RADIO WARS: More On Dwayne From Swedesboro

OK so the number one response to the “Dwayne From Swedesboro” post has been people asking whether or not Mike Missanelli knew that he was talking to a producer. I genuinely don’t believe that he did. From the moment I started poking around on this story, everyone I spoke to, with no allegiance or reason to protect Missanelli, volunteered the information that perhaps the best-funniest-craziest part of the story was that Mike was the only one on the on-air and programming side who had no idea. Mike – who I can assure you is not thrilled about any part of this – seemed genuinely caught off-guard by my email when he discussed it on the air with Jason Myrtetus.

I had reached out to Mike yesterday. He didn’t immediately respond to me, and opted to do so on the air, but he emailed me back at 5:45 p.m.– I didn’t see it until after I posted the story. Here’s what he said:

All I can tell you is that Dwayne did come to the station one day and talked to certain members of management. You might want to call [program director] Matt Nahigian about this. I think he met him.

I asked him directly today and he responded:

“I didn’t know.”

Last night I spoke with Nahagian and asked him if he knew that Dwayne was fake. He declined to comment on the record.

Meanwhile, Josh Innes and his producer, Adam Reigner, who used to write for this site, are having a field day on Twitter:

To Adam’s point– I think he’s wrong. Mike rules 97.5, but I’m guessing wants little to do with the low-level producers working crazy hours for peanuts. It’s Myrtetus, his producer, trying to put Missanelli in the best light possible, in this case using the character of Dwayne to get him going.

Which leads us to former 97.5-er Sean Brace, saying on his podcast today that this is where the buck started:

“Things have changed since I left to where it is now. That’s obvious. So I will just go ahead and tell you that before I ended up getting fired, Egan was this voice. This caller that called in to rile Mike up at like 2:30. Mike would roll into the station at like 1:30 and you would know as a producer what type of mood he’s in or what not. And you’d know throughout the course of communication if he’s got a good show planned or anything like that.

So you might go to it, and you might start the show off, and Egan’s running around the hallways and you’d be like “Yo Pat, go call in.” Now this wasn’t started with me, this was started obviously when Jason Myrtetus was the producer. So Myrtetus is the assistant Program Director, and the producer of Missanelli’s show. Again, I have no problem with them steering the caller – I feel like people are like “I can’t believe there’s fake callers” – once in a while you gotta punch up somebody to rile your host up, that’s just what it’s all about, it’s about entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Brace stopped just short of saying there were other fake callers besides Dwayne – something several people have intimated to me – but did blow the lid off Missanelli’s Sound Off segment:

“There’s this thing called SoundOff at 5:45, I still believe they do it, Egan would be a caller on that. I think that’s where he got his start a couple years before… Pat Egan’s been with that radio station forever. He’s been working his way up through the ranks, he’s finally getting PT now, hopefully he’s able to keep his job after this, and I think he should…I think it started with SoundOff. Honestly, it wasn’t anything for malice or anything like that, no bad intentions at all…

So I can understand why Myrtetus would have him call in to rile Mike up every once in a while. And that’s where it was for me before I left. And I remember the first time someone telling me it was Egan being like “Yo, this caller is Egan,” and I’d be like yeah I can tell it’s Egan. And he’s got this slang and all because he can’t sound like him so he’s gotta change it up. And I totally get that. But that’s the caller side of things.

Where things go off is – Holy Shit – when I click the damn tweet, click the handle yesterday, and I see Dwayne from Swedesboro has 1,000 followers. I see Dwayne from Swedesboro fires off 15 tweets a day it seems. I see Dwayne from Swedesboro is having conversations with Pat Egan and other people at the station. That’s where you lose me. And credit Crossing Broad on this man, that’s funny as shit that they got this tip and they followed up on it and they went after it.”

I talked to Myrtetus today and asked him about Sean’s comment. Myrtetus said of course they get on the line with callers and encourage them to spar with the host, but denied that there were other fake callers.

Whether there was or wasn’t, are or aren’t, this Tweet, roughly three weeks ago, wasn’t particularly well-timed:

Voila_Capture 2016-08-23_12-54-01_PM

Other radio insiders I spoke with today are not in the least bit surprised that there are fake callers, but they thought that this particular case – with Egan being a white kid doing an impression of just the worst black guy stereotype – was a bad look.

