Medical Blog Bites on Phillies Blog’s April Fools Post

Photo Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

April Fool’s is a dangerous time. While most jokes you come across are lighthearted and harmless – like Joel Embiid saying he buzzed his hair off – some can make your heart skip a beat. That’s what That Ball’s Outta Here accomplished with “Aaron Nola to Miss Season with Tommy John Surgery.”

It was a cruel, cruel joke, but you caught it if you stayed on your toes. If you’re a medical blog that may not know who Nola is and came across the post a couple of days later, you get April Fool’d:

dr james andrews

Dr. James Andrews, the world’s only doctor, did give Nola a platelet-rich plasma injection after the righty was shut down last season, but Nola is said to be 100% and pain-free as the 2017 season gets underway. It would have satisfied Kyle’s prediction, though.

Kyle: Give it time…

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