RADIO WARS: Josh Innes Is Out at WIP

I’m told Josh Innes is out at WIP, as of today.

We’ll have more soon.

UPDATE: I’m trying to pinpoint the exact reason, but it is believed that Innes, who had been suspended by WIP in January for making a “house negro” comment about Jason Kelce, went too far in his response to 97.5’s fake caller “Dwayne From Swedesboro.” At one point during the show yesterday, Innes said something about the black guys who cut Mike Missanelli’s lawn (I’m paraphrasing as we are trying to dig up the exact quote). There was also this Tweet:

However, it’s possible that the sum total of Innes’ continued efforts to push the line, particularly with regard to race, just became too much for WIP to deal with.

Innes was in the building today, preparing for his show, and was informed sometime before 1 p.m. THE MUSIC MUST:

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314 Responses

      1. You’re the man Mike, now can you help a brotha out and get me my old job back because child support is kicking my k i k e a s s.

      2. If he was fired for racist comments that really weren’t racist this is bullcrap…and I hate Innes

        1. Agreed. Theres nothing wrong with that tweet at all. This is just their excuse to get rid of him. And i dont like Innes either. WIP is a joke and theyve systematically destroyed themselves over the last 10 years. They need to look at their own management and start cleaning house.

          1. It’s ironic, crap like Dwayne and tweets like the one above draw a shit ton of heat, but does the local media ever read these comments?

            Isn’t Kyle just as guilty?

          2. I’m pretty sure blackface is still considered incredibly racist so there is a lot wrong with that tweet.

        1. We know who 97.5 is. so if you want to crown their asses then crown them. We had them beat and we let them off the hook.

        1. “Stern is an act.”

          Of course its a fucking act you dipshit. He states this over and over and everyone else on the show talks about the character they play. Fuckin stupid idiots out there, good lord.

      3. That’s great we got rid of that fat piece of shit now let’s focus on getting rid of that asshole motherfucker Mikey miss .how the fuck do you call a old fuck like that Mikey what a fast bitch

      4. You are no rocket scientist and probably the worst person with no integrity and you sure work that to play, your radio stick. You have been fired from many places. At least Josh stood up to your crap.

        1. People like you. Dammit you’re lost. Wonder if you called the KKK a terrorist group before. I doubt it. Has nothing to do with it. We’re all HUMANS except for ppl like you.

      5. Just because your a kiss ass and follow every rule doesn’t make you the radio king of philly!! If wip could get there act together and tell someone the afternoon show is their’s and they won’t get stabbed in the back by corporate, your ratings will plummet! So enjoy the BS ratings you get because there’s no one to contend with anymore! And by the way your old stop acting like your a twenty years old, it’s embarrassing!

    1. Haha, this is great, but I cringe with the self-aggrandizing Missanelli will say…you know he will say something.

        1. Then he ran around the parking lot with his dong tucked between his legs asking people to call him Mary and spit on him, one sick SOB

      1. More than likely he will say nothing at all. The whole time he pretty much has ignored Innes and the rating wars. Innes was a first class idiot and went after someone who has been in the town a long time and knows how to get the ratings. Innes came in and did a schtick that no one liked after an hour of listening. Innes show was about Innes. So his firing may have been blamed on the tweets and comments, but the declining ratings pretty much sealed he would not make it through the summer.

    2. I’m ashamed to admit it but I rubbed one out to the Twitter profile pic of Natalie Egenolf in my work bathroom, sorry

        1. Wait I’m confused – are you saying JM is 5 yrs past her wall, or she rubbed one out to the smokeshow?

    3. As much as I didn’t like Innes, the fact that he’s another casualty of reverse racism from the REAL racists in this country, makes me sick.
      Slavery was wrong. Unfortunately, it led to 40 acres and a mule, which should have never been an option.
      I can only hope Missanelli and his hypocritical black holier than thou routine and his black pandering is flushed down the toilet along with Innes.

      1. We can always count on Bleeding Green to say the absolutely stupidest thing on any story.


        1. What exactly do you have a problem with , Shart?
          Slavery is wrong and should have never been allowed in America?
          Repatriation after being sold into slavery?
          The fact that the left wings are hypocrites who promote a racist double standard like Black LIES Matter?

