Millennials Are Being Blamed For The Demise of BEER

I’m always amazed at reports like this that blame millennials for the downfall of shitty, over-marketed big brands.

Here’s a report from Business Insider, citing CNBC, about decreased beer drinking among millennials:

Millennials aren’t drinking enough beer to keep brands afloat.

According to CNBC, Goldman Sachs downgraded both Boston Beer Company and Constellation Brand on the data that younger consumers aren’t drinking as much alcohol as older generations, and the ones who do prefer wine and spirits.

“We view the shift in penetration and consumption trends as driven by a shift in preferences in the younger cohorts,” chief analyst Freda Zhuo wrote.

Beer penetration fell 1% from 2016 to 2017 in the US market, while both wine and spirits were unmoved, according to Nielsen ratings.

To be fair, Sam Adams is not a shit brand, but unfortunately for them they’re big enough that they get lumped in by many as a marketing-fueled brand not worthy of the more refined palate of hipster beer drinkers. Constellation Brands owns Corona, Modelo and Pacifico, which are exactly the sorts of beers that have been shunned in recent years in favor of craft brews once consumers realized that, 9 times out of 10, the girl sitting next to them didn’t have the perfect bikini ass regardless of how many la cerveza mas finas they consumed or limes wedges they squirted her with like a fairy sprinkling magic dust over a sentient beast to make them assimilable.

A 1% decrease in a big market is certainly enough to move stocks, but just like with that Buffalo Wild Wings report – which blamed millennials’ at-home cooking habits (get Hello Fresh!) rather than the fact that BWW produces the culinary equivalent of getting punched in the braces for the company’s downturn – it always seems that analysts, reporters and the companies themselves are unwilling to look in the mirror and acknowledge that, in many cases, their products aren’t good.


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  1. There is so much good beer out there, why would anyone want to drink that swill. Boston Beer puts out a few good beers but most of them are seasonal in nature. Millenials be damned… the market is moving because there are a ton of craft beer makers out there killing it.
    Tired Hands, Funk, Conshy, Sole, Levante, etc….

        1. I’m a bud man myself (weed, not that heavy American sh!t) but I always got a kick out of how drinking a certain beer will get you labeled as a douche or something. It’s all the same sh!t. Is it how they market it, I dunno

    1. Stop being so defensive Kyle, the piece cites cuts in total beer consumption as a generation, which would include craft brews. I’d argue beer variety and quality is better than at any time, ever. Yet consumption in the aggregate is down, this is not about Budweiser and Corona, its about a systemic shift to wine and hard stuff by a demographically important generation. Sheesh….

    2. Thanks for mentioning Conshy. I own a piece of that you know. Next time you have your favorite brew, throw a scoop of Basset’s ice cream in it. Awesome sh*t.

      Oh yeah and “Go Guida”

    3. Completeness of Data is an issue. “They” have no way to measure the tons of successful small breweries that are circumventing the distribution process by selling cans direct to the consumer. $16-$24 a 4-pack is a new norm. The 2 hour line that you have to stand in, populated primarily with millennials, tells me that they are not afraid to shell out cash for their beer. I think “They” have to find a new way to measure the data.

        1. It baffles me – anyone who is familiar with the local craft scene can call BS on this report. 2 weeks ago, people lined up 20 hours in advance in Brooklyn for an Other Half, Trillium, Monkish collab release for the “opportunity” to pay $20+/4-pack. The beer industry isn’t in a state of demise. It’s evolving.

  2. Constellation also owns wines and spirits. And their stock has been killing it for years.

  3. “it always seems that analysts, reporters and the companies themselves are unwilling to look in the mirror and acknowledge that, in many cases, their products aren’t good”

    Kinda like bloggers who blame their shitty content on the records of the local sports teams.

    1. + 1,000

      You don’t really think that Kyle would take a break from being a pompous know-it-all for some desperately needed self-reflection do you?

      He’s too busy critiquing what he thinks everyone else’s shortcomings are.

    1. Got some Trillium on me right now. TH had some cans of HopHands for sale when I was there recently. Not the milkshakes though.

  4. Why does Kyle identify with millennials? Aren’t millennials 17 years old?

  5. Millennials are being blamed for everything because they all have part time jobs, no common sense and when they drink beer they order one pitcher and 8 glasses.
    One millennial took a gallon of milk out of the fridge and asked his mother, “do these things come in quarts ? ”
    we’re doomed.
    The World owes you nothing.

    1. Ahh, the memories of Walking around with $1 pitchers like it was a mug. College was kinda fun sometimes.

    2. I live in Orlando. Last year year there was a hurricane coming this way. The gas stations were all mobbed and running out of gas (think supermarket shelves in Philly when John Bolaris predicts the storm of the century). I stopped at a gas station that sells ethanol-free gasoline, and that was all that was left (as far as I could tell) so I started filling my car with that. A millennial came up to me and asked “Can cars run on ethanol-free gas”?” I am not making this up.

  6. crossing braod: your place for beer and food/drink news. Im surprised you didnt crowbar an anti trump statement in this post also.

    Beer is going no where. fucking stupid article.

  7. Those guys on the morning show are so funny. Bobby C is holding court like a friggin BOSS.

  8. Why wouldnt I support my local brewers, Especially when they produce a beer consider “world class”?

  9. Millennials are to blame for the trackable beer decline. They choose to buy regional craft beers or wait in lines at Tired Hands & Levante for “limited run” cans and dump money into small business. They don’t apologize for not patronizing AB Inbv & Molson Coors. If craft breweries had to publicly announce their sales, this article is garbage.

  10. Weed>alcohol…..NJ is getting ready to make weed legal as soon as fatass is out of office. It won’t be to much longer after that the surrounding states follow suit.
    Get ready to get your smoke on folks, well, legally anyway

    1. I started doing blueprints for their grow houses back in 2009. You could tell medical was getting ready to pass and now you can see recreational is being planned.
      It’s coming

  11. The Millenials could be the worst generation we’ve had since the Baby Boomers. The baby boomers bankrupted this nation as they pushed all of their liberal social programs and entitlements and now we have a 20 trillion dollar debt. The Baby Boomers were atleast coy about it as the Millenials don’t care as they are leaching off of any Government program. These were the Bernie people and their slogan should have been, ‘ME! ME! ME!’ We want $15 minimum wage! We want free College Education! We want Free Healthcare! What everyone doesn’t understand is nothing is for free!!!!!

    1. I didn’t realize that the Afghan and Iraq wars were liberals spending programs. Bringing democracy to the middleeast was the rallying cry of the neo- cons. And that cost big bucks.

      1. Don’t you forget about me. Reaganomics fucked this country for good, and electing President Bonzo was entirely the boomers’ fault.

  12. you would think, a man with all that money would find a way to correct his flaw

    1. Bezos runs through ho’s on a nightly basis. When he’s done with them he tosses each one a free year of prime and tells them to kick rocks

  13. Isn’t Eytan being a lifelong Eagles fan a total violation since he is from NYC/CT?

  14. Yeah, that’s definitely crap. I’m a huge beer snob and in tons of trading groups and shit like that. It’s all Millennials. We’re just not drinking traditional brands.

    TLDR: Fake news. Sad!

  15. What happened to drinking beer to make broads fug-able and lower standards? That still goes on right?

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