OK so what are you looking at here? Facebook user (isn’t that all of us?) John S. posted a highly questionable report from new Flyers reporter* John Boruk**, who posited that phenom center Nolan Patrick could be moved to the wing, which is a relatively absurd concept that even Dave Hakstol would have trouble entertaining. Without prompting, Baicker, now a PR and social media guru with the Devils, weighed in. She spoke quite candidly about her departure from CSN:

That’s hardly a screed, but it does shed some light on what’s going on at CSN, which over the past year or so has jettisoned many of their more traditional personalities in favor of more versatile content producers. Baicker, ironically, wasn’t an old school person and, as you see here, was offered a contract, granted to do something she didn’t want to do (in a role which I hate– reading Tweets segments on TV are stupid). She isn’t the first person in and around the station to express the sentiment about the environment at CSN being less than great right now. However, to be fair, those sentiments have come from people who are mostly on the outside looking in, and rarely do people take well to change if they’re not included in it.

The flip side of this is that Baicker went from copy editor at CSN to co-host of their well-publicized morning show and Flyers and Phillies Postgame Live, which is a massive leap, especially for someone without traditional TV experience or a deep expertise. It feels like there’s a bit of sour grapes here, even if I can’t blame her for not wanting to read Tweets on TV.

The whole thing about getting blocked by Boruk? That’s a feud I’m intrigued to hear more about.

*Why yes we did break that story.

**Boruk’s article about Nolan Patrick’s injury was pretty good.