    4. The truth is like it or not FM RADIO DIED the day Howard Stern left… All those stations have tried to replace him have failed OVER AND OVER again. PD’S have tried to replace him with “shock jocks” have all failed. Some have went the sports route and that has failed.
      Howard Stern is truly KING…. You can say anything you want about the guy but it’s TRUE

    5. I am glad to see Innes go! I didn’t like that idiot from the moment I first heard him on the radio. What a stupid idea to bring that asshole to Philadelphia sports radio, and give him a prime time slot. About the only person I disliked more than Mickey Mouseanelli was Innes.

      One down, one to go.

    1. Yup. Probably has as much to do with this move as anything he said/posted. Between those things and his contract reportedly being up in December, WIP/[what’s left of] CBS Radio apparently just said, “screw it, enough with this clown.” GOOD RIDDANCE. Dead air from 2 to 6 would be harder to skip on the dial than this pathetic shock jock wanna be.

      1. Yeah, now if they only get rid of that stupid ass stststststuttering fuckin’nagger HollAss!! It is WAY harder to endure listening to that stuttering fat fuck! How does someone who can’t talk get a fuckin’ job talking???

        1. John Wesley Hardin you are the ultimate idiot and pussy! Ultimate keyboard steroids tough guy. Tell mom to make extra meatloaf you fakkin loser. Get out of the basement every now and then cackmunch. Stay tough – puss.

        2. Hollis is horrible. Dude can’t spit it out and has a bad radio voice. Something about his voice just sucks, he like talks to low and fast and stutters. He isn’t very knowledgable about sports either and was soo biased about how the position he played was the hardest in sports and most important on the whole team. Ok dude, a D lineman is more important that a QB… Nawg. I also think he may be borderline retarded as well.

    1. No AIDS will be if all you white men idiots vote for Trump…you must vote Hillary to keep moving the nation forward

    1. He was the main, but not sole reason. WIP cleaned house over the last couple years and who is their talent? Their best show is two guys who are a combined 120 years old who only work 6 hours a week. WIP’s problem is their management.

      1. WIP’s problem is they are too concerned with the Eagles. Every show doesn’t need a former player as a co-host, especially ones that can barely form a complete sentence and can’t speak intelligently about the other teams in the city. What 97.5 does with bringing in Westbrook in for an hour is perfect. Westbrook can speak knowledgeably for that hour without his inexperience of radio being exposed as it would on a daily 4 hour show.

        1. I totally agree with you….josh was a complete racist who was trying to play the shock jock angle and a small town idiot….stinking hollis thomas is a complete idiot..who cannot even speak….and all he talks about is eating and strippers….i understand men mostly listen to this “show”…but you know what i think we are all dumber for listening to those morons for the past few months…the show kicked off well with the radio icon tony bruno as a “co-host” to this idiot..who has been in small town radio most of his career couldn’t handle the phone load of a big city….with passionate fans…and he completely blew up

          1. Me too, don’t need to be force fed a team who hasn’t won shit since the days when knee grows had to use separate bathrooms

    1. Hell yea, Tony freakin Bruno to the rescue.

      You know he’s itching to return now. Then steal Harry Mayes to co-host and all of a sudden you have the actual funniest and best sports talk show in primetime again. Bang.

    1. WIP is still garbage. Is it bad that Rob and Harry is the only show I can stand on either station?

  1. So 97.5 fakes a character based on an extremely stereotypical black man and a WIP is the one who gets fired?

    Granted it’s probably because his ratings stunk.

      1. Why not? With Josh’s gigantic gut, he couldn’t have thrown it in her deeper than an inch or two. I’m packing enough to go beyond that. She hasn’t had any deep dick in a couple years, she’s gonna love me!

  2. Not a peep out of Mike and Ike so far. Just Ike going on a 5 minute monalogue about how grateful we was to speak to the Temple Football team.

  3. Horrible decision WIP. Sadly the market requires moronic imbeciles like Angelo Cataldi in order to get ratings. He was the only reason I even bothered to listen to WIP during the week (Glenn and Ray are still good on the weekends). Innes was way too good for Philly and sports radio and he will be missed!

    1. he won’t be missed he was a know nothing fucking asshole!! the first night he was on I knew he sucked, and told Howard so at a flyers game , happy he’s gone!

  4. Didn’t the ratings come out a couple days ago? That’s probably why. Where are they Kyle?

    1. YO! A.B! How did you have time to comment when you had your lips and hands around my junk, bo! Get back to work and make me nut already

  5. Can’t wait till the Crossing Broad post in a year quoting Innes from his new job behind the mic in Tallahassee, Florida that Philly just wouldn’t give him a chance and we didn’t t get his type of humor.

