Your 2017 Eagles Cheerleaders’ Calendar is Here

Congrats to Victoria, the Eagles cheerleader who will make an indelible mark on the pubescent souls of season ticket holders’ sons for the next 16 months or so as the cover model for this year’s Eagles Cheerleaders’ Calendar. The pictures inside – check some out after the jump – were shot in Riviera Maya, Mexico, where the cheerleaders also spent time with orphaned, abandoned, and abused children, and hung out with spider monkeys.

The calendar will be available for purchase starting Thursday, just in time for the first pre-season game. A portion of proceeds from the calendar will once again benefit the Elmwood Park Zoo, home to Noah, the brain-damaged Bald Eagle. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

calendar 1

calendar 2

calendar 3

calendar 4

calendar 5

calendar 6


36 Responses

    1. Thanks. Meet me tonight at Del Frisco’s. After my lemon cake I will let you see them.

    2. I was just about to say they all got mosquito bites

  1. I would love to lick that 1st blondes pussy and asshole after a long day outside in a heat wave

  2. not o be too critical, because they are all hot, but big drop-off from the cover girl to the rest

  3. I’d pay big money to see Jillian Mele in a swimming suit like that. Loosen up girl.

  4. What’s up with the brunette’s (fourth one down) right eye? Is that a problem with the picture?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with her.
      God makes us all unique.
      Everyone is pretty.
      In their own way.

      1. “Everyone is pretty in their own way” I guess after a couple of six-packs of malt liquor, you would be pretty to me too.

  5. you could walk into the cherry hill mall, throw a rock, and hit a better looking chick than any of the broads on this calendar

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