An Ohio EHL Team Will Wear Shirtless-Rocky Jerseys on Rocky Tribute Night

As Kyle wrote earlier this week – and I wholeheartedly agree – Rocky is played out here. Not only as in-arena hype-up material and a sports talk radio topic, but in general. That’s not the case in Ohio (I guess?), and the Toledo Walleye of the EHL are celebrating with Rocky-themed jerseys.

Never mind the fact that these are morethe Giant Gonzales than Rocky Balboa, the Rocky connection is almost there. According to Wikipedia, the internet’s greatest source on fish, the walleye is so named because the fish’s eyes point forward, and “there is a certain eyeshine given off by the eye of the walleye in the dark, similar to that of lions and other night dwelling animals.” Elsewhere on Wikipedia, you can learn that eyeshine, also called tapetum lucidum, gives off a certain color, which is greenish in Tigers. While the walleye’s is blue, you could argue that the Walleye does, in fact, have the eye of the tiger. I definitely did more work on this connection that they did.

I’ll give them credit for learning the lesson we all did with George Clooney’s Batman though: No one wants to see your nipples.


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  1. It’s the ECHL, not the EHL.

    Come on, man. I know it’s minor league hockey, but is getting the extra letter that hard?

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