Excuse my language here: A radio fuckface went on a long rant about how Roy Halladay deserved to die because of the way he was flying.

Michael Felger, of 98.5 in Boston, called Halladay a “moron” and an “idiot” and said he had no sympathy for him.

Awful Announcing captured the audio and transcribed portions of it:

“It angers me. Someone, who, I don’t know, is so cavalier about life and just doesn’t appreciate the tenuousness of life and is willing to screw around with life and death? Especially when you have children, or a family?”

“You’ve got to get your rocks off by whatever it is you do that cheats death.”

“That guy’s like the bad guy to me. You’ve got a family! And you’re going to screw around in a little toy plane?”

“When this guy went down in the plane yesterday, I said, ‘I don’t know the details, but hopefully this isn’t JFK Jr., somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing, screwing around with a plane and killing himself for all intents and purposes.’ And it just sort of angers me. You care that little about your life? About the life of your family? Your little joyride is that important to you that you’re going to risk just dying?”

“You’re a multimillionaire with a loving family, and to you, you have to go get that thing where you can divebomb from 100 feet to five above the water with your single-engine plane with your hand out the window. ‘Wheee! Wheee! Yeah, man, look at the G-force on this! I’m Maverick! Pew pew pew! Yeah, man, look at this, this is so cool.’ And you die! Splat!”

“He’s not a militarily-trained pilot, he’s not a professionally-trained pilot, he’s a Joe Q. Citizen who buys a plane that folds up and you can put in your garage and that’s amphibious, ‘Wheee! Oh look, I just landed on the water, everybody! I’m going to tweet it!’ Splat. You’re dead. With two kids. Moron.”

“I find it offensive that you’re that cavalier about life. That it’s more important that you’re going to get your rocks off.”

“As a 40-year-old grown-ass man, you’re still doing that, to the point where you’ve got to get in planes and race cars and all that crap? I’m sorry, dude, you’re on your own. I’ve got no sympathy for you.”

“I don’t want to blame the plane for the fact that the guy (a test pilot who was killed) wanted to dive-bomb through mountains! You idiot! ‘Yeah, let’s dive-bomb through mountains! Cause it’s cool, and I’m going to put my hand out the window! And I’m going to tweet it!’ Splat! That ain’t the plane’s fault. This thing that Halladay was doing, diving from 100 feet to five…idiot. Oh god.”

“We’ve all done things we look back and regret. Like taking the little planes to Nantucket that have professional pilots. But they’re single-engine little Cessnas and sometimes the pilot’s like a 19-year old gal. ‘Gah! What am I doing!’”

This is classless and disgusting. However, a nugget of truth is going to get lost in his phrasing. I agree with his take that thrill seekers can selfishly impact many lives to get their jollies. I’m angry over what happened. A guy like that, with a family, and it’s all gone in an instant. Was it worth it? Some would tell you yes, but there are countless ways to get a thrill without hurtling toward the water in an amphibious craft.

In 2014, after Halladay joked that he wanted to do a flyover at CBP while Cole Hamels pitched the home opener, I wrote the following and never wished to have been more wrong:

Is anyone else concerned that Roy’s apparent obsession with flying won’t end well? Athletes and planes scare me. Their egos are too big for a craft that requires you to defer to nature’s greatest rarities and Murphy’s Law.

Halladay is the third person to crash an ICON A5 – including its chief engineer – of which there may be fewer than 100 ever made. The plane itself is highly sophisticated, but perhaps too much so– it inspires this kind of flying:

Was Halladay just asking for it, or did the plane and its manufacturer encourage this kind of flying? Last month, ICON issued guidelines for flying at low altitude, which it defines as under 300 feet. Obviously, Halladay was way lower than that, which according to the manufacture is acceptable following the completion of certain training courses, which it would seem that Halladay did since he worked closely with ICON and flew their demo plane.

Whatever the case, there is no way to describe this as anything other than a tragedy, regardless of who was at fault. Fuck this guy and his exposed chest hair.