Mike Missanelli’s Views on Female Broadcasters Are Exactly What You Would Expect Mike Missanelli’s Views on Female Broadcasters to Be

I’ll start by pointing out that I am hardly a social justice warrior. I think the immediate reaction by many to champion the latest [insert historically maligned race, gender or orientation] to get to [insert role typically occupied by white men] does as much of a disservice to that person as it helps them, because it reduces them to nothing more than their narrowly defined identity, like the Rooney Rule does for people like Duce Staley when he’s laughably brought in to interview for a job he’s not qualified for (say nothing of the fact that the guy who got the job may not have been qualified either). Far too many people are quick to point out that “so and so” is terrific solely because that person has broken a barrier or shattered a ceiling. In other words, it’s OK to say a woman sucks if she’s a bad broadcaster. It’s OK to say a black guy sucks if he’s a bad writer. It’s OK to say a gay guy sucks isn’t good if he uses his orientation to heighten his draft profile and marketability the way Michael Sam did.


You are arguably a bigot if you have a problem with any of the aforementioned folks taking on a role, if they’re qualified to do so. I have no idea if Beth Mowins, a college football play-by-play woman who called the second game of the Monday Night Football doubleheader on Monday, is a good broadcaster. I don’t watch enough college football and didn’t see the Broncos-Chargers game she broadcast on Monday night. Neither did Mike Missanelli. But of course he has an opinion that hinges solely on the fact that Mowins has a vagina where Mike would prefer to find a flaccid old man’s penis that only summons the courage to right itself upon the sight of a young quarterback’s hot girlfriend.

Here’s Missanelli discussing Mowins with producer Andrew Salciunas yesterday:

Missanelli: “I don’t know why the sporting world needs a female play-by-play person on an NFL game. And I know that sounds harsh, and I just want to know what is the reason for it? Do you have any thoughts on that, Andrew?”

Missanelli: “Here’s my rationale for that: women don’t grow up playing football. Now, I understand that women also don’t grow up playing baseball and that Jessica whatever her name is does a really good job, not as a play-by-play person, but as an analyst.

Salciunas: “Jessica Mendoza.”

Missanelli: “Mendoza, yes. So I don’t know if I’m out of line by presenting that. I’m just curious as to why we need to have a woman call an NFL game. Now I know she’s called many college games, uh, I don’t know, maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.”

Salciunas: “I just want to give my rebuttal real quick. Do you think Sean McDonough ever played a down of football in his life?”

Missanelli: “I don’t know if he did or not. Um, but, I think that he… see, I would have to understand how Beth Mowins grew up, if she grew up following football and, um, you know, I don’t know. Sean McDonough as a guy is more in-tuned with football than a woman would be, in my opinion. Now, I know people are saying I can’t believe he’s saying that, he’s usually liberal. And usually I am, and I’m feeling kind of hinky bringing this up, I just don’t understand why there is the need for it.”

Missanelli: “It just to me sounds unnatural for her to be calling the NFL. Now, in college, it sounds sort of unnatural as well. But I can live with college. But this is prime time, Monday Night Football. I didn’t catch a lot of the game. Was she good? If she did a good job, then I’m wrong.”

Good Christ. Besides the fact that you can almost smell the hypocrisy in his comments, the part about him needing to know Mowins’ background is ridiculous. Name me another announcer, media person or coach whose background Missanelli would demand to know before passing judgement on their current work. Mind you, Missanelli is the same person who called Michelle Beadle fat and caught the ire of Erin Andrews for critiquing her dress at the All-Star Game. So his track record on this matter seems to center more on what a woman looks like rather than her qualifications.

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  1. She sucks precisely because she’s a woman. For an announcer, 99% of me liking you is because of how you sound not because of what you say. I made it about 3 plays into her overly affected “announcer voice” before turning the game off. It’s off-putting enough when male announcers use that ridiculous cadence and annunciation, but at least they usually have a pleasant enough baritone voice so that it’s not wholly distracting. Mowins sounded like an 8 year old trying to deepen their voice to convince someone they were a grown-up.

    1. Agreed. Missanelli’s argument was weak and honestly which makes him sound bad but I dont think there is a need to disect it. A woman’s voice as an announcer just isn’t something to hear when I’m watching a football game. No need to overanalyze it.

          1. This chick I know that owns a salon told me that Missanelli gets his taint waxed brazilian style like twice a month. He also gets his hair dyed to try and not look like a 60 year old douche bag.

        1. I do and I did, even though I don’t agree completely with him.

          Shut the fuck up and stop trying to speak on behalf of people. “In case you’re wondering”

    2. Perfect description. I couldn’t listen to her and turned it off. P.S. – I am a woman.

  2. Wow Kyle don;t forget your riot… I mean protest gear for the BLM rally for Jamele Hill. I bet you think she should call and NFL game with Kaepernik.

    Mowins is awful at her job. Gruden also sucks. She was only given that MNF spot bc she is a women and Liberal ESPN wanted to have a good look.