    Truth is he jumped right in with the shock jock shtick about his personal life and no one cared. He was a loud mouthed arrogant blow hard that was exposed for his minuscule sports knowledge while burning bridges at WIP behind the scenes. See ya later, fat boy. I waited many months for this day.

  6. What a racist piece of shit. I’m surprised he lasted this long. Good riddance fat boy.

    1. No, we fired him because we smelled opportunity. We can take now advantage of Missanelli while he’s in a weakened state. Read The Art of War.

  7. Seems that Josh forgot the first rule of business, the better you perform the more you can get away with. You need Mike Miss numbers if you want to cross the line.

    1. Please stop your poor imitation of us. We get it. You read our stuff and like it. Doesnt mean you can pull it off yourself.

  8. Inne’s did all this to get fired people! he couldn’t stand getting his ass handed to him each rating period.

  9. More PC bullshit. WIP pushed out Innes because he spoke the truth. He called it how he saw it. I don’t listen to sports talk radio anymore because the 2016 election for President is too important.

    I wish the best for Josh Innes. He’s talented and will find a better job. Philadelphia is a Democrat shit hole that is is made up of liberal simpletons. I left Philly over 8 years ago when I realized that my tax dollars were going to lazy fucks that destroy their neighborhoods and infiltrated the Far Northeast of Philly.

    The city of Philly is shit and the sports fans in general are rat garbage. And you know it.

    1. Bob, I might agree with much of what you say, but i you need to find a website that deals in politics. Unless of course “BOB” is some troll job. A really bad and ineffective troll job.

      1. I am not a troll. I am a huge sports fan. However, I have suspended the love of sports in favor of my country for now. That is why I am posting political stuff here. Crossingbroad has a large young readership. They need to be awaken on how important this election is. 18-34+. Our future is at stake.


            AND JOSH INNES BLOWS!!!!!!!!!

        2. Oh, go fuck yourself with a rusty tire iron. Nobody comes here to read a moron spout his political views. Whether we agree or disagree with your viewpoint is irrelevant. You’re not going to be the reason either of the major party candidates wins or loses so STFU and if you’re looking to jump on your soapbox, go to Breitbart or Drudge Report. If you want to anger people with the sense to disagree with your bigoted and uniformed views, go to HuffPo or MSNBC. Either way, leave us alone.

          1. Don’t forget Fox, with the most uniformed low educated buffoons watching. Fox didn’t report how Trump applied for temporary visas for foreigners to come work on his two Florida properties a few weeks ago lololol Make who great now? Oh that’s right, Russia!

        3. Or perhaps he was just a failure at the first rule of capitalism. No one plays the victim card like a teabagger.

        1. Of course a racist agrees with Bob. You really are an Eagles ` fan? With all those bad blacks on the team?

          1. Bob is 100% correct , and the guy above is not a racist. You fucking libs need to watch out, you can only cry wolf so many times by calling people who don’t agree with you “racist” until it loses its shock value.

            Once that happens you will actually have to talk facts, which you do not do very well. Wait for it….

    2. I thought Josh Innes was dumb, and then I read your comment. May God have mercy on your soul.

        1. Then why did Hillary fight so hard while scumbag republicans fight that bill every four years as those heroes die? Scumbags pretend you care about America while 90% of those assholes fight against giving those sick heroes healthcare. Peter King even had to beg and plesad and explain to those American hating fucks why the good. Jon Stewart fights for the responders harder than republicans! Dirtbags! Keep pretending you care about America but wait until 2020 when that bill needs to be renewed and those scunbags you elect fight hard against it. You dicks won’t be happy until they are all dead! Filthy dirtbags.

          1. In case you don’t know, its the healthcare bill for 9/11 responders. I’m sure you don’t know because you don’t care. Anyway, thank Hillary for starting that bill and thank republicans who fight every four years not to renew it costing those heroes their lives. Every second counts you lowlife dickheads.

          2. Sexes- I don’t blindly support any party or politician. Frankly, I think they’re all corrupt.
            With that said, you posts are so stupid and naive, that I actually feel bad for you.

            Hillary is a scumbag opportunist who manipulates the government for personal profit.
            Trump is a blowhard egomaniac.
            They both suck.

            But, I’ll support a conservative over racist liberal any day of the week.

  10. The lawn mowing comment wasn’t racist or out of line.

    As someone said, if his numbers were better, he could get away with more. He had the town in his pudgy hands…number 1 in the ratings, and then he self destructed. HE has himself to blame ultimately, though WIP management is a bunch of pussies.

