Eagles-Seahawks Week 13 Live Thread

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The Eagles start a three-game road trip tonight in Seattle as they take on Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Tonight marks the first of two games against the NFC West, with next week’s game in Los Angeles to take on the Rams.

With a win, the Eagles would officially clinch the NFC East and be the first team to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

On the injury front, linebacker Joe Walker is questionable with a neck injury. He did not practice on Friday, and Dannell Ellerbe is still learning the defense.

For the Seahawks, they’re a little banged up. Safety Kam Chancellor, offensive lineman Oday Aboushi, and linebacker Josh Forrest are out. Chancellor hasn’t been put on IR yet, but he should be shortly. He’ll be joined by Richard Sherman and Cliff Avril. Defensive end Dion Jordan and defensive tackle Nazair Jones are both doubtful. Offensive tackle Duane Brown, tight end Jimmy Graham, linebackers Bobby Wagner and D.J. Alexander, and safety Earl Thomas are all listed as questionable. Brown and Thomas are expected to play, according to NFL Media’s James Palmer.

We’ll continually update this post as the game goes along. And check out our predictions to see how good (or probably bad) we guessed this game.

11:40 – FINAL STATS:

For the Eagles:

Carson Wentz: 29 of 45 for 348 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 6 carries for 30 yards
Jay Ajayi: 9 carries for 35 yards, 3 catches for 11 yards
Nelson Agholor: 7 catches for 141 yards, 1 TD
Alshon Jeffery: 4 catches for 61 yards
Brandon Graham: 1.5 sacks

For the Seahawks:

Russell Wilson: 20 of 31 for 227 yards, 3 TDs, 6 carries for 31 yards
Mike Davis: 16 carries for 64 yards, 4 catches for 37 yards
Jimmy Graham: 3 catches for 26 yards, 1 TD
Tyler Lockett: 2 catches for 17 yards, 1 TD
J.D. McKissic: 1 catch for 15 yards, 1 TD
Bobby Wagner: 13 tackles
Frank Clark: 2 sacks

11:35 – FINAL SCORE: Seattle beats the Eagles 24-10. Birds don’t clinch the NFC East and fall to 10-2. They’re also now in second place behind Minnesota in the NFC after the fourth tiebreaker. They played bad. Move on and not have an LA hangover next Sunday.

11:33 – Consider this:

11:26 – Carson Wentz throws a deep pick to…Byron freaking Maxwell. Two minute warning, but that’s the game.

11:20 – You won’t believe it, but the Eagles just sacked Russell Wilson. Crazy.

11:15 – Eagles turn the ball over on downs. Unless a huge miracle happens, that should be the game.

11:08 – Guess what happened. J.D. McKissic scores on a 15-yard Wilson pass. 24-10 Seahawks.


11:04 – Doug challenged a spot but not a possible forward pass this is crazy.

11:00 – Zach Ertz is done for the game.

10:57 – Here we go. Wentz caps off the team’s best drive of the night. Finds Agholor for a 27-yard score. By Byron Maxwell. 17-10 with 12:08 left in the game.

10:53 – Carson Wentz is god.

10:49 – End of the third quarter: Seattle leads 17-3.

10:43 – Ertz is going into the locker room without his helmet. He’s being evaluated for a concussion and is questionable to return.

10:40 – Eagles go for it on the next play and turn it over on downs.

10:37 – Eagles with a deep drive, but now Zach Ertz is hurt. GREAT! But he walks off the field and into the blue tent.

10:28 – Meanwhile after three bad penalties, the Seahawks score on a one-yard score to Tyler Lockett. It happened on this big play from Doug Baldwin:


Seahawks lead 17-3 with 5:42 left in the third quarter. Help.

10:13 – Wentz fumbles as he falls around the one. Goes into the endzone for a touchback.


10:10 – Eagles are in the red zone again. Big throw to Alshon Jeffery, who is also present. Birds are at the four.

10:03 – Zach Ertz is present. Two first downs for the tight end.

10:01 – Second half underway. Odds might not be in our favor, but screw odds:


For the Eagles:

Carson Wentz: 9 of 13 for 45 yards, 4 carries for 23 yards
Jay Ajayi: 6 carries for 32 yards, 1 catch for 3 yards
Torrey Smith: 4 catches for 18 yards
Nelson Agholor: 3 catches for 21 yards
Brandon Graham: 1 sack

For the Seahawks:

Russell Wilson: 10 of 12 for 101 yards, 1 TD, 4 carries for 15 yards
Mike Davis: 7 carries for 19 yards, 2 catches for 32 yards
Jimmy Graham: 2 catches for 17 yards, 1 TD
Frank Clark: 1 sack

9:47 – HALFTIME: Seahawks lead the Eagles 10-3.

