Here’s the Phillies’ Dallas Green Memorial Patch

Via Jim Salisbury, here’s the memorial patch the Phillies will wear to honor Dallas Green:

It’s a departure from the standard they’ve set with the Vuk, HK, CB, and SLB patches in recent years. All of those were just white initials on a black background. They’ll debut the patch today while wearing their home uniforms for the first time this year.


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  1. Great work today Jim, it’s interesting posts like this that keep bringing me back.

    1. On another note, I am here in the Jetro Parking Lot and I am yelling all kinds of nasty stuff at Nats fans! How dare they come onto my turf wearing their shade of red. I told this one Nats fan to go F himself right in front of his daughter. That makes me a true tough guy, right CB commenters?

      1. Thats enough Sean, no one cared about your comment on the last post either, time to head back to PI where you belong.

  2. Phils are a fucking pathetic joke . Somehow they get a free pass in this city

  3. now that Jillian Mele has left town I feel safe putting my sources information out there

    But I can say very confidently I was made aware that Jillian had a FWB type deal going with John Clark from NBC. They kept it under wraps for years but went home drunkenly together after many NBC staff nights on the town.

  4. With all the baseball coverage here at CB, you’d swear it was a popular sport

    1. But you would be wrong.

  5. Maikel Franco fucking blows. He’s pretty much Pedro Feliz with a bit more pop, that is if he ever makes fucking contact instead of trying to pull every ball to the third baseman.

  6. Anything on the Philadelphia sports roast and the amount of people that paid Kyle to watch it?.. lol.

  7. Anyone else notice the guy holding Cormiers towel totally checking out his dick in the weigh ins ?

  8. How do you build up a 7 run lead and let a bottom feeder back in the game.

  9. Anyone want to trade for Richard Sherman? Please we know it’s a manufactured topic but we really can’t think of actual topics so we milk the same shit for multiple days

      1. Gargano is getting crushed

        Also anyone notice that the $5000 a day give a away was a total hoax. They only announced 2 people, likely interns posing as winners, the entire week.

        1. 4 months of non-stop promotion where you can find all the free tickets you want laying on the sidewalk in front of Philly Live. The other way of getting them is answering a question like how many days are there in a week on Mike’s show. All this to see Bernie walk on a stage and act like guy with downs syndrome. Actually he doesn’t have to act. He has the IQ of a five year old.

    1. Got to admit it’s fucking brutal time to be a sports radio host in Philly . All 4 teams are a god damn fucking dusgrafrc

  10. Just found out last night that Eyton Shander had a 3 way with Jillian Mele and Sheena Parveen last December. Unreal the shit that happens to that dude. True Philly Legend. All Time great coxman.

    1. Thats old news bro. That 3 way cost Sheena a marriage proposal. Word got out that Shander bored her out and the BF split.

    2. Bull crap. There is no way Eytan pulls that kind of tale. And stop it with the whole Eytan had a 9 inch dick thing too. Nobody is buying it.

  11. Sean Brace was so drunk last night he fell asleep on the toilet in the pitchers pub men’s room. 4 frat boys from Bryn Mawr each pissed on him. Sad. Brace is in a dark place right now.

  12. That’s all he cares about. Guy is obsessed with the soda tax meanwhile he lives in a estate in the suburbs driving an $85,000 automobile and scarfing up anything he can get for free.

    1. You’re the 4th person to make that joke on this thread. Congratulations you’re in the mex for the next on air talent on 97.5 The Titanic. We love unoriginal, recycled content.

  13. Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!! Uncle Trot’s coming over with his friends tonight to teach me about gang tackling, naked!!! I’m 11!!!!

  14. What are you guys willing to give up for R Sherman? Me, not much and definitely not the 14th pick, fuq that. The birds got burned too many times in that position

  15. Heard Eytan is being groomed to take over 975 mornings when Gargano gets fired.

  16. I, for one, love little Timmy Gudel. He’s the only reason I come to this shit site, douchebags.

    1. hearing little timmy gudel and jim are an item! congrats to the happy couple

  17. It should just say ‘FU!’ That would be more befitting for a guy known for using obscenities like he did.

  18. I only got a triple tonight but I’m gonna hit a home run later when I pop over to Leslie’s.

  19. Any update on Leslie covering the Phillies scoring the most runs in one game in almost a decade? Or are we going to have to wait until the round up on Monday? More boring comments after the jump.

  20. I heard other host and callers all day making the same points so I figured I’d call and say the same thing. What’s your take Ike Reese, since I respect the opinion of someone who thinks dinosaurs are made up?

  21. The political comments on here are too much, but the racism and pedophilia stuff is ok.

    1. Allow me to help you with that Jimmy. ESPN wised up and put me where i belong on the whitest sport there is.

      1. Yeah what is wrong with that c00n bitch speaking her mind truthfully. Don’t she know the script? The white man is holding you down!!!

        1. She can come shuck and jive on Fox News anytime. I’d love a little taste of that tall sweet B&W milkshake.

  22. Get back to me at the end of April.

  23. Why do they insist on cutting away from the batter so Murphy can get on camera with his constant babble. If you want to give him airtime do it during commercials.

  24. Uncle Trot destroyed my anus. And, he told me the world is flat. He’s silly!! I’m 11!!!

  25. This team will never get to a World Series and they probably are going lose Harper and Strasburg to free agency. In addition they have most unlucky stiff manager in the business.

  26. Tune in tomorrow AM. I’ll have a stupid question and a lame prize pack.

    1. Correct yet some of the remaining comments are wayyyyy worse than what was deleted. Go figure .

    2. there are certain political things that Kyle has barred from the comment section. Talking about the Leslie gudels aborted kids are ok, but please don’t mention the national debt

      1. The sponsor for this article requested that the comments remain politically neutral. As I said last week, we censor to please.

  27. Glad to see Sergio win. Billy Payne is not a huge fan of colored people.

  28. all of you people talking shit about eytan shander need to get real

    dude makes 6 figures and has a 9 incher. he slams smokin hot broads that you mongos could only dream to get. keep hating. not to mention hes a really talented rapper. losers.

  29. Just think, right now ron burgundy is hitting refresh 150 thousand times to be the first comment on the roundup giving this blog “200 thousand clicks per day.”

  30. Who gets the top seat, its yet to be decided on the ballot boxes? Hillary Clinton recently want to rally women to participate in the elections as Trump has a negative attitude towards women.

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