I Approve of Lane Johnson’s Obvious PR Stunt

I love what Lane Johnson’s publicist is doing. I’m not gonna lie– I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. You can trash fans all you want, get suspended for PEDs twice, blame someone else. If you come out and trash the Redskins and spark a mild, bloggable feud, then I’m all in.

Like, I get what Lane is doing. Facing some image problems, he decides to pick a fight with the Eagles’ most hated adversaries and win back fans. Simple, effective.

If you’re unfamiliar, Lane wrote a piece for The Players Tribune the other day, and in it took a shot at the Redskins:

Let me tell you what’s going to happen in a couple of weeks: This team is going to go down to D.C. and whup some ass against the Redskins. We’re going to surprise some people.

Nothing like providing some bulletin board material.

Redskins linebacker Zach Brown responded:

And now last night, of course asked about those responses, had a southern bumpkin, seaweedy, shit-stirring response for the assembled media:

I know what you’re doing, Lane. And I don’t hate it.


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  1. What Lane Roid Junkie Johnson is doing is alot like trump’s campaign tactics. Deflect, Deflect, Deflect criticism. And you seem to be alright with trumps tactics kyle.

    1. There’s always one sad sack of shite, willing to bring politics into something that has absolutely nothing to do with it. I guess it’s not your fault, that you were brought up, being handed a trophy for just showing the fawk up, but Hillary lost, buds. Get over it!

      1. And WTF did Trump ever “earn”? Hes a spoiled rich kid who turned being a failed RE mogul into a reality TV and political career. You may hate Hillary but she worked her ass off to get where she is, she didn’t have it handed to her by her daddy, and she gives more of a fuck about a WT fry cook like you than Drumpf ever will.

  2. Should start using PED’s again because they are atrocious. At best we are looking at a 6-10 season. But the good news is it will most likely be the end of the Doug and Howie show.

    1. After watching the documentary “Icarus” it’s clear as day that you have to be absolutely retarded to get popped for pissing hot. I mean a freaking amateur cyclist was able to design a doping regimen to beat the WADA testing protocols.

  3. EVERYONE on team that has not won a fucking playoff game in almost 10 years needs to shut the fuck up…..

  4. I’m not the biggest Lane fan but I also kinda like this. It remains to be seen if it makes any kind of difference, but sometimes it does. Not that it applies at all to this situation but after Jimmy said his “team to beat” comments, that team took off. I don’t expect playoffs but they should be better than the last few years.

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