As part of my ongoing effort to publish every completely unsubstantiated email I get after I sat on the Dave Hakstol news two years ago, I bring you this from an anonymous reader:

Just saw your post about M Night being the Sixers Jack. Reminded that a ticket sales rep I was talking to at one of the preseason games told me about the messages M Night sent the Sixers before the season requesting season tickets. Apparently first he turned down baseline seats because he needed to be on camera and said he wanted to do for the Sixers what Drake did for Toronto in terms of being an “ambassador” for the team. So yeah, the guy who directed a good movie in 1999 thinks he’s our answer for the Raptors having the most popular rapper on the planet courtside.

He wanted to do for the Sixers what Drake did for Toronto. Let that marinate for a second. M Night wants to be our Drake. I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around a phrase of that magnitude, though I’ll disagree with the tipster here who says M Night only directed one good movie in 1999. He’s no Steven Spielberg, but he’s well above one-and-done status.

Anyway, I kind of believe this, and now I’m replaying this entire post in my head. Here we thought M Night was just affably grabbing courtside seats while shooting his movie downtown, taking in the upstart local team. Oh look, there’s M Night. HEY M NIGHT! And then he shakes hands with players. And then Molly Sullivan interviews him. And then he rings the bell. And then his daughter sings the National Anthem. Now we learn he’s been carefully plotting his move all along, slowly assimilating into the Sixers experience right in plain sight and DAMMIT HE’S BEEN DRAKE THE WHOLE TIME!

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Oh you’re good, M Night. I just never saw it co…

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