YouTube TV Launches in Philly Today


I posted about this in February. At the time, no release date had been given for YouTube TV, but I suspected that Philly would be one of the launch markets seeing as though that was the case with Playstation Vue. And indeed it is. YouTube TV is live today in Philly, LA, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. It is available in a browser (Chrome only) and available for download in the iOS and Android app stores. The first month is FREE and you can cancel anytime. After that, YouTube TV is advertised as $35 per month, but for some reason my basic Philly area package came up as $39.99.

The big thing about YouTube TV, besides it being an immediate player in the cord-cutting space by the nature of it being YouTube (the interface, at first blush, is fast and clean), is that it will include the local broadcast affiliates (6 ABC, NBC 10, CBS 3, FOX 29) and CSN Philly, which means you can watch Phillies, Flyers and Sixers games while you’re in the market (there’s no TCN). It looks like you have to contact Google directly to change your preferred home market (but I suppose it might be possible for out-of-towners to do so using a relative’s address and get access to Philly programming).

I signed up and will have a full review next week, but here are some initial screenshots, which include the full channel lineup:

Voila_Capture 2017-04-05_01-40-05_PM Voila_Capture 2017-04-05_01-40-39_PM

That just about covers it for me– the important sports networks, local affiliates, cable news, and Disney for the kid (and E! for my wife). Within seconds, I was in and watching Live From The Masters of the Golf Channel, though interestingly, the screenshot I took came up black (some sort of rights block?).

You can favorite your favorite sports teams and YouTube TV will save ALL of their games in their FREE, unlimited DVR, which stores programs for up to nine months:

Voila_Capture 2017-04-05_01-41-42_PM Voila_Capture 2017-04-05_01-42-09_PM

A few initial observations:

  1. The local sports blackout if you’re out-of-market is no surprise, though CSN currently allows you the ability to stream Flyers and Sixers games while you’re out-of-market through and the NBC Sports app, if you have Philly cable credentials. In some cases, services like Playstation Vue are included in the list of providers you can use to log in. I can’t test it yet, but I’m assuming that YouTube TV is not yet, and may not be for some time, listed as one of the providers you can use to access local games while you’re out-of-market through and the NBC Sports app. CSN says Phillies games will be available to watch out-of-market, with credentials to a cable account that includes CSN, by midseason (though some people reported they had success on Opening Day). Again, I’m not sure if and when YouTube TV will be available in that list of providers, but I am going to ask. The upshot is that you’ll have no problem streaming in-market, but if you’re out-of-market and using a streaming service, like Playstation Vue or YouTube TV, you may have trouble using those credentials to log in to CSN.
  2. Right now, YouTube TV is available as an app and can only be beamed to your TV through a Chromecast (which is like $35). Presumably, the app will come to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku eventually.
  3. I’m surprised this is a separate app. I suppose Amazon Prime Video and Music are separate apps from Amazon proper, so there’s precedent here, but those are different verticals. YouTube already has an app, for video– to me it would’ve made sense to include the TV offering as part of the same app that was already on millions of people’s phones. But, I can also see where a separate app, platform and infrastructure makese sense.
  4. There is supposed to be an option to add Showtime as an add-on, but I don’t see it.
  5. The search function looks very impressive.

I’ll have a full review and get more details on things like sports streaming next week. Leave any questions you may have in the comments.

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  3. Kyle can you mirror your iOS or Mac through Apple TV and have the YouTube content play on your TV? It has worked before with the regular YouTube.

    1. Yes and no. It doesn’t do the traditional Airplay video, but it does work when mirroring, which I’d say is sub-optimal.

      1. Mirroring is the absolute worst. It should stream direct to the apple tv.
        Also, fuck Benji.

      2. Cmon kyle, first you say you’d never buy an American whip and now it sounds like you use apple products. Get a grip man you’re doing it all wrong

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    1. wow, more info than Kyle provided. He is waiting to hear back from his sources.

