybe Jim a-fair could write a poorly constructed and misspelled post on his life as a closeted Brony?

  5. Isn’t it common knowledge that Mike Vick, aka Ron Mexico, has herpes?!?! How is that not included in this article?

  6. We didn’t “learn” that Michael Vick was paying anyone off while he was with the Eagles. Some woman who is mad at his brother said some shit to get you thinking about Mike Vick potentially paying people off while he was with the Eagles instead of the potential embarrassment she’ll suffer if Shady did indeed give her the gift of cold sores in her lady spots.

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