John Gonzalez Throws Twitter Jabs at “Mikey Mouthbreather”

From time to time I enjoy rants. From time to time I will post them. From time to time I will have nothing better to say and write like a third grader. I enjoyed this rant from Mr. Gonzalez responding to Mike Missanelli’s comments about Beth Mowins:

By the way, both John (97.5) and his wife, Colleen Wolfe (Phillies post-game show), have worked with Mike Missanelli in the past.

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46 Responses

    1. Video proves that the dude is LYING! Yet none of the mainstream sports media like gonzo types have the courage to report against their narrative

  1. Total loser. Had to get Natalie involved because he loves to make snarky comments to women.

        1. Sucker. Mike doesn’t date anyone more than once. Most people can’t stand to be anywhere around him. He can’t keep a friend or a woman.

          He is a lousy dude.

          1. plus the dude is popping so many percocets i doubt he can ever get his dick hard. My lover doesn’t have that problem

  2. This is the “new” Crossing Broad you teased for so long? It blows. Stop leeching off talk radio. If you have any creative bones in your body, tap into them immediately.

  3. It’s fair to critique the on-air performance (although PLENTY of crappy male broadcasters like Sean McDonough get away with being routinely awful and no one bothers to make a thing of it), but to basically say women shouldn’t be broadcasters of a sport they don’t play is idiotic since men do it all of the time.

    Personally, I think it would have been better if ESPN made history on Monday by having Suzy Kolber do color commentary instead of Rex Ryan. She’d be awesome.

      1. Riiiiight… like equal rights for Muslims???? The one religious group that kills gays and kill women for not covering their face and body???? Ok lefty, do a little research on Islam and Sharia law before you open your mouth about equal rights. America is the most non racist and non oppressive country on Earth.

        1. This might be one of the dumbest comments ever on here. We’re not talking about other countries. The Muslims here make up probably like 5% of THIS country’s population and pretty sure you never hear about those killing gays and women. When’s your next Klan rally?

          1. “and pretty sure you never hear about those killing gays and women”.

            Pulse nightclub anyone? Was only the deadliest terroristic attack on us soil since 9/11

          2. The guy that did that was an American born citizen. So are we going to kick everyone out who is born here that happens to come from a Muslim family? His beliefs were no different than the people who marched in Charlottesville. I don’t see the outrage to kick all those people out of the country.

            Fact is every race and gender has bad people in this country. But that shouldn’t prevent the good people from those races and genders from getting opportunities.

  4. Sorry but gonzo was the worst full time host I can remember at either station(3 worst of all time behind jolivitz and phil from my airy) .., he also was highly annoying and I likeable on csnphilly… sorry his opinion ( although pretty on) means little

  5. Mike Miss is totally right. All those years of playing football and hockey have made Al Michaels one of the most iconic play-by-play voices ever.

  6. When I would come up to the plate I would picture that poser’s fat head with his fresh just for men’d hair coming to the plate and I’d crush it. Waterboy style. I wish I really could every time I hear him call someone brother or act like he’s all good with blacks. Dudes clearly a typical wanna be south philly piece of shit that calls spaghetti sauce “gravy”.

  7. Gonzalez is a dopey lib who sucked at sports reporting, but in this case, he is correct. Once again, Missanelli proves he’s as phony as a $3 bill.

  8. Wow how shocking of “Mr. Progressive”. People who love to brag about how progressive and liberal they are are usually giant bigots and Mikey miss has proved that time and time again. I dislike Mowins as a broadcaster, but couldn’t care less that she’s a woman. Mendoza is the only one in the booth that i like during Sunday Night Baseball. Mowins talks like she is chewing on the side of her mouth. She’s as dumb as any other guy in the booth and her voice is grating.

  9. 2 fucking liberal pussies cat fighting . Nothing to see here. At least we know they both agree on jemile hill not getting fired

  10. The radio stuff is my favorite, I remember the day I was listening to the “is Wentz philly enough?” bit and hoping u guys would skewer them for their lame bullshit.

  11. This is the same genius who calls Tears For Fears ” Brilliant Musicians” and refers to Pink Floyd as “Space Junk”.

    Missanelli is a stone cold moron.

  12. Wow, a radio talk show host who gets paid to give his opinion on sports for a living, is getting schtick for giving his opinion on a sports story. Whats the problem?
    It comes down to basic marketing here..Why would men want to hear a woman talk about football? Seriously, men only want to look at women, not here them talk (sorry, but thats the truth). What is the core audience of NFL games on a Monday night? I’m willing to bet more than 80% is men ages 18 – 59 (black and white). Why on Gods green earth would I or anyone want to hear a woman talk about football? WHY??? Stupid move by ESPN and Disney. Utter disgrace for your fans, the ones who line the pockets every year. I really am starting to despise this country and the maggots, leaches and Social Justice Warriors who live in it.

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