The Houston Texans Pulled Josh Innes’ Credential

pic via Innes' Twitter

Questions should be asked of the Houston Texans after their season opening 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Josh Innes will not be the one doing it, since the former 94 WIP afternoon host had this credential yanked by the organization.

He tweeted this during Sunday’s beat down:

According to the Houston Chronicle, Innes’ producer, Jim Mudd (who also had his cred pulled), was broadcasting live reports from a Texans practice that was open to the public:

“After being informed by a team media representative that he could not talk on the phone while on the sidelines, Mudd continued talking live with Innes on the air outside the gate to the practice field and later from the spectator section.

The Texans’ media policy, a copy of which is posted on the team’s website and which is referenced on credentials, prohibits live broadcasts from practice, including the use of social media, and the broadcast of live interviews on social media.”

Seems kind of dumb, but I’ve been there before.

I was ripped to shreds by Phillies PR back in the day for taking a still photo of Jonathan Papelbon while six video cameras were recording him.

Anyway, the Chronicle asked for comment from Innes, who said that the Texans acted “randomly and arbitrarily” in their response:

“We were providing entertainment for our audience. We were trying to give information,” he said. “… Were people amused by it? Yes. My objective is to make people laugh, have a good show, don’t take ourselves seriously.”

Innes was let go by WIP last August after a weird series of events that saw him criticize competitor 97.5 the Fanatic with a Tweet some viewed as racially insensitive. He returned to Houston as morning show host at KBME 790 AM.

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25 Responses

    1. Why do the stations mimic each other every segment. 15 seconds of fame, The rant line. Just do straight sports talk. Don’t need the other bullshit with football and soon basketball and hockey.

  1. Tries to lose every job he has. Josh doesn’t have the addictions that Artie has. He just let’s his mouth do the talking. I thought he was great here. He never filtered or held back on anything or anyone. Unfortunately on radio that only works so long before you step on enough toes and suddenly your on your sofa out of a job.

  2. Joe decamara has never had sex with a women!!! Dude is a 40 year old virgin. We all laugh at joe behind his back

    1. Maybe Joe is just waiting for the right time to tell you all that he’s exclusively into booty gymnastics, and was worried of being mocked for living an alternative lifestyle.

    2. This is true. Joe is a good guy, just really awkward. Spuds told me that Joe D is hung like a field mouse.

  3. I miss Innes. He brought a refreshing take on things. Shook things up. Now, it’s the same hosts jumping from ship to ship

    1. No, he will have a hard time making it in radio because he is a loudmouth douche with a thin skin who can dish it out but can’t take it.

  4. I miss big josh on the radio in philly. He was the last host that had me loling through the belly

  5. Josh was fucking hilliarous. Still laugh how he would make fun of the fellows & the fake cuz segment.
    What the fuck ever happened to his podcast

    1. “fake cuz” is probably the greatest thing i’ve ever heard on sports radio. Innes totally clowned that phony tough guy, and it also didn’t give Hollis Thomas much of a chance to interject with his stuttering nonsensical BS. I don’t even think Hollis though it was funny, he just sat there awkwardly which was great.

      1. Did he? I only listened to his first show, which was a disaster. He never got it together after that guy Ray called in and destroyed Josh.

  6. You know, the high-yellow with the hair like cotton candy? Played for the 49ers I believe .

  7. Innes doesn’t seem to be in danger of losing his job over this, just his access to the team. No huge deal for someone with his style. Innes does self destruct though, so I doubt this will be the last of his troubles.

    I do miss him though. Right now the only ones I can stomach for more than ten minutes are Eskin and Ricardo.

  8. Blake’s have taken over EVERYTHING yet still bitch & moan ! Jemele Hill, Michael BENNETT LeBron, Michael Wilbon with OUTRIGHT RACIST behavior but nothing is done. Should a CAUCASIAN person make a comment deemed unaccepted, he/she is FIRED, first time, see the Great JIMMY THE GREEK ! Yet these monkeys say whatever they wish and sit back…” Y’all Whiteys aint touchin me “! It’s all GONE TO FAR ! They are hailed as being great when they molest little boys ( m Jackson) or OD on Coke ( Whitney ). NEVER CALLED WHAT THEY ARE ! Two AAs on WIP Like GHETTO DO DAT like DAT Reese, and mumbling, stuttering fatness Hollis. Neither should be on ANY RADIO, but they is AA with Affirm Action AA, so…

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