    Despite what Kyle might wish, it wasn’t Andy Bloom who started WIP’s decline. It was Spike Eskin. The kid has no business in the position he is in. None.

    1. People stopped listening after Bruno left, but Bruno didn’t make a difference to begin with. He stayed silent for the entire show. Bringing in Hollis was the end.

      1. It never got addressed because Innes is always the center of attention, but good God you cannot listen to that sofa try to speak for more than a minute at a time.

      2. Hollis Thomas skillset:

        1. Fat sweaty nigg-ra
        2. Can’t speak English
        3. Constantly talks like he has food in his mouth (probably does)
        4. Only interests are chuckling, eating, and attending strip clubs
        5. Nothing of interest to contribute to the Philly sports scene

        My, aren’t the censors touchy! I’d bet slurs on whites would slip thorough without any problem.

  11. I am sure they were just looking for an excuse to fire him. He is awful. Yes, he is funny but his schtick belongs on some morning zoo somewhere, not on an afternoon drivetime show. Yesterday he had a chance to take the high road and bring content and talk sports while 97.5 got ripped but what does he do? He sinks even lower. The dude is a clown.

  12. The Radio War is now over. Innes was the most interesting part. Unless WIP brings in Kingcade when his Atlanta deal is up then I see no point in these posts anymore.

    1. Kincaid sucks. I followed him on Twitter for a period and no one has a higher opinion of themself. He has never been wrong in his life.

  13. I’m glad I have SiriusXM in my car now. I could stand neither station. Firing Innes at this stage while the other asshats at the Fanatic still have jobs after the shit they pulled is mind-boggling.

  14. It is ironic because I could never stand Innes but if he was fired for his comments yesterday it is a shame because he was correct.. There’s too much G-D white guilt in this society and it is pushed hard among other places by the media. And Mike Missanelli, that pathetic SOB is worse than others.. He is Always pro-black and it is repugnant. So Innes calls him out on his hypocrisy and is fired for it.. Pathetic

    1. I 100% agree. Left wing white guilt while the REAL racists are destroying out country is pathetic.
      Just subscribe to the Philly Police Dept’s YouTube channel. All the perps look the same.

      1. Keep hating America , Trump hires illegal immigrants, lolol By the way, he lied about tbe wall you suckers. Watch to catch a predator and tell me how many white people are on that show. Most whites committing crimes are in protective custody.

    2. Are you that dense? Innes wasn’t fired for yesterday. He was fired because his ratings have been in the dumpster for months. Focusing on his competition – which has been owning him for months – is not way to gain ratings. WIP senses a chance to push him overboard, and so they did.

  15. CBS, which owns 94WIP, is a liberal station. They are so politically correct that they have Joseph Stalin shoved up their ass. Innes was censored and subsequently fired. The independent media is next. Google “Internet takeover of the internet by the UN”. It’s happening in October when our country gives up internet sovereignty to the UN. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    1. Yikes. Have a drink and relax pal. The future of radio is no radio. Eventually it will all just get absorbed into social media.

      1. ” The future of radio is no radio. Eventually it will all just get absorbed into social media.”

        Then, it will be social media zombies like you that will follow whatever is said by the mainstream media. Then later, on social media, they will censor you like they do in Germany and Italy. Hahahaha! Dumb fuck.

    2. Bob. Your posts are like a ride on a ferris wheel.

      At first, you were bland and boring. But then people started trolling you. And it was like turning up the speed on the Ferris Wheel super fast. And it was fun. And then more trolling. Even faster! Even more fun!

      Ohh no! The cart came off the Ferris wheel! This is really, really fun. But then the cart crashes.

      Now your posts are like a broken ferris wheel cart that has crashed into a septic tank while a bunch of toothless caries try to figure out what went wrong.

      1. Your posts are like laying in a septic tank with a broken arm and concussion while a toothless inbred high on meth pokes you with a stick.

    3. Don’t believe me? Look it up! Typical crazy conspiracy conservative moron. Listen, worry about republicans that keep blocking important bills like the 9/11 healthcare act. Trump is doing everyone a favor exposing that fraud of a party, he’ll go out kicking like a baby with those tiny fingers, but he did good. Bye party of no, hate and blocking anything and everything that helps America. Make Russia great again!

    4. Right, a corporate conglomerate with Joseph Stalin stuck up its ass. Sorry, but the the market determined that Innes was something that was a negative image. Seems that you have a problem with the free market working itself out.

  16. I know the detective did it, I know it – the nodding cat in the window will be revealed to be the easter egg of the series

  17. Let’s pause a moment here to note that the genius and architect responsible for the Innes train wreck, Andy Bloom, is now batting a 1000.

