RADIO WARS: Our Friends at BGN Radio are Moving Over to WIP

Fresh off of their 8-10 am Sunday time slot on 97.5 last year, BGN Radio is defecting to WIP, launching sometime between the last preseason game and Week 1. BGN Radio will air on WIP Saturdays from 4-6 p.m. during the Phillies season, and 6-8 p.m. after the Phillies are done (subject to change). Additionally, the velvet-voiced John Barchard – friend of the Crossing Streams Podcast, host of BGN Radio, life narrator – will join WIP as on-air staff.

It is believed that the move has nothing to do with former 97.5 owner Greater Media’s decision to cut back on weekend programming.

It remains to be seen how Barchard will be used on air outside of BGN – a possible teaming up with Glen Macnow might make sense… – but by adding the BGN crew, WIP bolsters its Eagles product with one of the smartest, funniest, and most knowledgeable groups of Eagles talkers out there.

The BGN Radio podcast will continue to record new episodes during the season on Mondays and Fridays – soon to be heard on our new Liberty Podcast app.


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  1. is kyle going to cut all ties with bgn now that they are at wip????

  2. my next move is going to be to put my own stupid show on our station and then maybe i’ll put on CBs crappy shows too. i don’t actually know how to program anything so i’m just looking for shows that are somewhere between average and bad like the rest of my programs.

  3. “It is believed that the move has nothing to do with former 97.5 owner Greater Media’s decision to cut back on weekend programming.”

    But they did cut programming until 10am. BGN ran from 8-10am therefore they don’t have a time slot anymore. Seems like this is the exact reason they’re moving to WIP

    1. BGN could’ve aired at 10, the reason they switched, as far as I know, isn’t necessarily due to the cuts.

      1. I still don’t understand why they cut back weekend programming after claiming how successful their station is overall. WIP has programming as far as I know all day and all night for the most part. Are the cut backs related to how much they’re paying Gargano, his morning show, and Mike Miss? Theyve also let go of a lot of on air guys lately as well.

        1. Gargano’s days at 97.5 the fanatic are numbered. Guarantee you the Gargano morning show, won’t be around a year from now.

          1. Yeah he will. My extended circle continues to migrate from Cataldi to Gargano. I’d guess that will accelerate when the Birds start playing. He just needs to dumb Marks and MCW and bring in Baldy semi-full time

          2. The ratings? Please. Cataldi kills Cuz every month and the only reason Cuz was close this month was because Cataldi had vacation time. Try reading where the article mentioned that.

          3. Honestly, 97.5 is probably very pleased with their morning show. It’s been on the air for just over a year and is competitive with the more established WIP morning show. They have the added cache of having a local morning show instead of using the generic Mike & Mike Morning show. Basically, Gargano’s show legitimizes them as a sports radio station. I don’t know if Gargano will ever defeat Cataldi in the ratings, but if he maintains his current position, I doubt 97.5 will be inclined to change anything.

  4. Longtime WIP listener here. No one wants these stat-head nerds from Bleeding Green on WIP radio. These guys are boring as hell. They should go work for a college station somewhere in Central PA. Losers.

  5. Barchard hates Innes, as evident by that Sean Brace podcast last year. (He tore him to shreds AFTER Inner hung up. Weak pussy move on Burchard’s part).

    More of a sign that Innes is out soon?

  6. Why is Ike Reese on the air? Seriously, can someone explain this? The man is horrible.

  7. Liberty Podcast App…lol. sure that will last 10 minutes like the website did.

  8. Is that show still on in the mornings? The ratings have to be horrendous, other then people watching it cause its a trainwreck.

  9. Love this for the sole reason that it puts Kyle in such an awkward position because he can’t bash WIP and hype up the fanatic because BGN is on Liberty Podcast and now on WIP. Also, we now know Villanova is just a shell company…how could WIP have zero people in the entire country stream them, and more importantly, how could he write it AND believe it? A little common sense could go a long way…Kyle is turning into the Fox News and msnbc of sports blogging. Can we just move on from this whole thing anyway? I get that local sports have been painful, but this is getting played out…

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