Is defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz gunning for Doug Pederson’s job?

No, according to Schwartz, who spoke today for the first time since the Philadelphia Inquirer published a weekend story alleging that the ex-Lions head coach was positioning himself to supplant Pederson at the Birds’ helm.

Here’s what Schwartz told reporters Tuesday:

“I am very comfortable with my relationship with Doug Pederson. And I know he’s comfortable in his relationship with me. What I do here is I work extremely hard to execute the defense the way that he has outlined it for me, okay? I’m very comfortable in that. And not everybody is privy to those instructions. So if anybody misunderstands or misinterprets any actions, just know this – coach Pederson is aware of everything that I do in this building, outside of the building.”

For context, the Inquirer story suggests, citing anonymous players and a staffer, that Schwartz has tried to establish himself as the authority figure in and around the NovaCare Complex.

Schwartz continued:

“Maybe they’re not privy to it. I’ll give you an example. It was just a half hour ago. Coach Pederson has a rule in the cafeteria that you can’t wear tank tops or (go sleeveless) in the cafeteria. Well, he wasn’t in the cafeteria, but I was, and there was an offensive player that had no sleeves on. And I tapped him and said ‘You gotta get out. You gotta get sleeves on.’”

“I know as a head coach, when I served (in that role), I wanted people around the building that were enforcing my rules. I did that for (Doug Pederson). I respect that position and I’m going to execute the job the way he outlined it for me.”

My takeaway?

Seems like a weird rule to disallow tank tops in the cafeteria…

But professional teams have all sorts of guidelines that might seem foreign to the general public.

For what it’s worth, Pederson said this Monday about his relationship with Schwartz (who he didn’t hire, Howie Roseman did) –

“We’ve always had a great relationship. I don’t know what to tell you. Jim and I have always had a great relationship. Even yesterday, the communication is always there. We talk quite a bit during the week and I love his enthusiasm, I love his swagger, and I think our defensive guys feed off of that. Most defensive coordinators I’ve been around have that. He’s no different. That’s one of the things I like about Jim, the fact he has that, guys feed off of it, and that’s the way they play.”

This all seems rather insignificant right now, considering that the Eagles are 1-0 and Schwartz’s defense played an outstanding game on Sunday.