The Eagles were lucky to have two trips to Los Angeles this season. It’s better than going out to London, which they almost had to do.

Last time the Birds were out on the west coast, fans invaded the StubHub Center, a soccer stadium, for the Chargers game. It was an embarrassment for Los Angeles and how it wasn’t really a football town.

This week, Fox wanted to heavily promote today’s game against the Rams. They held their pregame show outside the LA Coliseum filled with fans from both teams. Except some Rams fans probably weren’t fans at all, just paid actors.

Regardless, Eagles fans came out in full force once again. More after the jump.

There was even a proposal:

And Angelo had an In-N-Out Burger.

Fans were the first to wait outside the Coliseum to get in:

And there’s going to be a ton of green inside:

We leave you with a message from Kobe Bryant: