I Was So Very Wrong

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I’m an optimistic moron. I was so in the wrong. A classic fool.


On January 30th, just after Joel Embiid played his last game of the season to date, I wrote a post entitled “When Do We Get Concerned About Joel Embiid?” My answer: Not now. What a dingus. Here’s a selection:

While he’s going to miss some time, Embiid’s knee contusion is unlikely a big issue…Embiid played in the Houston game with an extra compression layer over his left knee, but seemed to play comfortably and appeared unaffected. But it brings us to a question many of us don’t want to face: When do we get worried?

The Sixers have, over and over again, failed to be transparent with injuries, to no gain of their own. When Embiid re-injured his foot, they danced around the re-injury, claiming it was a lack of healing. Ben Simmons’ case was very high-profile and handled clearly, but we still have zero context for any kind of timeline or recovery period. Jerryd Bayless is probably the strangest case. He was plagued by “wrist soreness” starting in camp, ended up sitting for the start of the season before playing in a game or two, and then found his way back into a suit on the bench. In the end, he had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist.

Still, STILL, I said this:

I don’t think there’s anything the Sixers are hiding here. Embiid has a sore knee…I don’t think his knee is anything to be worried about, but when JoJo starts and then keeps missing games due to something other than rest, the Sixers need to jump in front of it and be completely, totally, wholly open. They owe the fans that.

Today, after Bryan Colangelo more or less admitted to being misleading about Embiid’s injury— total transparency:

Feel free to take a few minutes to point and laugh about how foolish I was. In the face of all evidence – anecdotal and historical – I wrongly assumed the Sixers’ problems with transparency and a possibly bumbling medical staff wouldn’t be an issue. Looking back, I can’t even comprehend how unbelievably naive I was. Never again.

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58 Responses

      1. Wake me up when this Sixers injury-bug, is finally over.

        1. Change the headline to “I SUCK”, remove all words underneath and this will be your best post yet, Jimbo.

    1. How pathetic are these jagoffs who sit around masturbating at their computer and refreshing their screen until something is posted on CB, just so they can comment first.

      And then to say nothing except “First” ! What pathetic pussies.

  1. “Inject bone marrow”, I’ve heard before that drawing marrow out of one’s bones is PAINFUL business. Gotta imagine getting it injected into your bones isn’t that different

    1. Wrong. I had bone marrow injected into my torn labrum and it was painless. Also put me ahead of schedule in resuming workouts to be ready for spring training.

        1. I tore your mom’s hymen with my 7 incher so why don’t you start addressing me as Daddy from now on….son.

  2. Jim, All you had to do is read my report from a couple days ago that broke this news.

    Also some additional news per my sources is Joel will have surgery soon to repair the partial tear of meniscus and to do some general clean up work.

    Expected recovery time is two to three months.

  3. Jim, we do this every fucking day here in the comments.

  4. Embiid will never be fully healthy. It’s tough to swallow but he has Andrew Bynum written all over him. Hopefully Simmons will have no problems going forward but even that’s not a guarantee. So the two cornerstone players are hardly locks to support the franchise going forward. This is not good.

  5. Y’all gettin played again. There ain’t nothing really wrong with the big boy. This is one last effort at a tank. With Embiid in the lineup they would win 35 games. Hell they might win 30 without him. If they didn’t want Saric to be the ROY, that cleft lip bugger would suddenly have a bad back. #trusttheprocess

  6. Never again??? Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah right!!!😂 This isn’t the first time and DAMN sure won’t be the last!!! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! 😂

  7. Another Monday with no mike miss on the air.
    Any chance he is doing all the listeners a favor and is gone for good or is dead?

    1. Been looking around here for him in Hades. No sign yet. My guess is severe depression or a nice healthy pain killer addiction. Sounds like a Trump Voter. Bang!

      1. What’s worse, Missanelli or Myrtetus. They both suck the joy out of sports radio.

  8. what does anybody expect from this franchise.. i stopped giving a shit when they lost to the lakers and so should all of you until the product on the floor proves otherwise… sure they have some pieces but at this point the majority of the major pieces are fucking broken… period why keep talking about it.

    i’ll focus on the phillies rebuild and spring training.. my basketball attention much like the past 15 years will stay tuned into college

  9. When Molly Sullivan’s face freezes over. Oh, that already happened. How about Embiid and Simmons will play on the same court when it snows on the 4th of July.

    1. You must be new here. Come up with a better schtick. No one is obsessed with Molly Sullivan as you are.

  10. Jillian Mele is moving to Pittsburgh to work at their ABC affiliate. It will be announced shortly

    Also Michael Barkann is on the way out. He’s rubbing a lot of people in management the wrong way and his ego is out of control. Look for Marshall Harris to take more of an on air leadership role

      1. Absolutely. But the money they will save on Barkanns ridiculous high 6 figure contract is worth it

    1. Wow, there’s SOMEONE in this town who thinks Harris is an upgrade over Barkann?

      Harris is the worst kind of dumbass – one who thinks he’s clever and edgy. I can’t wait for the day when Ricky Bo cleans Marshall’s clock on-air.

    2. How many dumb questions will Barkass ask the GM. 1-3 got 10%, 3-5 got 5%, and 6 or more got 85% with 10,000 viewers responding.

  11. A 2013 tank produced (2) 2nd round picks, a buy out, and a complimentary starter who will leave.

    A 2014 tank produced a “fun” personality who is building a solid injury resume

    A 2015 tank produced a big man who doesn’t play like a big man, doesn’t really fit the sixers, not sure if he fits the NBA, and will eventually leave.

    A 2016 tank produced a player who has not played, not sure if he has heart at all, has watched how the sixers handled the previous tanks, and will most likely leave.

    They have a solid coach who dedicated his first gig to a cluster fuck of an organization and needs to bail.

    We have an organization who through the tank orchestrator under the bus

    We have a current organization treating its fans like they are a joke.

    The NBA sucks, the sixers ownership sucks, and the sixers management sucks.

    1. And people who have betting against the Sixers the last several months are big losers. They cover almost every game.

  12. remember when gargano was “sam i am” and “sam i am not”

    what a douchebag. hes so fucking fat and dumb. how does mcw even find his c0ck

    1. My brother and me are having a great time in dance classes. My new lavender top REALLY sets off my eyes.
      Mom’s going to take us shopping for new outfits soon!

      Oh, what does ‘petitioning’ mean? Mom said she’s petitioning to have my brother’s name changed to Angelo.

  13. The Sixers would have won tonight if Embiid was in the line-up. He’s worth another 15 points between defensive stop and offensive scoring. It goes to show you that Philly is only two seasons away from owning the NBA. Normally GS beats teams by 20-30 points. They toy with teams. Not the Sixers. Even with what they put on the floor they made GS work. Brett Brown is going to be better than Pop when it’s all said and done.

    1. Curry missed a lot of open looks so that helped, but forget Embiid because i think the sixers would have won if Okafor just didn’t play any minutes.

      Holy shit was he terrible. I love the jeers he gets when he happens to get a rebound because the ball just falls to him. What a lazy sack of shit.

  14. Is it possible Okafor doesn’t like basketball? Seems like the kind of dude that will be on 7 teams in his shitty 12 year career. Will get fatter and fatter. How bout that Joey Heatherton, isn’t she something? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    1. I’m sure he likes basketball fine. He’s just one of many 7-footers who dominated in college due to his size but struggled in the NBA once he had to play against other 7-footers every single night.

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