      1. No shit. The Verge got an early preview. My aim is to relate what it means for Philly sports viewing. Here’s one thing Verge won’t tell you: YouTube TV will be available as a provider through CSN eventually, but there is no timetable.

  6. Keep the serious questions coming, seems to be working out great.

  7. $39.99 a month and still need to get internet service from another company. Or you could get Internet and TV from that same company and pay about the same price with more channels.


    1. 100% accurate. Cord cutting is not really happening, please just like to say it b/c its apparently cool. Same with Craft Beer….they all taste the same. However, Miller Lite and Coors are top sellers.

      1. I’ve been saying that for three years. It’s not about price– it’s about a better experience. The problem is, the experience isn’t always better and there are always catches, usually with sports.

    2. Just know your shit, get an Android, and not have to pay for wifi-hotspot, movies, tv shows, music or sports.

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  9. Kyle- so does this mean you will be able to watch live, local broadcasts of the Eagles on Fox and CBS?

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    2. In theory, yes, but according to the Verge, you can’t stream them on your phone because the NFL has an exclusive with Verizon. You can, hwoever, stream on an iPad or beam it to your TV. Absurd

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  11. Kyle,

    Presumably, I’d be able to download the Youtube TV android app on my Sony Smart TV (powered by Android TV) right away no?

    This looks like a killer deal. Can’t fucking believe this includes local sports e.g CSN/Phillies/Sixers/Flyers games. I live in Baltimore though, and would love to some how hook into the Phila area networks and channels.

    1. Yep, would need Philly area. But I’d check to make sure it’s available as on app on your TV first.

  12. I hope the Cuz does Eagles wins/losses using the fake schedule tomorrow during the meat locker.

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  13. It’s a problem for me that they don’t have the Turner channels (TNT, TBS, Adult Swim) or Comedy Central. I need Sling TV to pick up CSN asap.

    1. Playstation Vue is probably better bet there. Not having TNT and TBS hurts basketball fans.

      1. Yeah and I prefer to use an Xbox One for most entertainment needs, but Sling is going to force my hand pretty soon if they don’t address that weakness.

  14. I’m a millennial! I’m so smart! I’m gonna cut the cord once an option that includes all the channels I want is available!

    You still gotta pay for Internet from someone boss, probably Comcast or FIOS.

  15. It’s $35 per month, but signing up from an iPhone or iPad makes the monthly bill more expensive.

    Unless you’re really a fan of having the iTunes Store handle all your subscription billing, don’t sign up for YouTube TV from an iOS device. The monthly price jumps to $39.99 (plus taxes and fees) if you do. Normally — if you sign up from Android or the web — it’s $35 plus taxes and fees.

  16. I like the concept and even though I’d still have to pay separately for Internet, this would save money by dumping FiOS TV. Some important questions I tried looking up that would impact my normal viewing routine:

    1. Can I program my universal remote to work with this? ANSWER = No, according to YouTube TV customer support. It won’t support any remotes. You have to cast (beam) everything to a Chromecast dongle from a mobile device to watch on a TV. This means retraining my wife and kids, and letting my kids have access to an iPad or something just to watch TV.
    2. Is there a Guide included? ANSWER = It appears there is a “Live” list of some kind.
    3. Does it have an On Demand feature? We use this a lot. Sometimes the kid wants Mickey Mouse Clubhouse NOW. Or I want to watch a movie that is free but not included in Netflix’s crappy streaming offering. ANSWER- I don;t know. I don’t see any info on this on the web site.

    1. I don’t know about Youtube but Sling has a decent selection of on demand content.

  17. I signed up for the free month to compare it against Vue (I live in South NJ) and the Phillies games is blacked out on CSN Philly.. so looks like sticking with Vue.

  18. I don’t get it, all of you what I can only describe as simpletons, do you think you cool with some of these comments here? It’s hilarious how tough some people act behind a keyboard with all of that false bravado. Congrats you guys, you are super super cool

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