    This empty suit brought Buzz Bissenger, Dick Morris and Josh “what’s his name” to Philadelphia, each time arrogant ly proclaimng them to be the NEXT BIG THING in broadcasting history. Has anyone ever been so completely clueless?
    Andy, wherever you are, next time “just say no.”

  18. WIP can spin this as zero tolerance for racism while 97.5 did absolutely nothing to Egan and Martinez. They were going to fire Josh anyway. Kind of smart on their part.

  19. If you want to know about the sickness that America has, look at the tweets towards Josh Innes since he was fired/let go.

    America, you have a big problem. It isn’t Josh Innes. It’s you. It’s social media. I could care less about Josh Innes. He’s a sports talk host. What is perplexing is the vendetta you people have on social media. You would never last a day in the military with this shit. We would kick your ass.

      1. Another liberal? You must be. I made a cogent point and you want me banned. Why not call for the banning of the “racists” on this board? Why are you calling for my banning with my post? Are you anti-military or anti-free speech? No one cares? Yeah, a lot of people care about this election, simpleton. We don’t bury our heads in the sand.

        1. Middle of the road voter, jerkoff. Just tired of assholes like you depriving us of a reasonable alternative to whatever the Dems throw out there. Christ, Bob – the Dems put out the most unlikable candidate in 2 generations. A ham sandwich could have taken her down. Instead, the GOP nominates Trump and all but concedes the election by finding the ONE eligible American more detestable than Hillary F*kking Clinton. So do us all a favor. STFU, go gather your GOP cronies and look hard in the mirror. Do you want to be the party overrun by lower class white trash to the point of being a laughingstock, or do you want to be something a respectable person would want to embody?

        2. Uhh yes you do. Like I said, help those responders, stop voting against bills that help them stay alive. Fox is the mainstream media, stop listening to the lies. Trump hates the strongest military in the world and he’s smarter than the generals. He gets his info from “the shows.” Lmao like you get your info from nuts like Alex Jones, freaking nuts.

          1. Yes. I actually do say it to their faces. Unlike most people today, I’m not afraid to speak the truth and back it up if necessary.
            Has it cost me? Sure it has. But, at least I ‘m not a stupid sheep or a coward.

    1. But is this the site to discuss such a topic? Take that and start a new post on reddit

  20. Mike Miss is gonna take about 18 victory laps helicoptering his big ol’ schlong walking the streets tonight! Watch out ladies…

    1. F@ck Fredericks. He sucked. That idiot stood by andys decision to keep a hobbled Blaine Bishop out there against TB instead of rookie Michael Lewis who turned out to be 10 times the player that next season. Howd that work out? Buffoon

  21. Let me preface this by saying, I have never listened to either show, but I have heard Missanelli’s and Innes’ names before tied to Philly talk radio. So, let me get this straight. Innes was fired for calling out Missanelli’s program for having a fake caller call the show and pretend he was black and had a made up fake life? The person who was not making up stories for ratings and drama gets canned over a show that has impostors. Wow, unreal. I’m sure 94.1 will say it is because he tweeted a picture of someone in black face and that it is insensitive and racist and whatever tag they want to throw on there. I say who cares? Missanelli’s program was doing that and worse, minus the visual affect. Dave Chappelle used to dress up in white face and it’s a nonissue. I’m sure if it was a black guy in white face that was tweeted out, non issue. I’m basing my comment on the stories I have read about yesterday’s events. I get the past history with Innes and comments that were made. Looks like they were looking for a reason to fire this guy and they got it. Not that it was right to do that. Just my 2 cents.

    1. The truth is that WIP is owned by CBS, which is 100% liberal. Spike Eskin, the “Program Director”, was giving the OK by people above him to fire Innes.

      Most of this media now is politically correct and corrupt. That’s why no one listens/watches anymore to their lies.

    2. He was fired because his ratings are terrible, in the months and months and months he’s been losing he has shown nothing that would give anyone with a brain a single reason to believe he would ever turn it around. That it had anything at all to do with racism is purely Kyle’s speculation because he knows it is chum he can throw to the angry white hard hats that read this site and because it ties into his recent story about Mikey Miss. If they used it as a pretense to fire him, so be it, but he has clearly been on his way out for months.

  22. Looking back, one of the giveaways to “dwayne” was the fact that he always spoke in that loud high pitched voice. It never switched up if I recall correctly

  23. I don’t comment much, but this Bob character needs to be blocked…keep the political comments to yourself because no one cares what BOB has to say. Politicians are bigger frauds than sports radio hosts. Simple fact.

