Phillies Fans Booing Jayson Werth Is An Absolute Disgrace

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If you are still booing Jayson Werth, then you are an asshole. Plain and simple. That’s it. There’s no cute lede here, no exploration of the opposing viewpoint because the opposing viewpoint is total bullshit. It is beyond me how this went down in the final inning of Wednesday night’s Phillies game against the Nationals:

Seriously, what the hell are we doing here?

The 38-year-old Werth is at the end of his seven-year, $126 million contract with the Nationals. It’s been a rough go for Werth this year. He’s hitting only .224 with nine homers and a .703 OPS, both figures represent a significant decline from his career averages. It’s uncertain whether or not Werth will play next season. The video above shows what could have been the final he time stepped into the batter’s box at Citizens Bank Park. You know, the place he helped the Phillies win a World Series. No matter, there are those “passionate” and “intelligent” fans letting Werth have it.

Werth, in case you don’t recall, was brought to Philadelphia by former Phillies general manager Pat Gillick. He showed flashes of promise during his first four years in baseball with the Blue Jays and Dodgers, but was largely a middling player. He then missed the entire 2006 season with a significant wrist injury before Gillick took a shot in the dark and brought him to Philadelphia before the 2007 season. All Werth did was hit .298 and help the Phillies as a key cog in their memorable late-season surge to a NL East crown. Over the next three seasons, he blossomed into an All-Star-caliber player as he totaled 87 homers and 88 doubles, while playing above average defense.

What about the postseason? Werth hit .444 with a 1.361 OPS over five games in the 2008 World Series. Decent numbers. Not to mention, the Phillies probably don’t even reach the World Series in 2009 when Werth hit .357 with a 1.429 OPS in the NLDS against the Rockies. Everyone remembers game four of that series with Ryan Howard’s, “Get me to the plate, boys.” Perhaps you forgot about what happened immediately after.

So here is Werth having a moment, paying his respects to the city in which he resurrected his career, and we’re fucking BOOING the guy? I know people will read this and say that response is limited to the few thousands idiots left in the stands last night, but that’s untrue. This shit has been going on between Phillies fans and Werth for years. And the thing is, the guy was RIGHT to leave. Ruben Amaro didn’t want to pay him, so he took a monster deal. The guy was only a few years removed from not knowing if he’d ever draw another baseball paycheck. He wanted financial security and to feel appreciated, and we want to crucify the guy for that? Please.

Remember when he signed that deal? We all laughed. The Nationals? What an IDIOT! The 97-65 Phillies finished 28 games ahead of the Nationals, they were assembling “The Four Aces,” and we were so sure Werth would become irrelevant in Washington. A dominant Phillies team choked away a golden opportunity in 2011 and then spent the next six seasons floating between baseball purgatory and baseball Hell, while Werth’s Nationals won four division titles and finished ahead of the Phillies every single year during the same span. In fact, the Nationals have won 106 more games than the Phillies in the seven years since Werth left town. Yup, that’s Werth’s fault. It’s most certainly not the fault of an ownership and management group that didn’t know how to spell analytics until 2014. BOOOO!

There’s no former Phillie in the history of baseball that gets a worse deal from the fans than Jayson Werth. For a group that considers itself so smart, so passionate, and so savvy, its treatment of Werth is completely embarrassing.

Kyle: As a leading booer of Werth, let me explain. He is a classic love-him-when-he’s-here, hate-him-when-he-leaves player. He’s crusty, surly, and didn’t exactly have a reputation as a “good dude.” Remember when he yelled at a father and his son in the stands? Good times. More: When he left, he continuously took passive aggressive shots at the team and then the fans, and uttered the phrase “I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again” That was in response to getting harrassed the night he broke his wrist in Washington. How do I know? I led a bus trip of 250 people that sat in right field. Werth was talking about us. Anyone who says that is a heel. They knowingly become the heel. When Werth returns for retirement nights, ceremonies and so on, he’ll be cheered, as he should, along with the rest of the 2008 Phillies. He was a fun player on a great team. But for now he’s been the enemy. My guess is he likes it that way. Boooooooooooooo.

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      1. cues

        a queue is a line.. example – We stood in a long queue at DisneyWorld to get on Space Mountain

        get a brain

  1. Never fucking got it why the white trash fans boo that man . Guy was a huge part of the only championship in most of our lifetimes . He wanted to stay but the phils signed that’s baseball instead . Killed The lineup when he left

    1. uh because his pissed all over philly with his dumbass comments
      and i guess philly fans don’t like that. Maybe you like being pissed on?

    1. uBlock Origin (for the ads) and some kind of Javascript blocker like NoScript or ScriptSafe (for the surveys).

  2. Werth has a think skin and an axe to grind.
    You don’t see people booing Utley when he came back do you?

  3. I agree with Kyle for once, but man, does his tacked-on paragraph at the end totally undercut his staff’s opinion or what?

    1. Sorry, i wouldn’t call that guy ‘staff’.
      More like a hack and an offensive little prick at best.
      But he’s just trying to make a name for himself by being an offensive little prick
      and causing a stir. Clearly could never make it on his own.