    1. Reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit of yours. Hell, I don’t think reading in general is an average suit of yours. You were so proud of yourself for posting that reply that you could barely take the time to spellcheck and proof it. Seems like you’re typing it all with one hand. I think you can infer what you’re doing with the other hand. I’m sorry, is “infer” too big of a word for you?

  3. Except he’s 100% correct. Now he’s a bigot for having an opinion that MOST people share. Yes most people, check twitter during that MNF game. Mostly negative on her. She sucks.

    1. Yeah Twitter is the best way to gauge people’s opinions. Twitter is full of straight shooters who don’t hide behind fake pictures and names

      1. Thats actually why they give true opinions, or ‘shoot from the hip’ cause they can hide behind fake names/pics. If you have your real ish out there ppl are more reluctant to give true opinions out of fear of being labeled whater -ist (race,sex,etc) is hot at the time.

  4. Grandpa Missanelli’s act is old and tired and is one of the main reasons(along with his fat greaseball buddy Gargano) why I rarely listen to sports talk radio.

  5. Waaaaaaaa. Missanelli is 100% right. The late night Monday game was great but much less enjoyable because of the annoying female play by play announcer. People need to stop being so damn sensitive to everything. It has nothing to do with disrespecting women or equality, it’s just a plain fact that most viewers (predominantly male) don’t enjoy hearing a woman call a game.

    1. Kyle is just trying to create a “feud” with Missanelli so he can heighten his own awful podcast. Its a blatant attempt to bait Missanelli into mentioning him on his show or engaging with him. Its very obvious.

  6. The stupidity of people is mind boggling. If you didn’t like her voice, which in itself sounds stupid, mute the game. Why would you turn it off? And can we stop with the macho football guy shtick? “I don’t want to hear a woman broadcasting football.” Do you realize how dumb that makes you sound? I watch football for, you know, the game. How is someone qualified to call a college football game but not an NFL game? It is the same sport. And Missanelli along with Gargano are just old guys stuck in their ways. It’s no secret why both are divorced. It’s time to move away from the old guard and bring in some youth opinions. Maybe that will flush out the same morons who call to hear themselves on radio shows with their goomba nonsense.

      1. You people are so fucking stupid, it’s amazing. One day you criticize liberals for having participation trophies and second place prizes. And then the next you say we should keep statues of racist confederates that finished in 2nd place during that Civil War thing. Which is it?

        1. It is clear to see you have a social component missing, possibly on the spectrum. The need to come to a philly sports page simply to masquerade as the guy telling phillysports fans how dumb they are gives away your need to feel included but you have probably been ostricized or alienated. Respond with whatever but again why are you here trying to educate/attack the dumb masses unless you are one and are just sad with your job/life/parents basement so you attempt to isolate yourself as a superior when really youre just another loser, too. Again, feel free to take your aggression out on hilarysprolapsed bladder or whatever statue you can find. PS BLM is now defacing thomas jefferson statues at UVA. Jefferson won the presidency unlike your candidate, so not a participation trophy.

          1. You are the one who couldn’t articulate a response so you go with the lazy Liberal/Hillary response. You have yet to answer why a woman broadcasting a game affected your life so much. And I am not trying to educate anyone here. I simply posed the question why did anyone have a problem with a woman doing a football game when the simple solution was to just mute the game? If a woman doing a broadcast is an issue to you, then yes, you are a moron. It’s 2017 not 1917. Women are allowed to do things men do. So continue to use your lazy responses that I am a liberal or I live in my parents’ basement, which may be the oldest and lamest insult ever. But if being okay with other people besides white men getting opportunities makes me a bad person, then so be it. You can continue to live in your small little mind

      2. ROFL, someone needs to ask that crazy liberal if they ONLY enjoy one aspect of people, things and places.

  7. Not a fan of talk radio in down times and like the site, but I prefer 97.5 and WIP during the season. Until the podcast can get good guests on (and get rid of Russ) it won’t be able to stack up to talk radio. Also, Mikey Miss walked back his comments and apologized throughout the rest of the show.

  8. I agree with mike miss. Not to sound mean but no football fan wants to hear a women announcer. She was awful and had annoying voice .

  9. These comments are unbelievable… according to the US Census Bureau, in 2012, 44% of NFL fans were women. And I’m sure it’s gone up since then. Have an open mind and give Beth a chance. Go Birds!

  10. Mowins sounded like that annoying wife in Field of Dreams. ESPN was also no help to her teaming her with foot weirdo Rex Ryan. The whole production was just awful and unfortunately for Mowins she was the leader of the shit show. I heard CBS might be using her. Hopefully they put her with someone seasoned to see if it was the production or just her.

  11. She sucked and made me go to bed early . Espn are cheap fucks

  12. Kind of sounds like my arguement years ago which isn’t wrong, just probably shouldn’t be said out loud.

  13. So if it was so important to have a female do the play-by-play on MNF, why did they pick a woman who tries to sound like a guy? Seriously.