Egan, for his part, has been embracing his role as Dwayne, but has caught the ire of ESPN’s Bomani Jones, among others:

This has spiraled into a race conversation on Twitter, and that will be something Missanelli – who routinely harps on such issues – will have to deal with today.

I’m told 97.5 will address the situation on the air at 2 p.m. today, and I can only assume Josh Innes will do the same on WIP. We’ll be running recon on both stations. MAKE THEM BEATS:


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  1. Im confused, they should have had Sean Brace pretend he was Dwayne from Sweedsboro. I mean he acts black anyway. It would be seamless.

    1. I find it hilarious how many people on this site commeny about the albatross that is Sports Talk Radio in Philadelphia and how nobody listens to it Sirius XM blah blah blah yet every time a radio Wars post goes up it immediately shoots over 100 comments and is by far the most commented on topic on this site

  2. Took a couple pics of the magic man's ex wife in Avalon wawa at the register in half thong bikini bottoms says:

    Pat Egan is the man

  3. Could the radio people in this city be any bigger of a collection of losers? Like jesus fucking christ, get over yourselves you absolute weirdos.

  4. that black bastard Dwayne from sweds is the biggest prank since candys ban

      1. Yummy Mommy tits with those big dark long Gerber nipples. I’ll bet she clamps them too. Yummy like puddin pops.

  5. I’m not entirely surprised Mike didn’t know, but judging from his on-air persona I would think he is livid about this.

      1. Way too many carbs and zero workout = a 300lb Anthony Gargano, who looks like he’s expecting twins.

      1. This article from 9News will tell you of what to expect in near future. Read on!

        FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA9) — Police are searching for a suspect who broke into a mobile trailer classroom at Monocacy Elementary School, stole a laptop computer and then destroyed school property in the classroom and that police tell 9News that several thefts and violent acts to schools when school was out during the summer in which suspects would find ways to enter the schools and steal money, property and other things and several assaults on schools such as cutting the phoneline wires with pliers, destroying school property by chopping up chairs, tables and other property to terrorize the schools. Police also tell 9News that crime against schools are on the rise all over the U.S. and extra security will soon be needed to safeguard our schools and especially during the summer when school is out.
        Anyway, the burglary happened Thursday evening at the school located at 7421 Hayward Road in Frederick.
        Surveillance cameras caught images of the person of interest, Frederick police said.

  6. my office blocks streaming so i cannot listen. Anyone provide a summary of how mikey miss was when he came on?

    1. Completely downplayed it at first, admitted he had no idea “Dwayne” was a fake caller, lightly touched the race aspect, and more or less made fun of the maestro for acting as if he broke a major story.

    2. Our radio and television news stations are being targeted by lone suspects working for ISIS and ISIL and cases in Washington, D.D. in the 3rd street tunnel and the case in Frederick, Maryland in which schools are being targeted for theft and violence. Major mayhem in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas have been reported and the world has changed looking at this in retrospect.

    1. I think the whole thing is funny AF. If Gargano knew and MM didn’t, is that a violation Bo?

  7. Fake callers would never be allowed on either Michael Savage or Alex Jones’ shows. They don’t put up with that nonsense. If a liberal candy ass like Paul Jolovitz Fan Club President called up to Savage spewing his liberal crap, Savage would tear his head off and shit down his neck.

    1. don’t put Jones in the same class as Savage. Savage is one of the greats. Underrated but great.

    2. If you’re confusing sports talk radio with political talk radio, you should definitely not be voting

      1. To inform the world of what to expect, I am posting articles from various news stations on the blog. Read on!

        Police: Bank Robber Caught in 3rd Street Tunnel and Police Tell NBC4 News That These Serious Violent Bank Felonies Are On The Rise, Especially In The D.C. Area.