    2. When Kyle writes some bullshit at the end of someone’s post, it’s basically the equivalent of lifting his leg on the guy before skull fucking him. I wouldn’t put up with shit like that, from a bullshit site like this…..

  4. I will always love Werth for his time here. He took the money and talked some shit. Oh well. What if he signed a minor league deal with the Phillies and got called up? People would be cheering him again. Shut up, front-runner booing fans.

  5. Nah, Kyle is right for once in his life. Fuck the first guy! LIsten, if you are wearing another teams jersey and your name is not Chase Utley, then you will be harassed. Werth made it clear how he felt about the Phils organization and fans. Enough with these attempts to gentrify the philly fan base.

  6. Werth didn’t follow the Philly sports guy playbook of stroking all of the thin skinned Philly fans’ egos with how awesome and knowledgeable they all are. God forbid he even said he wanted to beat them. 7 years later, people still boo? Lame. Let’s not forget Aaron rowand did the same thing – bolted Philly for a massive contract from the Giants. I guess running face first into a wall buys him a lifetime pass and no loser boo birds like werth

    1. i’m with this guy. Phillies fans who boo Werth are people who were most likely his biggest fans when he was here. But since he left those same people feel like a jilted lover and really booing because they’re hurt and still wish he had stayed. Werth can be kind of douche, but i loved him when he was here, and who can really blame him for signing that big deal with the Nats? Before signing here, his career was just about over because he could never stay healthy. They guy had some big years hitting in CBP and took the money when the time came. Good for him.

  7. Shows how uninformed BWanks is….or just clickbaiting. They don’t boo him because he took the huge deal. Of course he had to take that. They boo him because he’s kinda been a dick and there were whispers of him being a dick while he was still here.

  8. Millennials have no context nor credibility with anything that happened while I was approximately their age at the time of the occurrence of the story.

  9. Well said! I never got why people felt the need to boo him……EVERY TIME HE STEPPED TO THE PLATE. Does anyone ever think that maybe he became surly towards Philly (and us “passionate” fans) was because of the way we treated him?

  10. Nah bo, he’s a hate the face. He was never a philly guy. Imagine how much primos you would lose in that disgusting beard.

  11. Great post!! In his last year, Werth repeatedly said he would sign a long term contract at a discount with the Phillies. Genius Rube passed. Told him to go test the market and come back to him. Rube was shocked on what a team will pay for a “winner”.

  12. first of all, this exact same story/take was on Philly news yesterday! so now Kyle is paying guys to copy articles from another site?

    second of all, Werth was a douche when he left, said some things he shouldn’t have said, and all of us passionate, knowledgeable, Phillies fans, don’t forget…..obviously, no one cares that he took the money. btw, the Nats have not won a playoff series while he was there, so he better hope they do it this year

    third, did anyone really know why he was tipping his cap? there was like 12 people still in the stands and they probably thought he was trolling them, which wouldn’t be the first time

  13. i dont care that he took the money, but dont act like the nationals are that great. bounced in the first round every year. whats that get you? jack s hit.

  14. I loved what Werth did for us in 2008 and I can cheer him for that but I agree with the folks that said when Werth said: “I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again” + playing for a division rival that has been kicking our butts the past handful of years–definitely going to get some boos in South Philly…I don’t begrudge him signing that big contract with the Nationals though…

  15. Do we all forget that when Werthless was with the Phillies he was an ASSHOLE to the fans.. That’s why he gets booed!!

  16. “It has been a rough year for Werth” Oh boo freaking hoo! Yeah, that never happened to any other player at the end of his career. Werth is a piece of excrement who pi$$ed over Philly when he left. I don’t need a wet behind the ears, (who are you anyway?)blogger to tell me or any Philly fans who to boo or who to give a standing ovation to. So sorry we are an embarrassment to you; maybe you should move to St. Louis where their robotic Stepford fans would give a standing O to Jerry Sandusky if he had coached there.

  17. Werth signed the author’s bobblehead and he’ll never forget that even if Werth kicked him square in the balls to celebrate New Year’s at midnight December, 31st.

  18. I agree with Kyle other than the booing at his last at bat. But I say that in hind sight after knowing he just interviewed about the 2007 run and was feeling sentimental (hell I am feeling sentimental after reading the article he was interviewed about). Other than that last at bat he earned the booing for aforementioned reasons Kyle stated. Lastly to BWanks point about how great the Nats have been since he joined them compared to Phils? They have won ZERO playoff series.

  19. When Jason Werth a Phillie & contributing, yeah. When Werth on opposing team, boo. Not too difficult . Plus his ‘caveman beard’ blows.

  20. Sorry if this was explained somewhere in that long post, but I don’t have time to read anything by someone named B Wank.

    Fans boo Werth not because he took the money and ran (everyone would do the same), but because he felt it necessary to take a parting shot at Philly on his way to his big payday. For Werth, B Wank the Dumbass, or anyone else to think fans will forget that is just naive.

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