I Have Some More on The Eagles and Mark Ingram

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Yesterday, I posted that the Eagles and Saints did indeed have a conversation about trading Jason Kelce to the Saints for Mark Ingram. The conversation was the Eagles doing due diligence and perhaps not much more. I’m hearing that nothing is imminent, but that acquiring Ingram isn’t totally off the table. For instance… the Saints could cut Ingram later in the offseason if Adrian Peterson appears to be his old self in mini camps.

The Saints have Peterson, rookie Alvin Kamara, and Ingram, who has butted heads with Sean Payton in the past. Ingram carries a $5.2 million cap hit this year and a dead cap hit of $3.7 million. On the surface, it seems like it wouldn’t make much sense for the Saints to cut him. But, when you dig deeper, you’ll see that Ingram, according to Sportrac, carries an only $2.1 million dead cap hit if he’s cut after June 1, saving the Saints $3.1 in cap space this year.

Yesterday, a Bleacher Report article brought up the possibility of Ingram getting cut, a suggestion that was summarily dismissed by Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles. But, when you consider the cap savings and the fact that Ingram could be the odd man out with Peterson and a rookie running back, it’s not all that crazy.

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  1. Anything on me yet? I mean we’re only closing in on 24 hours since it broke. Not like that is an eternity in today’s news cycle. Maybe you can pump out another Lowry story. I hear his mom thinks Philly is a good fit too.

  2. Marcus Hayes did a nice piece on the piece..maybe a little cut and paste magic they Kyle

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