    1. Bob is a complete loser, nothing better to do than talk politics. This site is for fake names and comedy, God damnit!

    2. Amen, brother. If it’s a joke, nobody is laughing. If it’s not, it’s long overdue for an ejection. C’mon Kyle.

  24. They think the ratings weren’t that good with Innes. If they give the shift to those two guys WIP drivetime will fade into obscurity. Could Eskin get his shift back, I suppose but he couldn’t beat MM before. The one thing Eskin does have is advertisers who will buy time on his show. He won’t work for $140K a year like Josh. He’s going to want at least what he was paid on Fox. That’s in the $250-300K range and he used make double or triple that at the radio station when he was on top. WIP could pay him decent money especially with Angelo retiring. They will have a large pool of money when that happens and they can spread it around.

      1. Hahaha that would be great. Sonny taught Shoprite everything they know about the grocery business you know.

  25. Honestly, I have to say when Josh first started I hated him. Especially during the evening show and as he transitioned over to the prime gig. He was clueless and boisterous and clearly going for the shock factor, and I was desperately searching for good Eagles talk, which he was clearly not providing (and those nitwits on 97.5 still never have). Hated him more for driving Tony into retirement. That was a fucking travesty.

    Hated him the last 6 months into the new Eagles regime, mostly because even with Tank there to school him, he just DID NOT understand enough about the game to be able to discuss it intelligently. And with those wastes of fucking human skin Farzetta, Reignor, and Sludge slurping up his dreck and driving the “agenda of the day” every second Josh closed his mouth, I was honestly at my wit’s end.

    But over the summer, I have to say there have been some days where the combination of Josh and Tank had me laughing. I can’t ignore that, and it also seemed that Josh kind of reeled himself in wrt the football stuff, knowing that Tank could (usually) keep him in line. My biggest guilty pleasure was when he did his Barkan impersonation. ‘Hey Ike-Man!”… pretty funny. Ah well, sad to see it end, but it’s probly for the better.

    I fucking hope whoever they put in there has some football knowledge. Nobody that is currently working there should even get a shot at this slot, ESPECIALLY not the producers and fill-ins that have done the slot (I’m talking Farzetta, Sludge, Reignor, Turtle, Joe Julio(sp), etc – and ABSOLUTELY NOT Jody FREAKIN MAC, or MacNow. OMG if either of those 2 are on at 2-6 I will murder a child. What they need to do is back up the brinks truck at Tony Bruno’s and ask him who he wants to produce. Period.

    1. totally agree. bring back Bruno. it’s their only chance. Innes and Bruno together was a great show. too bad they couldn’t get along.

      1. I would even go for Bruno taking the 10-2 slot

        The show he had on Fanatic with Mayes and the producer who hated the Flyers was probably the best radio sports show I heard. When Baldinger came on with them, it was even better.

        If WIP was smart, they’d try and recreate some of that

    2. ” and ABSOLUTELY NOT Jody FREAKIN MAC, or MacNow. OMG if either of those 2 are on at 2-6 I will murder a child. ”

      This is another example of sickness, You will murder a child???? Sick. Your IP address should be logged and reported to the FBI.

  26. I haven’t listened to sports radio much in the last 5 years, but from what i can tell WIP’s downfall is because of the management at that station. Spike Eskin has no business being in charge of a lemonade stand, let alone a radio station. Innes wasn’t great, but neither is anyone else on that station or the Fanatic for that matter. Innes was not cut out for the drive time slot, but i don’t think they have had anyone cut out for it since Eskin was put on the shelf. Innes should have stayed in his original spot as the night time guy because i think his “shock jock” self-deprecating act would have been more tolerable as one-man late night show. It seems some people here like some of the “old guard” talent WIP has left, but i don’t get it. Glen Macnow is a pontificating douche who fancies himself as a Beer and Burger connoisseur, but he’s really just a loser from Buffalo who now lives in Delco and wishes he was one of the Main Line elite. Ray Diddy has his head up the ass of every Eagle player and coach and has the talent of being able to ramble on about a 5th round draft pick for 5 minutes without giving an objective opinion. Mike and Ike might be the worst show i’ve ever heard in my life, only until i turn the station to 97.5 and hear Rob Ellis getting his tighty whities into a bunch when one of the 5 callers wants to talk about something other than the Eagles training camp and Sam Bradford. A poster before me got it right when he compared Harry Mayes to a poor man’s Rob Charry, because just like Charry, Mayes never has anything of value to add and most of the time seems like he would rather be anywhere else than sitting in a studio talking sports. I just turned on Missanelli and he is begging people to answer a General Knowledge Wednesday question before they even get started with their topic, and the best part is when they flat out tell him they don’t want a question and he literally sounds depressed because it then doesn’t give him the opportunity to sound intelligent and sophisticated to tell some deadbeat caller the year Kennedy was killed. I guess people like this shit, but to me it’s so fucking low rent.

