Mychal Kendricks is Tired of this Shit

Photo Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After all of this time, Mychal Kendricks is making a late push at everyman status because he, like you, is tired of the Eagles not making the playoffs. During last week’s game, Kendricks was spotted on the sideline taking some warm-up reps alongside Trey Burton as emergency longsnapper. Burton won out and ended up snapping the ball, but Kendicks said he was just trying to help the team.

“I just did it… I’m ready for whatever, man. Shit, I’m not playing much anyway, ya feel me?”

He’s not wrong. According to CSN, Kendricks is only on the field for 29% of the defensive snaps this season (and he’s only rushed the passer 7 times). But that isn’t even the thing he’s fed up about. He wants to be a damn playoff team:

“I’m tired of this shit. Any team’s goal should be to make it to the playoffs, so when you don’t in four years, it’s frustrating. It’s even more frustrating when I contribute as much as I can, but it’s just frustrating.”

You see? Kendricks is just like you. You both want the Eagles to make the playoffs, and Rihanna definitely thinks you’re hot too. Definitely.

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