Mike Missanelli Admitted That He Was Fired From His 6 ABC Gig For Comments About Beth Mowins

Mike Missanelli took calls on the Cam Newton fiasco yesterday. This is a topic that’s right in his wheelhouse. Perhaps it is his wheelhouse, since he had to admit that he was fired from his 6 ABC show because of comments he made about ESPN broadcaster Beth Mowins a few weeks ago:

“Now, full disclosure, I gotta tell this, because I haven’t told it, and no one has asked me about it… but I had a regular appearance on Channel 6 on Sports Sunday. And I had made a comment, if you remember, three weeks ago about Beth Mowins, and what I was trying to do, actually, was trying stimulate conversation, and sometimes you get trapped into trying to stimulate conversation on touchy subjects. So what I said was why do we feel the need to have a female play-by-play announcer. Now, I said it to stimulate conversation, but I was wrong in saying it. And I walked the comment back almost immediately, if you remember, Andrew. I said I was out of line for saying that. But what happened was a lot of haters blew it up on social media, and I was dismissed from the Channel 6 gig. Now I have nobody to blame but myself. Did I think it was a harsh result? Yeah, I do think it was a harsh result. But I was the one who said it, so I took the heat basically. And there are some things you can’t do these days. So I accept full responsibility. And I was out. Just like that. Because what I didn’t realize is that Channel 6 is owned by Disney, which owns ESPN, and I had mentioned an ESPN broadcaster. And I had a lot of fun doing that show, and I thought it was a good show. But that’s the way it goes.”

His comment about “trying to stimulate conversation” goes exactly to our critique of sports talk radio in general– saying something you don’t think or mean just to drum up calls. Now whether or not Mike actually meant it or not is a different story, but he co-hosted the 6 ABC show with Jamie Apody, which probably didn’t help things.

Here’s what Missanelli said about Mowins before later walking it back:

Missanelli: “I don’t know why the sporting world needs a female play-by-play person on an NFL game. And I know that sounds harsh, and I just want to know what is the reason for it? Do you have any thoughts on that, Andrew?”

Missanelli: “Here’s my rationale for that: women don’t grow up playing football. Now, I understand that women also don’t grow up playing baseball and that Jessica whatever her name is does a really good job, not as a play-by-play person, but as an analyst.

Salciunas: “Jessica Mendoza.”

Missanelli: “Mendoza, yes. So I don’t know if I’m out of line by presenting that. I’m just curious as to why we need to have a woman call an NFL game. Now I know she’s called many college games, uh, I don’t know, maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.”

Salciunas: “I just want to give my rebuttal real quick. Do you think Sean McDonough ever played a down of football in his life?”

Missanelli: “I don’t know if he did or not. Um, but, I think that he… see, I would have to understand how Beth Mowins grew up, if she grew up following football and, um, you know, I don’t know. Sean McDonough as a guy is more in-tuned with football than a woman would be, in my opinion. Now, I know people are saying I can’t believe he’s saying that, he’s usually liberal. And usually I am, and I’m feeling kind of hinky bringing this up, I just don’t understand why there is the need for it.”

Missanelli: “It just to me sounds unnatural for her to be calling the NFL. Now, in college, it sounds sort of unnatural as well. But I can live with college. But this is prime time, Monday Night Football. I didn’t catch a lot of the game. Was she good? If she did a good job, then I’m wrong.”

Stimulate calls or real opinion? You be the judge.

That social media backlash, in case you were wondering, came after our post. This is awkward.


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  1. Remember everyone – the same guy raising his fist for “black power” in the end-zone to bring attention to a country that, in his opinion, disrespects, discriminates against and basically labels people of color in unfair ways made a comment that literally disrespected, discriminated against and labeled a reporter because she was a female. That should tell you all you need to know about the authenticity of the anthem “protests” and what is behind it all. News flash – there’s nothing behind it. It’s PR. That’s it.

    1. Kyle, can we get the numbers to your podcast? When you first launched, you were shoving them down in our face, now nothing….Just wondering since you obviously know how the industry works. I’ll hang up and listen.

      1. Kyle – when are you going to take Martinez up on his offer and try to fill a few hours on air? Seems a bit hypocritical to kill the radio guys for doing it and when they challenge you to fill 4 hours you pull a cowboys fan after a loss.

