Mickey Moniak Cashes in on Bet, Friend Gets Autograph Tattooed on his Ass

Though Joel Embiid has already monopolized it among local athletes, Mickey Moniak fired up Instagram Live last night for a special occasion. Where Embiid uses it for team bowling outings and Shirley Temple mixing, the Phils’ top draft pick live-streamed from a tattoo parlor where he was cashing in on a bet.

High school teammate Ethan Abrams bet Moniak four years ago that he wouldn’t go in the top ten picks of the MLB draft. Moniak went first. The payment? Abrams had to get Moniak’s signature tattooed on his ass.

That’s a good friend, I just hope Moniak paid for it.

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18 Responses

  1. Why do you hope Moniak paid for it? Tattoos are expensive. Why punish him for wining the bet.? Socialism as it’s finest.

    1. yup, that’s how Jimbo thinks. “durrr that guy has more money so he should pay”

  2. So the TO interview was at 9. So far we’ve had 2 replays during the midday show, and a full replay coming at 5. Add in nonstop TO talk in between. And you know they’re gonna bump a scrub like Shander or Lombardo for a replay later too.

    1. It’s not often that you get TO to rehash his life. Usually he only does it on Philadelphia radio twice a year.

  3. He tweeted “Can’t wait till I get mine.” So, does this mean Moniak is getting an ass tattoo that matches his friend’s?

  4. First off fuck TO he was an asshole . If I was the Giant’s coach I’d be post if my receiver talked to that broke asshole

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