Colin Cowherd Trashes Philly Fans Over Andy Reid, Terry Francona and Jay Wright

I’ll say one thing about Colin Cowherd– bashing Philly is his shtick and he… shticks with it (sorry). But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an asshole who will happily dismiss facts or even basic observation to take a shot when given the chance, which is exactly what he did today when he bashed Philly fans because he was in need of clicks and knows that nothing will bring them out more than taking aim at the smartest, most engaged fans in the country:

“The dumbest sports city in America because they ran Andy Reid out of town. This is amazing. Andy Reid’s won 60% of his NFL games, with average to below average quarterbacks [editor’s note: yeah, we caught the shot at Donovan McNabb, it wasn’t that subtle].”

“But this is what Philly does. The Phillies had Terry Francona. They ran him out of town. He’s the best manager in baseball. He wins everywhere.”

Say what you want about us. We have a lot of faults. But this is the smartest sports city on the planet. No other fan base knows the game better, in any sport. No other fan base fills a stadium across the country. No other fan base has 8,000 people show up to an intra-squad NBA scrimmage. No other fan base spends four days discussing the merits of a meaningless fourth down call. We’re different here. Maybe not better. But different. We’re smart, from the most hardened Flyers mongrel to the rich guy sitting courtside, we know and understand the game better than anyone. And if you want to know why Andy Reid was run out of town – besides four seasons without a playoff win and a 4-12 record in his last one – look no further than Reid nearly bungling a game-winning field goal opportunity with his rookie kicker when mass confusion almost led to a delay of game penalty and then resulted in the Chiefs leaving time on the clock after the kick.

Those are the sorts of things that eat away at you over the years until you eventually say ENOUGH and show up outside the practice facility carrying signs. Just wait. Just wait until the Chiefs are 12-4 and blow a 10-point fourth quarter lead to the Patriots at home in the playoffs and then you’ll see what we saw for all those years. Great coach, yes, arguably. But one with flaws that may prove too great to overcome to win a Super Bowl? You bet. Also, it’s really hard to take aim at a fan base over their judgement of a coach when the last time you did it was over Chip Kelly* and that didn’t work out so well.

*Yes, I agreed with him.

And Terry Francona? Really? No one cared. The Phillies were dreadful. Using Francona as an argument against Philly fans would be like citing the rom com years when judging the merits of Matthew McConaughey’s career. I mean, sure, it could’ve been better, but wouldn’t you have wanted to hop on top of Jennifer Garner in the late oughts? A mere footnote to what’s otherwise been a great run.

Colin Cowherd is simply an unmitigated asshole. Wait… what’s this?

“Oh they did it with Jay Wright at Villanova. Rollie Massimino won a National Championship. They gave the job to Jay Wright. He’s won 71% of his games. In the last three years, he’s the winningest program in college basketball. It’s got tough academics. It’s not big and large and profound like North Carolina. It’s a small private school in Philly, which has a number of good college basketball programs in the region. And they’ve been on Jay Wright before he won that title for years. Are you people crazy? You ran Andy Reid out of town. You ran Terry Francona out of town. Jay Wright’s one of the top 5 coaches in college basketball, you’re on him constantly.”

Cowherd is a genius!


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    1. Yup. The Eagles WON 4 NFC titles, Weight succeeded Massiminio at Villanova, Reid won with mediocre Quarterbacks (aka McNabb), FRancona had a 44% winning % here,the “jail” was 15 years ago, and Philly was the US capitol while DC was being built. the list is endless,

      You’re as much a moron as he is.

  1. I usually think that this fan base is over sensitive to the outside sports world. But this has to be the dumbest sports rant of all time. Were we supposed to give Reid 30 years to win? He had 14 years and didn’t complete the job. He’s still the best HC in Eagles history (sorry Buddy fans). And the Francona thing is the dumbest part of the whole rant. He was a horrible manager here. And the Phillies WON A WORLD SERIES AFTER HE LEFT!. With that being said, Cowherd is a FOX sports guy, desperate for ratings, so why not fire up a big sports fan base. He is getting attention so I guess he wins here.

    1. He’s playing a pot-stirring role — just like a pro wrestler playing the bad guy heel. It’s scripted — he probably has a schedule planned in advance on what topic he will take a dump on next. It works. Next time don;t even cover it, talk about it, link to it.

  2. His ratings must really be taking a hit. So much so that he needs to insult Philly because he know’s it’ll result in views and clicks. Most people in this city could produce better content than he currently does.

  3. Cowherd ripped on esports a year or two ago and then got OWNED the next day by Gordon Hayward…

    They are the future and men like Cowherd are washed up.

  4. Who gives a rats ass what CowTURD says or thinks!!! Seriously, who gives a shit.

  5. Shitting on Philly fans for running Terry Francona out of town is like shitting on Philly fans for running Pete Mackanin out of town.

    Baseball managers are irrelevant, except those on playoff teams, who are almost irrelevant.

  6. You are obviously an asshole who doesn’t have a clue ! The fans in Philly are the most passionate , knowledgable fans on the country. How about you check the fact that 70% of the tickets sold for the Eagles Chargers ere Eagles fans that traveled to LA! Check out the Miami Ragles Monday night game in Miami ! 26000 Eagle fans traveled. It was like a home game. We supported the Sixers even when they tanked for years! The Flyers have always sold out or damn close . The Phillies still get a respectable crowd. One thing I can tell you is you won’t find an empty seat in any of the 4 sports during the playoffs. How about you rip Atlanta where I walked up to the window in the playoffs and bought tickets behind the plate 3rd row for face value at the box office! How about ripping the Dodger fans who show up in the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th? They are not real fans! Philly fans are, Cub fans are, Red Sox fans are. You are an uneducated moron who should be fired for your ineptness !

  7. I didn’t realize “Sean from the Dirty 30” did the hiring and firing in this town?

    Lurie “ran Reid out of town”

    Giles and Middleton “ran Francona out of town”

    Jay Wright could probably burn an American flag at the corner of City Ave and Lancaster, and he would be cheered.

    Cowherd is a carnival barker cut from the same cloth as Cataldi, another carpetbagger who will say anything for attention

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