    2. You are a moron because one nitwit is not “everyone” and to throw every sincere protester under the bus because of one or even a few fools demonstrates your stupidity.

    1. If i remember correctly, MIssenlli had a daughter Keira.
      I think she was replaced with KYle Lazcowski because the purty pink dresses fit better on her.

  2. People are better shutting their cake hole so that no one gets their “feelings hurt”.
    Get a thicker skin for crying out loud and quit taking things so personal.
    This is all just an extension of the “I’m the victim…let see what i can get out of it…..
    maybe some attention…of a job…etc” liberal mentality.

    1. I think it’s funny that all the same people telling everybody that “everybody is too sensitive!!1!!” are the same people getting all sensitive about what people are doing during our National Anthem.

      I’ve been at games where people are buying beer during the National Anthem, trying to find their seat during the National Anthem and taking a leak during the National Anthem. Didn’t hear a word about how disrespectful they were being. These players aren’t protesting the Anthem…they’re raising awareness to an issue that needs to be addressed. I’d say taking a piss during the Anthem is much more disrespectful than taking a knee, no?

      Who’s being over sensitive now snowflake?!?

      1. Why snot nosed fucks like you have to have everything explained to them?
        you’re not worth my time.

        1. Because you’re a pussy snowflake. And you can’t convey your opinion monosyllabicly enough to make any sense. Moron!

      2. Ifn they aren’t protesting the anthem well then they shouldnt protest (“raise awareness”) during the anthem .

  3. Definitely real opinion. Mike is and has always been a total d-bag. Never understood his appeal. Steve and Mike was a great show because Steve O kept petulant Mike in his place.

  4. I don’t think by any means his comments warranted a firing. He felt that way. I think more than admit it do. How can you have a talk show without opinions? However how on earth did he not realize disney owns espn and abc.., who doesn’t know that… is there anyone? Every article that mentioned the espn firings mentioned disney and abc… he had to be interested when people in his industry are getting fired and downsized.. seriously he didn’t know!!!??

    1. he “didn’t know” that someone was calling in to his show and pretending to be black….gimme a break, he knew Espn was owned by Disney, who also owned ABC, and he knew that there was a prank caller. It’s just an easy out, and he is full of shit. I get it, he doesn’t get why we need a female broadcaster, but what he also doesn’t get is that perhaps this woman really wanted to give it a try and felt she was being held back by the old boyss network, so they gave her a shot.

    1. Yeah I fuqed up and own that. I usually check before posting stuff like that just to confirm, that time I didn’t and look what happened. I heard 19 in one of the videos and went with it.
      Knowing now that they won 28, reaching 40 this season is a lot more attainable. It all depends on how fast and well the team gels, along with embiids availability.

  5. Yup… all the “haters” out there… it’s our fault… just like you said douchebag. That’s the way it goes…

  6. Las Vegas Police Prove Michael Bennett Lied About Racism Charges
    Funny how the main stream media (CNN / ESPN / MSNBC) is quiet as a mouse about what a fraud liar RACE BAITER Michael Bennett is. It is unbelievable…..and really SAD, actually.

    1. When and where did he ever admit he was wrong? Did he send it out on Twitter – just like he did when he sent out all of those horrible BS lies? Seriously, I haven’t heard word one about him admitting he was wrong. Please explain.

  7. PC culture is the worst.

    Beth Mowins was poor, simple as that. Her voice and her takes were cringeworthy. Protected by the PC shield. I feel bad for Mike.. those comments were not offensive. The guy didn’t say women shouldn’t be announcers. He questioned whether they could relate to a sport/scenario they were never involved in growing up. I don’t comment on skiing or softball because I never played, but I’ve watched.. I can’t relate. Beth Mowins never played football, she’s watched from afar. It’s a perfectly legitimate question. Why does ESPN have to force a female announcer into the booth? Again, she was poor. That’s the fact of the matter.

    1. Yeah I mean Al Michaels was an all pro LB 5 straight years and also had a hat trick in the ’68 Olympic Bronze medal game vs Switzerland
      Remember when Joe Buck hit safely in 40 straight games that one year?
      Or that time Jim Nantz went to a playoff with Palmer at Augusta?


