Sal Pal, the super serious reporter who brought you hits such as “Do The Deal,” a borderline marketing slogan for which he had a sports talk radio station make t-shirts, was on 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday for his contractually mandated appearance with Mike Missanelli. The topic quickly turned toward Mike Lombardi’s comments about Doug Pederson, which are so beneath the likes of Sal Pal, himself an exalted being who operates on another plane from us peons:

“It’s a clickbait world. You’re just trying to say something that will get a reaction. That’s hyperbolic to the extreme… well, I mean, Mike, I’m offering critical analysis, game-by-game, play-by-play, player-to-player, matchup-to-matchup, 16 weeks and then into the postseason.* I’m not into making these broad-stroke, over-the-top comments where you have an extreme view that is very difficult to back up.”

*Sal Pal is also the king of saying nothing and using a lot of words to do it.

Noted. Sal Pal doesn’t dabble in clickbait hyperbole.

One minute later – I shit you not – Missanelli asked him about the Eagles’ Week 1 game against the Redskins. Mr. Friend made sure not to make a broad-stroke comment:

“You and I have said this before, and I will say it right now, Tuesday, Week 1, and I know you’re gonna agree with me, this is a must-win game, Mike. 2000%, Michael. I. Agree. With. You. This is a must win. This is a prove it to me, Doug Pederson.”

Ah yes, the ol’ Week 1 must-win, on the road. Surely no team has ever bounced back from a Week 1 road loss. Might as well just fold up and go home if the Eagles don’t pull it out.

Sal Pal is the master of overinflated clickbait takes. Sure, maybe he doesn’t fully excoriate coaches the way Lombardi did, but he couldn’t even make it the rest of the segment without being ridiculous. The call continued with more of Sal Pal being Sal Pal– just overstating everything and using as many words as he could to do it.

Mind you, this must-win topic isn’t just Sal Pal’s musing– IT’S 97.5’S TOPIC OF THE DAY!

When I made fun of the midday show for using Mike’s and Sal’s stupid discussion as a topic, they were quick to point out that they actually started all of this idiocy yesterday:

I… wouldn’t be proud of that.