    1. sure have a lot of opinions about these hosts for someone who hasn’t listened to sports talk radio in 5 years…

      1. Haven’t listened to it MUCH i said, every now and then do i turn it on? sure! But i can only take about 15-20 minutes before it’s back to Sirius/xm

    2. Big dick dudley has it nailed. Also, Rob Charry is indeed horrendous. He has no facts straight but talks like he does. Listen to him for 1 hour and youll hear him get 3 or 4 dates/teams/players wrong. WIP is doomed with this management regime. Really, of all the choices you have today of what to listen to on radio or satellite or music etc, if WIP is your go to, youre an imbecile.

      1. To be fair, I do smoke an awful lot of dope. You would too if you were in this business 20-some years and you were still the weekend fill in/update guy.

  27. this is a huge loss. now i can remove WIP from my speed dial on my radio. no need to listen to that station anymore. sadly now i can not listen to any sports talk radio between the hours of 2 and 6. damn shame.

    1. It’s rough.

      Mikey Miss gives me absolutely nothing. He’s all about himself, his “opinions” are clearly ratings-motivated, not interesting, and I have NO idea why he stays with that producer Martinez (or w/e) who knows literally NOTHING about anything.

      WIP be smart, call Tony Bruno!

  28. Innes made it clean he didn’t like Spike.
    Spike is a train wreck no matter where he goes.
    94 wysp rock, the staple along with 93.3 wmmr for rock music in Philadelphia for decades was absolutely destroyed by Spike.
    Innes spoke publicly that he didn’t care for Spike.
    Spike gets permission to fire Innes using the race cars.
    Like Innes,or not, Spike fires the #2 radio host in Philadelphia yet destroying another station because of his daddies ego.



  31. It’s about time that they got ride of him. His show was impossible listen to, as he proved himself to be both obnoxious and without good sports knowledge every day. They should bring back Bruno, but Missanelli is frequently just as revolting. Sports talk radio in Philadelphia now features guys who no longer go to games or practices, and have little in the way of inside knowledge. They have no point of view, but only seek to create controversy where none exists. It is virtually impossible to hear an objective factual appraisal or discussion of anything concerning sports on Philadelphia sports talk radio.

  32. Guess this puts me in the minority but I am a little disappointed that Innes is gone. He’s not anywhere near as funny as he thinks he is and he probably needed a stronger producer to keep him focused on sports, but I thought he was an acceptable alternative to the constant stream of homers and former players that fill the rosters at WIP and The Fanatic.

    I can’t say I’m surprised this happened though, guy was constantly trying to court controversy (I guess a part of his Stern of Sports schtick).

  33. I really think Josh was much better at night. It gave the show a rebelous/the boss isn’t listening feel

    ….but if they really think the Al Joleson pic was racist, they are cowardly.

    …BUT I like Farzetta and Glen. For Replacements.

    …Do you (the people) think Howard quit fox BC he knew this was happening?

    1. I’m sure he could hear the death rattle, especially since his boy must have been feeding him the inside dope. Innes has been on a slippery slope since he got suspended for calling Kelce a “house negro”. This job/contract will be the King’s last and he would love it if he went out by counterpunching Bitchanelli.

  34. At last I can once again listen to wysp in the afternoon without having to hear to a whining fat pussy complaining about everything. Who was the genius that hired him in the first place?

  35. Eat me up, Cuz. Feed me to doze lil cuzzes youz got, guido 1 and guido 2. Youz tailgatin wit da boyz? Tro me on dat grill, cuz. Mouth wooderin, spicy, and i go great wit a pie. And cleanup is easy cuz. Wipe my juices off dat new tracksuit wit juss a napkin, bo.