      1. The only Joe Buck hit is the hair implant guy when his shit his hair plugs didn’t take.

    2. Half of the NFL announcers (and other sports) never played the game either.
      So yoru lame argument is just that……..L-A-M-E.
      Quit using this msg brd as a place to give Missinelli a handjob when he deserves
      what he got.

      Yeah and Jim Nantz won the grand slam of golf in 1968 and 1969 and thats why he announces the masters.

    3. And flag-humping snowflakes butthurt over people exercising their first amendment rights… Yeah, PC is the worst.

      1. Badge- [email protected] off and die, nagger. Mikey Miss needs to be fired after that hypocritical piece of $hit called for Riley Cooper to be fired all season. Miss is a complete douche.

  8. Another fake story: LeBron James LA house vandalized with racist graffiti at start of NBA finals. Totally made up……yet no one talks about it.

  9. Life was better when the daily news was 50 cents and there were those happy people at the Phillies chomping at the bit to take your photos.

  10. All I fucking know that when I watch football I want to see nothing but holier than thou talking heads talking about anything but football throughout the pregame, half time, and post game!

  11. Its hilarious that all this pc society bullsht that the left has created is now backfiring on the same people who push for “awareness”…..Mike needs to hang it up….

  12. Nothing more annoying when 97.5 have kneeling shows . Best thing about the cuz is he doesn’t talk about that nonsense & sticks to sports . Liberal pussies

    1. If you dont like it, then change the station, “Snowflake”…. Quit being so sensitive, puss

      1. All I know is normal people don’t want that shit jammed in their face . Liberal losers like mike miss needs to stop jamming LGBT rights & , kneeling for the brothers in people’s faces

  13. Mike has mailed it in for the last couple of years. Ever since Innes was fired, he has lost interest. He literally talks about the same thing every day every week unless he feels like defending “the brothas” as he likes to call them like somehow that’s not racist.

    1. I hope players take a knee after every play. So you snowflake GOPtards can cry about being PC. Pussy fuckstick!

      1. Badge- Come talk that BLM $hit with your little bullhonr, calling us all crakers and [pigs, in the back lots of the Link tomorrow. Ee’ll see who the real pussies are. You naggers are only tough when you’re in a pack and your victims are unwilling to fight or unarmed.

  14. Mike had to grab every dollar on the way to retirement. He’s very well paid by his radio gig. The station will have serious rating problems when he retires. Can’t believe for a few extra bucks someone would want to drag their ass after watching football on Sunday or coming back from Sea Isle during the Summer to work 15-20 minutes on TV once a week. I’ll tell you flat out he was earning no more than 35-40K. Is it that big a deal when your taking down
    $500K. It would be impossible for the station to pay him anymore than $35-40K because if they did what are they paying their daily sports anchors who are two nightly sports segments a night. If your at age 60 don’t you want to enjoy your life. Your working 5 days a week 4 hours a day. Getting up early to do crosstalk with the morning guy. It’s not like Mike was starving with his afternoon shift.

  15. He seriously went with the “ESPN is owned by Disney” excuse? I think he may be losing it. They fired him because his comment was idiotic. To say someone can’t call a game for a sport they never played is possibly the stupidest thing you can say considering most play by play people never played the sport they call. Does he think anyone at ESPN headquarters know him? I bet the executives were glued to his show every day.

  16. Also it’s funny to hear him say he likes to “stimulate conversation” but spent a good portion of his show yesterday vehemently denying ever saying stuff just for ratings purposes. It’s the same thing old man.

  17. Why is it that a Talk Show Host would be punished for expressing an opinion? Isnt that the very purpose of the position- the only reason that he has a microphone as the main tool for his job? So what if you agree or not with his statement- that is what makes good conversation! The guy spoke a thought- made an observation- HAD AN OPINION! It’s like if you went into a bakery and it smelled like a car repair shop- or if you accidently stepped on your cats tail it it let out a bark, or you picked up a pillow and it was heavy & hard.. It could cause you to respond- to possibly think “thats odd”, and if your job was to entertain with spoken words, maybe you would mention that thought- not necessarily in a condescending way, but just as a topic for discussion…… a thought. Damn! talk about Politically Correct getting out of control…….

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