Come out to the Philly Museum of Sports Fundraiser at the Green Parrot on June 15

I told you about the idea behind the Philly Museum of Sports. Now, come out and support the project at the Green Parrot in Newtown on Thursday, June 15 at 7 p.m. Need a little encouragement? How’s this: Eagles first round draft pick Derek Barnett will be making his first public appearance as an Eagle. And, bonus, I will be there and we’ll be podcasting live from the event.

Tickets are $100, but that includes an OPEN BAR AND FOOD. Not bad. Get your tickets here.

What is the Philly Museum of Sports? It is an effort being spearheaded by Ed Snider’s right-hand man, Lou Scheinfeld, and Rick Berger. They are trying to get built a museum near Xfinity Live! that will showcase Philly sports memorabilia and feature high-tech, interactive exhibits for Philly fans and tourists alike. The idea has a lot of support – including from power players like Mayor Kenney and Ed Rendell – but they need to raise the funds. You can read more about the concept here.

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  2. I will be at the draft lottery party tomorrow handing out my resume. I recently was fired from la colombe fishtown for giving MCW free coffee. Help give me a job and a purpose in life.

    1. I’m letting Kyle stay upstair until 9:30 tonight. After that he’ll be asleep in the basement. You can come by for some leftovers and fish…..

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