        Third Street Tunnel was partially closed midday Friday after police caught a man inside the tunnel who they believe had just robbed a bank in Chinatown and it is reported that this man wanted to not only steal but to commit terrorist acts and violent crime in D.C. is on the rise and this type of violent crime such as an armed robbery is considered by police “a terrorist criminal act” due to new Federal regulations mandated by Congress and the Justice Department.
        All southbound lanes of the tunnel, which runs through downtown D.C., were closed late Friday morning and traffic was downright crazy due to this horrific event and that D.C. police said a man wearing construction clothes and a white mask over his mouth robbed the PNC Bank at 7th and I streets NW and threated to kill the bank tellers and burn the bank down and according to witnesses, the man wanted to “terrorize the whole D.C. area”. Before he left the bank he made some other statement saying “I heard that the sleazy tramp, Cathy Lanier is leaving to hang with some NFL crap and good for her ass” and this information has been turned over to police for further investigation and everything is in the hands of the grand jury for an indictment against this suspect even though that he tried to flee but was caught inside the tunnel and arrested, police said.
        The tunnel had reopened by 1 p.m. with heavy police and security to monitor the activity through the tunnel.
        Stay with News4 for more details on this developing story as new information emerges in this case.

  8. Listened to his opening and they are in full-blown cover-their-ass mode. I don’t follow twitter but this douche took what they say was going to be a ‘1-time’ caller and blew it up into a complete alter ego; fake pics, multi tweets a day, etc. And in the process, this Egan punk made it racial with all the pics of slamming white women and paternity tests – most likely b/c he knew his own persona and looks wouldn’t garner five followers, and that includes his relatives. They are going to downplay it as much as possible with ‘everybody does it’ in radio and all that nonsense, but it’s this easy – dude got on the air promoting racial stereotypes and then let it snowball into a ‘schtick’ that was their for ratings when it was nothing more than their own personal biases towards black people showing itself. I hope their laughs were worth it b/c there is no way Egan, and the producer, shouldn’t lose his job over this and be blackballed from the Industry. On top of the fact they were using pics from an actual dude they know and play hockey with…how do they know somebody on twitter wouldn’t recognize this dude out and about and do something hateful to him based on these fake tweets and calls.

      1. I would really like to know if he knew (doubt it) and what he thinks now that he’s been the face of an ignorant & illiterate running joke for two years or whatever it’s been.

  9. It’s the audio equivalent of Black Face. They keep trying to downplay it like it made news for any other reason.

  10. Does this topic demand a lot of coverage? I for one believe hell no. Put the sham out there, and keep it moving, please.
    No I’m not offended. Spending too much time on it will have me offended. This is a sports station/site, let’s keep it that way

  11. I also have to mention that I had pictured a way different image of dwayne in my mind.
    These pictures are of a dusty looking basehead. I pictured dwayne looking like meek Mills little bro or something to that effect

  12. Egan needs to be let go. Disgraceful behavior towards the African Americans community

  13. The evil is coming out of Hillary. The demons are being released as a result of her selling our secrets to foreign powers:

  14. Of course F-wad bomani jones throws the race card – it’s the only card he ever plays.

  15. Poor MM, he’s crying about the blogs breaking the story and how unheadline worthy the story is.. CB dug deep and found this shit.. MM is a pussy!

  16. No way he didn’t know.. If someone gets fired, they will roll on him..

  17. These poor somber fucks.

    MM is incapable of humility. blaming interns for ratting out Egan.

      1. yep.. just said they think it was a former intern that spilled the beans. Had more indignity in his voice for that, then when he talks about being duped by staff. We know what an ego maniac he is, no way he didn’t know. Those other idiots would be fired if they truly made MM look this stupid. he knew.

  18. All Mike Miss show is radio blackface. Radio hodo . Radio blackface.In radio you’re through. Pat Egan they should fire youuuuuu.

  19. Still complaining about how this is a big story and how it shouldn’t be one.. I love this!

    I only listen to him, because Fat boy Innes is fucking awful, with his fake persona and radio voice..

    I think there is some more fake callers today.. Now he is trashing Kyle.. called him an Ambulance chaser jurno, who will never do mainstream media.

  20. No Mike, it’s not a slow news day… Your show, your ass.. Everyone else’s fault

  21. I can’t find my most recent tin-foil hat and my cats are going nuts. I have a half hour until I get back to the fryers. Anything interesting on the radio today guys?

  22. Mikey walked to home plate today with the bases loaded and totally shit his pants. Just fire Egan and be done with it. Mike looks 10x worse after what I’ve heard from him today.

  23. This is 97.5’s Riley cooper incident . Time to fire them all and make it right with the people

  24. Missanelli is a lying scumbag who of course knew all about this. Kyle, who obviously is working for Mike, will never print that though.

