BOB Signs Off With Jay Pharoah Telling the Girls to “Get Blacked” and a Strange Eric Lindros Joke

Breakfast On Broad signed off the air one last time today after a 20-month run atop somewhere in the ratings. As we wrote from the beginning, the format was basically destined to fail, but the BOB cast and crew managed to turn out a watchable product on most days. There seemed to be just enough warmth and affection between Rob Ellis, Jillian Mele, Sarah Baicker and Barrett Brooks to make their interactions genuine, which is the most important ingredient in a morning show. The content, however, perhaps through little fault of their own (Philly sports suck), was usually lacking, the analysis was often surface-level, and they had more than their share of manufactured #debate.

On their last episode, the crew – sans Barrett, who was in St. Louis tending on some business – welcomed on apparent CB commenter Jay Pharoah, who told Sarah and Jillian that they need to “get blacked”…

… and Eric Lindros, who took about as kindly to Rob’s joke as a snowman takes to a guy taunting him with a blow torch:

Thus concludes BOB.

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54 Responses

          1. here is teh wingbowl update all youe lame ass fucks were waiting for.

            It was once again a complete and total failure only attended by drunken
            fucks who will probably gets DUI’s on the way home

          2. Hey putz,

            The wing bowl was the same as it always is: a skanky slut-fest, filled with drunken slobs who continue to cement Philadelphia’s nationwide reputation as a shithole.

    1. The only thing worse than a n1gger, is the white whores with no self respect that date them.
      Jay Phroah need to stick with his own kind, and STFU. Ditry n1gger.

  1. I would put up $5000 right now that an Infomercial for Ron Popeil’s Rotisserie oven, run 5x/wk would double the ratings of that complete unwatchable bore-fest that was BOB. Bad concept, boring uninformed hosts and very little eye candy to look at. I’ll miss Jillian’s soap-box rants, how she asked “the tough questions” fed to her by producers, paraded around her Emmy like it was more than simply a participating trophy. Wonder if she’ll still call herself an “Anchor” now?

    1. Hell man…just run every ron popeil commercial every made and triple the ratings.
      pocket fisherman, that cheap spray on hair paint that Mcnow uses etc

  2. Fitting thar Jay Pharoah was on their final show because he’s a good metaphor for BoB in that they both suck big time. Adios bitchatchos, you won’t be missed.

  3. Whatever happened to Joe younes.

    Is that Shifty little weasel, Napoleon complex suffering cheese ball still running Godfather locks. Or have the feds caught onto his scam

    Just askin.

      1. No, your buddy Jake lost money because he’s a fucking idiot paying somebody to give him plays. If you’re going to bet, why wouldn’t you want to win or lose with your own plays?

        Joe Younes is a scumbag but if there weren’t fucking idiots willing to pay some random asshole for plays they pull out of their ass, then he would be working at Trader Joe’s checking receipts as customers walked out the door.

          1. I would love to hear younes defend himself.

            But Seeing as how I am 6′ 2″ I don’t think sound travels up this high and I couldn’t hear him.

  4. Bobby Ellis needs some fashion tips. You can tell he thinks that he dresses well, but the jeans from K Mart look is horrendous.

    Unrelated – how obvious is it that Jason Myrtetus never played college hockey? He says so, but never mentions where. or in what capacity. He “played” college hockey in that he was in a mens public league while attending college, if I had to bet on it….

  5. who cares….mostly watched by family members of people associated with the show and even then not much…boring, dumb, unfunny, predicable, untalented, local sports comcast nonsense…….remember,,,,, most people f-ing hate comcast

  6. Love that picture, smokeshow blonde up front and then a heard of soon to be unemployed mongrols. And shouldn’t the sign read “fuck you “? Why thank people for not tuning in and keeping them employed.

  7. Hosts look happy enough, guess they are being kept on salary. Crew looking salty in that pic which makes sense, they are all getting fired

  8. this is one of the great questions of life:
    #1 Why are we here?
    #2 Is there a god?
    #3 How the fuck did this show last 20 months.

    i confess i never saw this show. that being said i saw many many “highlights.” if those were highlights of the show then…what the fuck. some csn execs were getting their dicks sucked.

    Sarah is terrible. she is basically every flyers sycophant fan. she has been sucking flyers teet for many many years and is terrible. you could take any female sycophant flyers fan outta the wells fargo center and they would say the same things and give the same uneducated rants.
    rob ellis flat out stinks. not just in this format but any format. pussy acting tough.
    brooks…i cannot understand him when he speaks. get some public speaking lessons.
    jillian is every mid 30 something delco bleached blonde chick with way too much make up who thinks they’re hot and takes way too many selfies. like sarah, you could take any bleached blonde chick from delco and they would do the same job.

    as far as their emmy goes…it was a “daytime philadelphia emmy.” a participation trophy. everybody in philly tv got one.

    1. That, and the massive amounts of concealer that had to be applied when she wore low-cut tops.

  9. Begin with a great idea about combining sports and entertainment in a morning talk show to franchise to other cities , and fuck it all up by:
    Having it air on TCN, what and where is TCN?
    Spending little or no money to hire the “hosts” of your talk show
    Hire a host who knows nothing about sports
    Limited hardcore sports talk direction because of host who knows nothing about sports
    Trying out and picking hosts who have absolutely no chemistry together
    Realizing airing it live on TCN was wrong then trying to air it live on CSN then back to TCN
    Not spending any additional money to promote it after its initial debut
    Giving up getting any real major guests two months into its production
    Handcuffing the production of the show by limiting what the hosts are actually allowed to do
    Producing the show “on the cheap”
    Blame Millennials for everything

    Oh well, at least I can still watch my half hour of sports highlights on Sportsnet Central?

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