Video of John Kruk’s Prank on Chase Utley Has Emerged

I blame myself. I blame myself for not feeling like I had seen the story John Kruk told yesterday about pranking Chase Utley when he was a rookie. Indeed, the video does exist, and it’s a classic. Behold, baby arm Chase:

I’m trying really hard not to get homoerotic with this, but I’d be remiss not to point out that Chase has (toned!) baby arms here while just a few years later he would develop absoluate manthons hanging off those shoulders:

Voila_Capture 2017-03-28_07-32-23_AM

Phew. Hot in here? Where was I? Ah, right, the video. Yeah, good stuff from Kruk. Three more items of note:

  1. There’s a weird edit point near when Ed Wade blamed Ruben Amaro. It returns to Chase laughing. Did the gang know even then that Ruben was a, well, rube?
  2. I don’t think Chase bought it from the beginning. He’s too advanced for your simplistic mind games. I just think he placated Kruk because he knew the sweet release of humor would get the best out of him as an announcer.
  3. The ol’ sleeveless baseball belly shirt is a vestige of the 90s and early oughts. Chase wore it well, but I feel like Darren Daulton and Pat Burrell really owned the look. Those guys have exactly two styles of shirt in their wardrobe besides their baseball jersey: cut-off sleeveless and Hawaiian.*

*While we’re getting sartorial, take a look at Phillies beat writers at Spring Training– they all wear the Florida short-sleeve button-down. They have been for years. I feel like David Murphy shows up to Christmas parties in that thing, like he doesn’t know what to do without it.

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12 Responses

  1. I agree that you can question the Eagles infrastructure. I’m not comfortable with Roseman’s draft history. However, you need to put it in context. Lurie let the thing go to hell. Not just letting Kelly destroy the skill positions. He lost control earlier by giving Reid too much time and power. It was Reid who named an OL coach as DC. It was Reid who started the drafting slide. Let’s hope the changes which include Joe Douglas are as good as when they had Modrak. Take a look at the spending as percent of the cap in 2001 and 2017. Lurie is spending more than ever. So what do we have now? A top flight offense short of a 3rd or 4th round RB selection. One of the best special teams in the league (a very possible upgrade at punter where we can save $ as Jones is highly overrated. That leaves D which is CB’s short of being good to very good. I’d rather give 2 good rookies a shot instead of seeing McKelvin 5 yards behind the WR and Carroll not being able to find the ball in the air. It is getting better. Lets hope they stay the course.

    1. No he wasn’t. It was a hypothetical because of the Raiders move. Jesus Christ…Are you naturally this stupid or does it take hard work?

  2. What are these Philly stooges talking about…what the hell does that piss poor excuse of a team that wears Kelly green, have anything to do with this video? Go find your own crappy threads to jack off in! F.E.C.A.L.!!!! We get it! You cave men can spell! Enough already!

  3. if chase utley has manthons then i am a professional bodybuilder! damn all you toolbag writers think little arms are big! oh and susan rice is watching you! drain the swamp trump! yipee the black pres ruined the country it is true what they say once u go black u never go back!

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