Leslie Gudel Leaves CSN

Somewhat surprising news from Leslie Gudel yesterday:

In an interview with Rob Tornoe, Gudel, who has had a mostly reduced role covering the Phillies in recent years, said it wasn’t her decision to leave after the season:

“We discussed this prior to the season starting, and I’m comfortable with the decision,” Gudel said in an interview.  She said it wasn’t her idea, however.

“I love baseball. I love the Phillies. If I don’t end up back at the ballpark covering the team, I’m really going to miss it,” Gudel said, who also added she had nothing but respect for CSN and the people who work there.

CSN put out a statement:

Interestingly, both Gudel and Neil Hartman – two of the original CSN-ers – have left this year. Hartman had posted a similar message on social media, which was also followed up by a brief statement from CSN:

“We would like to thank Neil Hartman for his many years of service at Comcast SportsNet and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Typically, two well-liked sportscasters don’t just leave their jobs without somewhere to go. So it certainly seems like there’s maybe a cost-cutting element here, but who knows. Hartman just lists Sportscaster on LinkedIn, and it doesn’t sound like Gudel has any immediate plans to go elsewhere.

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48 Responses

  1. All I can say Ms. Gudel is thank you. Not sure if or why you would read this but just wanted to thank you for all your hard work at csn. I met you a couple years ago at the King of Prussia Mall at an autograph signing. I was going through a tough time with my divorce and you told me to keep my head up and stay strong and I have never forgotten those inspiring words. Thank you once again.

  2. Hopefully barkann will be next to get axed, both by CSN and WIP. Mike and Ike is absolutely atrocious.

  3. She is hot. Never understood why she disappeared from the anchor chair. She should’ve been the face of CSN but maybe there is more to the story.

    1. Well, between getting married, having kids, and running two unrelated businesses away from CSN (one of which snowballed into extensive legal issues), I’m pretty sure she initiated the move from full time anchor to part-time Phillies beat reporter. It seems, however, that she would have been happy to continue in her current role… With her and Hartman both, probably a cost-cutting and youth movement move by Comcast. Would almost have to think Barkann will be in trouble whenever his current contract is up. He is looking O-L-D OLD… almost as old as his lame on-air schtick.

  4. I was an csn intern back in 2001 and there were rampant rumors around the water cooler of her blowing numerous phils.

    1. She was all over Scott Rolen’s jock back in the day, that came trough the TV loud and clear. Put the Cindy Webster/Cole Hamels infatuation to shame.

    1. You got that right! cbs3’s Brooke Thomas and fox29’s Alex Holley are smoking hot, and definitely eye-candy.

        1. Excellent question! And what happened to me? I’m waaaaaaaaayyyyyy hotter than the new traffic b!tch.

    1. The way he has his head tilted is suspect as well. It’s what gargano is gonna look like by yrs end from all those primos during football games

  5. They went younger and hired Amy Fadool and demoted Leslie Gudel to a Phillies reporter. Leslie was banging a few of the players when she first got the beat. Rumors were Scott Rolen and Pat Burrell. Then she started banging a State Trooper and got married. Latest rumors link her to reporter Jim Salisbury.

    Unfortunately, Amy Fadool has now blown up and you need a wide angle camera to fit her into the shot.

    Even with the dramatic weight gain I’d still bang Fadool over 76ers reporter Dei Lynam. The woman looks like she got hit by a truck.

  6. Out with the older, tired-looking white woman and ultimately in with the young, pretty minority female.. That’s just Obama’s America

    1. You poor, sad, patheic little hater. Last time I checked, Amy Fadool (anchor desk replacement) is a white chick and Gregg Murphy (now sole Phillies on-air reporter) is a white dude.

      Hey, I bet you blame Obama when you can’t get it up, too! Makes just as much sense. SMH

  7. Back in the day Leslie used to bang Mark Portugal fat pig pitcher for the Phils in the 90s. She absolutely banged Burrell on multiple occassions and Chipper Jones.

  8. I remember seeing Leslie and Scott Rolen eating at Master Wok in the KoP mall many years ago. Pretty sure they banged.

  9. Stringy hair, saggy t i t s, big forehead, aging rapidly, baby k I l l e r.
    Would F U C K.

  10. i was at some NASCAR party she attended back in the late 90s and overheard a conversation she had where she was saying she was really good at giving BJs. probably did a round w/ those drivers too.

  11. Her shelf life has expired. She and the similarly big-boobed Dei Lynam have been phased out in recent years in favor of the younger Amy Fadool and Jen Daniels (although they both look puffy).

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