    If she’s gonna sound like a dude, why not just have a dude call the game in the first place.

    Not to mention the fact that they had that total buffoon on the sidelines harping about how a coach’s “diversity” helped him coach….without ever elaborating or offering the slightest bit f evidence to support such a stupid claim.

    The world is fucked.

    1. Finally somebody making sense. And yes you are 100% correct, humanity is fucked we took a wrong turn but kept driving.

  14. Missanelli’s take is bad. And weird. But I think he was actually onto something talking about the difference between an announcer and an analyst. I think Beth Mowins is great and can call games and I have no problem as long as she’s good at it. When it comes to analysts though, it shouldn’t be someone who’s never played and that would by definition include basically all women. That’s why I can’t stand Jessica Mendoza, AT ALL. When she starts to break down swing timing and stuff like that, I cringe thinking her experience is softball. Drives me crazy.

    1. Well, then that should also include men who have never played and I am sure there are a few of them here and there on sports radio.

  15. Bev …coach….it’s a pleasure to be with you guys. Here on the comment board…up close..just watching some comments from here…up close. You can watch it now on the screen. The diversity and background is really helping him. And here he is….HAVING THE TIME OF HIS LIFE!

  16. Kyle, not sure if you will see this and I’m not trying to nitpick but women should be referred to as women, not females. The word female can apply to not just women but animals and plants. Women denotes a female human being.

    Aside from that, Missanelli is a relic and will be off the air within two years. There’s no way his high six figure salary is worth the ratings he pulls in.

  17. Social Justice Warrior is a slur. Your audience remains: 1) the only reason to read this site; 2) the dumbest, most racist and sexist audience among similar web sites.

    I like to check in on knuckle-dragging morons with retrograde opinions. So sue me.

    1. Let me just start by saying that your social views are oh so chic and en vogue…

      Now go fuck yourself, you judgemental POS.

      No one cares what self-righteous people like you think – you’re irrelevant.

  18. Why isn’t he allowed to call Michelle Beadle fat? I am sure he called Josh Innes and other fat men fat. Probably more accurate to call her a washed-out relic with nothing of importance to say and who still clings to her “looks” — looks that have long since packed their bags and left her. But no need to nitpick

  19. Beth Mowins is a solid announcer. No reason why she can’t broadcast the NFL. She was unlucky to have a rookie like Ryan in the booth but he wasn’t awful either. I saw 3 quarters of the game unlike Mike.

  20. Mike puts him in place. Andrew is really weak when it comes to sports. He really thinks he is more important than he actually his.

  21. Maybe Missanelli isn’t as progressive as he thinks . I mean I’m sure he lives in a diverse neighborhood .

  22. This is just stupid. I disagree with Missenelli on everything, but he is right. This woman was nails on black board bad. I literally had to turn it off. It’s not her fault, just her voice was a terrible, dreadful, horrible monotone dreariness I hope to never hear again

    1. I don’t understand how you can say Missanelli was “right” that she was bad when he didn’t express an opinion about how well she did since he admitted he didn’t watch the game. The issue seems to be and the opinion he expressed (which was not about the quality of her skills) was that he didn’t feel she should be broadcasting the game because she was a woman. Two separate issues.

  23. This dipshit Mike from So. Philly has a 03:10 timeslot reserved every night no matter who the host is. Seven days a week he is on. WTF ? He gets 20 -30 minutes a night, covers every sport and sounds like a douche-bag. They put people on HOLD & make them WAIT because of this nimrod.

    KYLE KYLE KYLE – Check this out and find out what is going on. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  24. I know I’m a bit late to the party but wanted to share my input anyway. I’m not going to whitewash it, I just don’t want a woman announcing NFL football. It’s like oil and water. Call me a bigot, call me sexist, I don’t care. We can dance around the issue all we want by saying “her voice is annoying” or “she doesn’t know her stuff” but the reality is, guys just don’t want a woman announcing play by play NFL football. It’s really as simple as that. Maybe there will come a day when my son’s son’s son embraces it but not in my lifetime. Do you want to see NFL viewership plummet quicker then players kneeling during the national anthem? Force us to hear more women NFL play by play announcers.

  25. I’m sitting here watching the girl’s softball college world series (first off, why do they need to state “girl’s” or “women’s” as if guys play college softball). There are three woman announcers (including Mendoza). I’m good with that. In fact, I prefer to have woman call “this” game and I don’t want any male announcers. Likewise, I want experienced male announcers calling baseball and I want ONLY former baseball players as side-commentators and analysts – because they played the game.
    Don’t know if any of you ever get to catch Eck (Dennis Eckersley) ever commentate on a game – he’s arguably the best. Now, just for a moment, imagine if Eck got bumped by some female announcer because the network felt they had to do something to show political correctness. Talk about a great loss to the game and to fans watching it! That’s why I only want male announcers (especially former players) calling games. They bring a unique perspective to the broadcast that a woman simply cannot bring.

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