I was sitting at dinner last night with ________ and ________, as we met with ________ to discuss our plan for Thursday at 10 a.m., when the news that the Eagles traded Jon Dorenbos broke. We all looked at each other and thought, What the hell?

Tomes have and will be written about the magic man and his infectious personality. Indeed, anecdotally, the few times I met Jon while doing the Great Sports Debate he could not have been more pleasant, even if his handshake grip is perhaps the strongest I have ever encountered. But in a stark change of tone and direction for me, I want to focus on the trade itself. Why?

Yes, Dorenbos was due to make about $1 million as a long snapper and the Eagles were ready to turn the page to Rick Lovato, who filled in for Dorenbos last year after they pried him away from his parent’s sandwich shop in New Jersey. They’ll save some money and, I guess, get their long snapper of the future. But to me this feels wholly unnecessary. Besides being a face of the team – consider how sad the Eagles have been over the last 8-9 years that their long snapper was one of their more marketable players – Dorenbos was really good at what he did, almost never muffing snap, never costing the Eagles a game, never providing the cringe-worthy last-second moment that will be replayed for all eternity. Trading him just feels like overkill. Like a move you didn’t need to make. Like why even take the risk? To save $800k in cap space, to get a seventh round pick? Is it really gonna be worth it when Lovato sails one over [backup quarterback]’s head? It’s even more odd when you consider that the Eagles extended Dorenbos last November.

This is nothing against Lovato, and it’s certainly not an emotional reaction over trading Dorenbos. I’m not that sentimental and honestly won’t lose any sleep over it. It just feels forced and kind of pointless. Like, why?

Anyway, I won’t dwell on it too much. There’s still a ton of work to be done. Soon.