Colin Cowherd and Ryen Russillo Hate on the Sixers

I regret to inform you that Colin Cowherd, noted Philadelphia hater, is back hating on Philadelphia. Just two damn days.

This time, he’s trashing the Sixers. Specifically, bashing the “kids” on the Sixers:

The over/under on the Philadelphia 76ers…is 40 games. This team ain’t winning 40 games, even in the miserable East.

Look at the age of their roster, it’s kids. I don’t even get it. They have one old pure shooter (J.J. Redick), they have two often injured big men (Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor), they have several kids, and virtually no chemistry because they keep turning over this roster.

Who would Cowherd rather have: Carl Landry or Markelle Fultz. Probably the former.

But that’s not the worst of it:

It’s not as good as the Laker roster, and [Vegas] got the Lakers at 33 in the West, over/under…[The Sixers] make the Lakers look like the Cavaliers.

The Lakers will probably have a lineup of Lonzo, $17 million man Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, and Brook Lopez. I don’t think a lineup of Simmons, Fultz, Redick, Covington, and Embiid makes the Lakers look unstoppable.

This is your friendly reminder that Fox pivoted to video for crap like this.

If you weren’t mad over that, we have more, which might be even worse! From Ryen Russillo:

They’re probably gonna stink, okay? Like we need to get over the excitement of all of these new pieces… 30 games maybe? In what world have we just penciled in a team where two guys have never played before in Fultz and Simmons, and Embiid who’s still a huge question mark?

If I were the Sixers, I would trade Embiid. I’m not giving him this massive contract…Young teams aren’t good in this league, and two guys haven’t never even played in it yet, and the other guy can’t even stay on the court.

What a scorching hot take. Trade Embiid, probably one of the top centers in the league when healthy. And he would want to trade him over Okafor? Would he want to keep Kris Humphries too?

That blows Cowherd’s Lakers-Cavs comment out of the water.

Sometimes, embracing debate can be bad.


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  1. Fultz scares me . Looks lost without the ball and not developed enough to hang with the big boys .
    Reminds me of shaggy p which is scary. Couple beers deep right now making these here pound

    1. He’s going to take time to develop, but who cares? We are going to be having so much fun watching Ben Simmons that we will barely notice it.

  2. You say hate, I say being rational and realistic. Both videos, everything said, minus trading embiid, sounded pretty on the mark with me. They won 19 last year, correct? Doubling your win total is damn near unheard of. What the Sixers do have is a reason to watch now.

    1. i think they won 28 last year, 10 the year before when Okafor and Noel were pretty much the only young guys worth watching….and covington i guess. They won 18 and 19 games the first two years with Hinkie.

    2. Lol. They won 28 games last year, my man. You think saying they’re going to win 30 games is “rational and realistic?” They won 28 games with only 31 games from Embiid and now have Simmons, Fultz, Redick, Amir Johnson and Furkan Korkmaz in the mix. Not to mention the East got worse with George, Milsapp and Jimmy Butler all leaving their respective teams. And you think the Sixers will only win 2 more games than they did last year? Okay.

  3. These are not the hot takes you’re making them out to be. Embiid hasn’t played a healthy season of basketball in his life. There seems to be this growing sentiment that signing him to a long term big money deal is a no-brainer when it’s actually a huge risk. IDK about trading him, because nobody can trust his health and it would be near impossible to find the right deal for either side. Pretty much all rookies struggle. Simmons has an advantage on most rookies this year because he has already been around for a year and also his size/speed combination is a great equalizer to balance out his inexperience and lack of outside scoring. People need to pump the brakes on this idea he will be Lebron 2.0 this year. Conversely, people also need to pump the brakes on the “Markelle is Evan Turner 2.0” crap. He’s a 19 year old kid who looked like a 19 year old kid in the debut. The stat line was hideous, but he did some good things like splitting double team and getting to the rim at will, but he just ain’t used to being greeted by grown ass men at the rim when he gets there. That’ll change over the course of the season as he grows up more. If he’s still shooting 2-13 on the regular in 2018 then i’ll start to worry. Saying this team won’t make the playoffs, even in the dreadful east, isn’t a hot take though.

    1. yes but suggesting they trade embiid is both a scorching hot, and insanely dumb take

  4. These opinions really aren’t that off the wall from someone who is unbiased. Let me ask you this … answer honestly … if this roster was the Celtics would you not be saying Fultz sucks and Embiid will never play?

    P.s. Simmons is leaving when his deal is up.

  5. The NBA is an awful product. ESPN just blows it up because they have the TV rights.

    This is like when NASCAR was popular because of ESPN. All of a sudden people loved NASCAR. ESPN stopped telling people to love it and they stopped.

    The NBA is awful.

  6. The problem with projecting so much on the Sixers is that young teams don’t win. Out of the 10 youngest teams in the league, 3 made it to the playoffs; OKC, Portland by the skin of their teeth and the Bucks. The difference between them and everyone else is Westbrook, Liliard and Giannis — players that have developed from potential stars into actual stars. The Sixers have potential stars that have to take their lumps before they grow.

    Out of the 10 oldest teams, 7 teams made the playoffs – complete flip.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Sixers will be improved, but I don’t see 40 wins in their future. That’s not a knock on them, but a testament to how difficult the league is with just raw talent. Sometimes it’s not the time on the court, sometimes it’s the maturity to follow through on keeping your body healthy for 82 games, sometimes it’s making sure you’re resting properly; all of the stuff the vets do to extend their game shows up in the 4th quarter when those young bouncy legs start to not be so bouncy.

    There’s a reason why Memphis can weather the storm year after year in a crowded west with half the raw talent of the sixers. Because they know how to win and they don’t get rattled.

  7. I thought Russillo was an ESPN employee? Or did they finally let him go after his drunken naked arrest last month?

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