  36. Well, we’re all glad to see Innes go, except for my grandmom who listened to him every single day and said he was a nice boy but if he only understood that a gunslinger knows only to draw when his aim is true then he’d still be alive to tell the tale and my grammy is never wrong about such things even when the meds are late coming in the mail. That guy Bob is mostly right about politics but if he ever came over for Thanksgiving I’d stick him in the oven because he’s still a turkey. Bruno should come back I guess it’s 50/50 him or ol’ man Eskin because sports radio hosts are like football coaches and they keep recycling them until Jesus or whoever “lets em off the hook” for example. I like Rooben Frank because he’s funny and smart and hates all the dipshit callers and loves freako music but he’s no drive time fella. I guess what I’m saying is if Steve Jeltz is too in demand to bring to Philly sports talk radio then I’d settle for a couple hot chicks even though it’s radio because why not? Two or three chicks just talkin’ Floiyers and eating each other’s honeypots, like you wouldn’t listen to that except for the hockey nonsense. The worst is Mike Missanelli, who is the answer to the general knowledge question: “What is brown and pours out of a dog’s asshole after he got into the sex drawer again?” I like sports and radio though so I hope this all gets resolved soon cause I’m already sick of listening to grammy cry. And don’t talk bad about Harry Mayes cause he rules like Kools.

  37. I always wondered what would do Innes in first at WIP: his mouth or a heart attack. Now that question has been answered.

    Also, fuck that fat fuck.

  38. It feels like a good time to point out that my wife is hotter and has bigger boobs than Jilly and I have a job, unlike Josh.

  39. This ungrateful clown-bat would mock his father, who he should have been thankful for getting him into the business. In the end, you just couldn’t out do Scooby Dooby Dooooooooooooooooooooo!

  40. This is purely the perfect storm for WIP. A day after a big controversy comes down hard on their main competitor, they decide to fire Innes for his “comments.”

    Yeah…sure. Let’s not look at the fact that the fall book is about two begin two weeks from now. And oh yeah, the fall book is probably the biggest of the year with football season here. So why fire him now?

    The firing was simply an excuse to get Innes off the air before football began. Any time a station adds a new drive-time host, there’s a jump in the ratings. New ears = new money. If you couple that jump with the Eagles season starting, and the pissed off 97.5 listeners changing the dial, the ratings are going to shoot through the roof. This will allow WIP to charge an obscene amount next year during the fall book.

    I can guarantee you this has been planned for a while. Yes, they weren’t going to renew his contract, but now they’re off the hook of giving him airtime, and are probably going to fight the balance of his contract. CBS always finds a way to get out of things. And now, they can put someone in his spot to gouge the book to make the ratings look bigger than they really are.

    This is how the business side of CBS Radio works. They’ll smile right at your face and talk to you all nicely, and at the same time reach behind your back and stab you with a knife.

    1. I agree with some of what you say. However, I don’t think they planned it since there is no obvious replacement waiting. The guy in ATL is under contract. Howard was already defeated. Ray D doesn’t want a full time schedule. Jody Mac isn’t really an option either. I guess they may have to use the band aid approach for a while.

      I think the people internally just had enough of him. The plan was concocted by Bloom and once he left there was no way anyone else was going to condone what Innes was doing. I didn’t buy Josh’s act at all. I think he is a phony. Hopefully, at his next job in a much smaller market, he can figure it out.

  41. Barkann -” Ike, did you hear Innes got axed today ?”
    Ike- ” What did they aks him Michael B.?”
    Barkann – ” They fired him.”
    Ike- ” He must’ve gave them the wrong answer.”

  42. Now its time for the king of all radio to come back and dominate that time slot once again. The Return of Eskin is upon us

  43. Innes was an amazing talent but over the course of his tenure at WIP he managed to offend just about everyone in every demographic which is wht plummeted the show in the ratings.. Innes forgot he was hosting a sports radio show and tried to use the show as a sounding board for his own agendas. He’d still have a job if he had just taken the black face down that offended a large demographic of listeners. His refusal to do so is why he is no longer employed at WIP.. The black face is still up on his Twitter as of today, which proves that he just does not get it and probably never will.

  44. Just when you think a struggling and terribly dated format (sports talk radio) can’t set the bar lower, they do.

    This schtick in part is due to how their are have been very little terms of actual pro sports-reheated things to talk about the past several months.

  45. At this point what does it matter how they died. Lets make sure we have a third bathroom for freaks. Let go to Princeton U and take every word with man in it out of our vocabulary. Its not terrorism its work place violence. 4000 or so deaths in Chitown since Obama been in office not a freaking peep but hey all white cops must die. Delete emails pay into foundation what do ya need to know ? More refugees please. Burn some flags. This country is fucked.
    Sports talk in Philly is dead. Thank god for Sirius an Pandora.

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