    Missanelli is a snake. Just ask Craig Carton. Then again, Carton wound up much better off that Mike, so I guess Missanelli did Craig a favor.

  25. heard screamin A smith saying that a “brotha” wouldn’t have gotten one game suspension like the “white” kicker from the Giants…..

  26. Strange, lots of Black callers calling in to support MIkey Miss today.. A Lot of them, almost like it’s stacked that way

      1. They say “axe” a lot. We usually have plenty of them early in the show since most of the white guys are still working, and, if we fall a little short, I just make some up.

    1. And they are ALL fake black guys being played by white guys.

    1. YO bo, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… Do you us some vino on that gash???

  27. Anyone listening to this and he’s lack of anger at his own staff, shows he is in on it.

    He’s more angry at the callers not supporting him.. the white ones. Now he’s questioning why a white guy would be offended.. He’s such a pussy hyporcite

  28. Looks like Jason Myrtetus will take the fall for this fucking mess. This is awful, you can’t make that your shtick. Totally racist

    1. Mike Missanelli is a stand up guy who would never throw anyone under the bus.

  29. Again, blaming the people breaking the story and not the story itself.. Mikey Miss is a pussy..

    Go get him Kyle..

  30. So Myrtetus should no doubt be fired, especially since he’s now trying to pass off his latent racism as a “bit” fro the show.

    And considering that just last week this arrogant asshole was bitching & moaning again about Chase Utley and the World F-ing Champions comment from 8 years ago, it’s even more hypocritical.

    What a scumbag.

  31. None of this should be a big deal, agreed. BUT, when you prop yourself up as the arbiter of all things prim and proper when it comes to race….. Well then you fuck yourself Mikey

  32. He keeps trying to play it off with his ‘if anybody knows me, I’m the anti-racial type’ excuse but he wasn’t the one doing the tweets. Looking at the tweets, forget the damn calls, it’s obvious that Egan looks down on black people and thinks that feeding into the stereotypes was funny. If it were just the calls, that’s completely different than going into twitter every day and reiterating that black people are all chasing white women and dodging paternity tests. It’s crazy that Missy Miss is fighting this and trying to play it off like it’s not a story.

  33. Actually i take it back, Les had a good zinger and it really pissed off Mikey.. so that’s good

  34. It’s amazing how poor radio PR is. He should have read a statement to open the show and be done with it. Mike is turning this thing into an absolute grease fire.

  35. Again, all this indignity when he speaks to white guys.. Keeps asking whites that are upset if they liked the character or not. As if their anger is invalid because they laughed at it. Classic victim shaming,

  36. I read through all of these comments and I am sad because this is what America has become. Everything is about race in the media now. Everything. Wake the fuck up and stop listening to this mainstream media nonsense. Stop listening to sports talk radio. Stop watching CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. for your news. If you do that and look at the real media, like Drudge, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Infowars, etc., you will realize that you are all being played fools. The New World Order wants to create division among Americans to destroy us. They control our politicians and media. George Soros is funding open borders to flood us with Muslims and illegals and our politicians are paid off to make it happen. Wake up!!!

      1. Big Lebowski. Yeah, cleaver.

        I just had another thought and it’s perfect for the time we are living in. 97.5 is 100% analogous to the mainstream media in this country. Fake. Like 97.5 has their fake callers to drive a certain agenda, media outlets like CNN and the major networks lie to drive their agenda. Faced with facts, they will deny and deflect.

        1. The whole system is rigged. Open your eyes, people. I’m building a compound in Poconos. Come with me if you want to live.

  37. This is the biggest piece of shit, non-story ever reported.

    What a complete waste of time, Kyle.

      1. Hey dickhead, have you read the comments.

        Maybe 7 of the 82 are legit. This isn’t a story.

  38. And Josh Innes has no place commenting on radio ethics. Dude is a fat, greasy pile of hypocrisy.

  39. I liked Myrtetus at first, but the more that idiot speaks the more I dislike him. What a dope. And his taste in music is a f*cking tire fire, at best.

  40. Does this mean the old characters that used to appear on WIP like Snooki Jeff were fake?

  41. Wait, isn’t Josh Innes the one who got suspended for saying “house negro” on the radio?

    just checking

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