Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

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Is this what it feels like to enjoy being a sports fan?

Less than 24 hours after the Eagles crushed the Cowboys 37-9 on national television, the Sixers earned a commanding 107-86 win over the Utah Jazz on Monday night in front of a large crowd at the Wells Fargo Center. Ben Simmons led all scorers with 27 points to go along with his 10 rebounds. Additionally, Joel Embiid was a game-time decision, but did give it a a go. He played 27 minutes and dropped 15 points and 11 rebounds.

It’s the first time the Sixers swept the Jazz in a season since the 1987-88 campaign.

He also made this happen:

You just have to love him.

Philly is now 9-7 and they’ll host the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Off the court, the Sixers debuted Meat Pies at the Wells Fargo Center. ESPN’s Darren Rovell tried it and got ripped on Twitter for how incorrectly he ate it. Maybe our Kevin Kinkead will post his own review today?

Also, we posted about the guy who won everyone in Wells Fargo Center a Chick-fil-A biscuit for his tremendous shooting skills at Saturday’s game. Many thought he deserved more from that feat, and he got more:

The crowd got loud for Shelly’s shot on Saturday, but that near capacity crowd last night at the Jazz game got loud for another non-Sixers reason as well. E-A-G-L-E-S:

Fly Eagles Fly.

The Roundup:

To the birds…honestly, I think the day after a win over the Cowboys is actually better than right after the game.

This is the perfect example of why. Be honest, a lot of you had interactions just like this yesterday:

This Eagles roster is well-rounded, but a lot of the credit for this team’s success has to go to Doug Pederson. Man, have we come a long way with Doug P. Our Tim Reilly explains, part of his longer piece on Doug’s progression:

Instead, let’s marvel at the progression of Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson. Pederson, who arrived in Philadelphia after the Chip Kelly saga, was so unheralded as a coaching candidate that no other organization interviewed him for the top job. He was perceived as a fall-back option for the Eagles after top coordinator candidates Ben McAdoo and Adam Gase went off the market and a quixotic pursuit of John Harbaugh failed. Pederson’s willingness to collaborate with Howie Roseman also was believed to play a role in the hiring decision.

Speaking of the old ball coach, he said kicker Jake Elliot could return on Sunday, but it’s just too early to tell. That’s what he said on Monday; watch what he said on Sunday in the locker room after the win. It’s just so good.

Following a Dallas beatdown, you know Kyle’s Morning Wood was strong:

We expected this. Once Ezekiel Elliott went out and the Cowboys were certain to be without their starting left tackle, we expected the Eagles to dominate dem boyz. We expect them to win on Sunday. That would mean the Eagles will most likely be heading into that Seahawks game in two weeks having not played a truly contested game in four weeks. This is where the season will be decided. They’ve locked up the NFC East. Right now it’s all about seeding and homefield advantage.

Our Kevin Kinkead did have a minor critique of Doug Pederson’s play calling and decision making in his observations from the win:

The play calling after the first drive left a lot to be desired. There was a shotgun draw play for Blount and a third and 10 draw play near midfield, something from the old Andy Reid “we’re gonna punt anyway” playbook. Not all of the struggles were on Pederson, obviously, as Torrey Smith had a big drop and Carson Wentz simply misfired on a number of throws. I would have tried to get Zach Ertz more involved somehow early on.

Aside from that, the only other thing I can think of is Doug’s decision to put Wentz back in the game with 6:00 left in the fourth quarter. Just place him in the bubble wrap and call it a day.

The newest Crossing Broadcast came out Monday morning and of course talked about the Dallas game.

I mean, things are going so well, even Colin Cowherd said something positive about the Eagles:

And the numbers back it up. Things are going really well:

As Alshon Jeffery said so eloquently, “Shit, ain’t nobody fucking with us. We’re the best. We know we’re the best. That’s how we feel in this locker room.”

We Eagle fans have a lot to be thankful for this year.

In non-Birds NFL news, the Cleveland Browns can still make the playoffs…if these 46 things happen.

The Georgia Dome is officially no more:

And Week 11 wrapped up with a wild Monday Night Football game where the Falcons held on for a 34-31 win over the Seahawks. Seattle’s game-tying field goal attempt with seconds left fell just short.

To the Phillies now, as the team made a slew of roster moves on Monday, including designating Mark Appel for assignment.

Also, the team announced its 2018 Spring Training schedule:

The Phillies are reportedly interested in Carlos Santana. Our BWanksCB tries to make sense of it:

Obviously, the Phillies are thinking… actually, I’m not sure what the hell they’re thinking, but their link to Santana may reveal a bit about the team’s offseason plans. The 31-year-old played seven games in the outfield in 2017, but is best suited to play first base or DH. The Phillies would have to play him exclusively at first, a spot that would seemingly belong to Rhys Hoskins, who memorably mashed 18 home runs in 170 at-bats last season after his August call up.

So what gives?

In non-baseball news, the initial report from Roy Halladay’s deadly crash reveals that he was flying erratically before the fateful end.

Lavar Ball went on CNN last night to talk about why he didn’t thank President Trump for helping get his son and two other UCLA basketball players out of a Chinese jail. It went exactly how you would have expected:

In yesterday’s roundup, I talked about how Chip Kelly may be getting back into coaching. Another unemployed coach may have a new job too. Who? Jeff Fisher.

The Flyers…remember them? They host the Canucks tonight at 7pm.

Jon Dorenbos was back on The Ellen Show yesterday. He danced with a reindeer and gave away a lot of stuff:

It took overtime, but the Celtics extended their winning streak to 16 games last night.

In non-sports news…

Eight women are accusing Charlie Rose of sexual harassment.

KFC is selling a pod that blocks the internet. The price? $10,000

And I’ll leave you with this Japanese game show clip. Why is this not in America yet? It would get higher ratings than Donald Trump:

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