Sal Pal Is So Full of Shit

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Sal Pal, the super serious reporter who brought you hits such as “Do The Deal,” a borderline marketing slogan for which he had a sports talk radio station make t-shirts, was on 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday for his contractually mandated appearance with Mike Missanelli. The topic quickly turned toward Mike Lombardi’s comments about Doug Pederson, which are so beneath the likes of Sal Pal, himself an exalted being who operates on another plane from us peons:

“It’s a clickbait world. You’re just trying to say something that will get a reaction. That’s hyperbolic to the extreme… well, I mean, Mike, I’m offering critical analysis, game-by-game, play-by-play, player-to-player, matchup-to-matchup, 16 weeks and then into the postseason.* I’m not into making these broad-stroke, over-the-top comments where you have an extreme view that is very difficult to back up.”

*Sal Pal is also the king of saying nothing and using a lot of words to do it.

Noted. Sal Pal doesn’t dabble in clickbait hyperbole.

One minute later – I shit you not – Missanelli asked him about the Eagles’ Week 1 game against the Redskins. Mr. Friend made sure not to make a broad-stroke comment:

“You and I have said this before, and I will say it right now, Tuesday, Week 1, and I know you’re gonna agree with me, this is a must-win game, Mike. 2000%, Michael. I. Agree. With. You. This is a must win. This is a prove it to me, Doug Pederson.”

Ah yes, the ol’ Week 1 must-win, on the road. Surely no team has ever bounced back from a Week 1 road loss. Might as well just fold up and go home if the Eagles don’t pull it out.

Sal Pal is the master of overinflated clickbait takes. Sure, maybe he doesn’t fully excoriate coaches the way Lombardi did, but he couldn’t even make it the rest of the segment without being ridiculous. The call continued with more of Sal Pal being Sal Pal– just overstating everything and using as many words as he could to do it.

Mind you, this must-win topic isn’t just Sal Pal’s musing– IT’S 97.5’S TOPIC OF THE DAY!

When I made fun of the midday show for using Mike’s and Sal’s stupid discussion as a topic, they were quick to point out that they actually started all of this idiocy yesterday:

I… wouldn’t be proud of that.


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  1. I love how you talk shut on sports talk radio when 75% of your shitty website revolves around you regurgitating something a host said. Your whole job is responding to “takes”

      1. so if the eagles lose the first game then win 12 of the next 15 and win the division by 2 games, was it still a must win?

  2. so if their content is trash, and your content is covering their content, what does that make you?

  3. Shouldn’t you know by now that 97.5 CANNOT do shows without the use of their idiotic Twitter polls? Their show prep is one question, take a poll, and choose a side for 8-10 hours

    1. Plus its 1000000 times better than whatever lame shit Kyle and his rubes put out. Steven R was spot on. I agree SalPal is a joke too but jeezus have some self awareness

    2. sal pal is a pompous garlic eating swine… full of himself….I wish jonny marks would teabag him in front of the linc at 12 noon on gameday.

  4. Kyle, you and the podcast have crawled so far into the minds of those at 97.5 it is hilarious. It’s clear as day that Jamie Lynch “the bro” is so butt hurt by your comments and takes. Keep up the good work.

    1. I actually heard MM take a potshot at Crossing Broad during the sound off segment at 5:45…..of course, Myrtetus pulled his head out of Mikes ass just long enough to snicker…..

  5. Not sure how Sal Pal survived the ESPN purge of the past 2 years. He’s been mailing it in for a long time.

  6. This site offers no value anymore Kyle. Ok, maybe a few dozen people will sign up for the subscription, but at 34$ a year is that really enough to stay afloat? The investment will dry up quickly and you will need to lay off the extra writers, and this site will go back to the old ways. The majority of audience that CB appeals to is not people that are willing to pay every month for an extra 5 articles. The issue of no value is…well your articles are being written by fans. They have about the same insight as me…another fan. What makes me give 2 shits about their opinion? If I wanted another fan’s opinion, I would talk to one of my coworkers. The writers have no credibility for their opinions, and offer nothing at all that I cannot see for myself. They are not out covering practice, or interviewing players. I wish you best of luck but I feel sorry for your investors.

      1. Seriously what extra information are you really going to exclusively get for signing up for that crap? Its laughable. Information is freely available

  7. I saw Amy Fadool on tv last night. Is it me or does it seems like she put on weight again. She had recently looked better but the dress she wore last night definitely showed her gain.

  8. Kyle might be less qualified to run a website than anyone I’ve ever seen in my 30-plus years in the hot-take business.

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