9:46 – Doug Pederson had a terrible playcall right after a timeout with 59 seconds left. Decides to go for a pitch to the outside on 3rd and 2. Now has to take a timeout with 15 seconds left on 4th and 2. They also took 1:01 to run three plays prior. And now he’s punting.

9:31 – Corey Graham stops Russell Wilson from getting a first down. Jernigan is also okay. Seahawks punt.

9:28 – First play for Seattle results in Timmy Jernigan hurt on the play. Walking off on his own now. NBC showed him on the trainer’s table probably getting taped up.

9:24 – After the Eagles drive down the field, Jake Elliott makes a 26-yard field goal. 10-3 Seahawks with 7:55 left in the first half. Run game got going, but an Alshon Jeffery hold near the one-yard line may have cost the team a touchdown.

9:09 – Touchdown Seahawks. Wilson finds Jimmy Graham for the 11-yard score. It’s the first time since the Ravens game last year the Birds gave up a first quarter touchdown. Seahawks lead 10-0 after one.


8:58 – Wentz overthrew a wide open Nelson Agholor. It results in a three-and-out. Seahawks start at their own 15. Frank Clark is also dominating Halapoulivaati Vaitai early on.

8:53 – Brandon Graham with a tackle for loss and a sack on the latest Seahawk drive. Plus, a bad punt gives the Eagles great field position at the Seattle 46.

8:48 – Doug decides to punt on 4th and 1 from the 47. Kind of a surprise call, but Seattle starts from their own 10.

8:39 – Blair Walsh hits a 46-yard field goal. Seahawks take the early 3-0 lead with 9:47 left in the opening quarter.

8:37 – Russell Wilson looks crisp. Offensive line giving him time to throw. He’s also targeting Ronald Darby.

8:34 – Najee Goode is in at MLB, not Dannell Ellerbe.

8:32 – We’re underway from Seattle. Seahawks will start from their own 19.

8:29 – For the first time since last year’s season opener, no Eagles player demonstrated during the National Anthem.



8:25 – Eagles win the coin toss and defer. The norm.

7:27 – Former Phillie Kyle Kendrick says hi:

7:10 – Jay Ajayi with an interesting oxygen mask.

7:05 – Inactives are out. Joe Walker is out, Dannell Ellerbe is in. And so is Shelton Gibson for the second straight week:

As for the Seahawks, all the players listed as out and doubtful are inactive. All five questionable players are active.

7:00 – Tonight is the “My Cause My Cleats” game, where players throughout the league are wearing customized cleats for a cause of their choice. Some of the best are below:


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30 Responses

    1. If anyone is bored by this putrid game, ESPN2 is showing American Cornhole League matches.

      1. Just saying.

  1. I love how every literally commercial on tv has a straight white male being emasculated, subjugated, and made to look stupid by a woman or poc. This phenomenon has been going on for years cause it’s no realistic right

  2. This is a good loss. At Seattle… a good loss. Learn and win in LA next week. We are still good. Also these refs were very fem tonight.

    1. I am sick of these two spouting all the great Eagles stats without mentioning that they have PLAYED 1 winning team this year (Carolina)

    2. Dougie P calling a great game huh? 2nd good team they have played all year, and they get their arse handed to them!

      1. You checking in from across the pond? “Arse” is a UK thing right? Eagles fans everywhere

    3. My comment below applies to you my dude. Gtfoh wit that mess. “We suck” lol. What, I guess you expect them to never lose again? Dumbazz…..

  3. Eagles smelling themselves a little too much came back and buy them in ass. More worried about Electric slide tee shirts than studying film

  4. Tough pill to swallow tonight. First, I would’ve loved to see another good crack on Wilson, that guy was pissing me off.
    What about tonight’s calls on the Birds, it felt like double what the status sheet shows.
    That foward lateral pass Wilson to Davis, why no challenge flag Doug?! The first challenge should’ve went Phillys way also. That lateral pass tho, that sh!t chapped my azz.
    Wentz let one sail over Algholor in the 1st, so there was some missed opportunities. Could’ve won the game I truly believe that.
    This west coast trip I felt like they’d lose one so there’s that but this was still hard to watch bc it could’ve been a W.

    1. Everyone thats saying negative stuff about the team here in the comments after tonight’s loss (this only applies to true eagles fans not the sh!t talkers) let me ask, did you think they’d win every game to the superbowl? Cmon now. This west coast trip, they’re gonna see a loss. This is part of the building process. This was damn near playoff scene tonight and win or loss it was good for the team to have the experience. Getting a loss outta the way imo provides a little comfort. Now, on to the Rams

  5. It will show up as we meet better competition. Say what you want about Carroll. He got his team to two Super Bowls. If he didn’t make that ridiculous call he would have won two. Next week the Birds play another quality coach in McVay. In the playoffs your looking at Payton and Zimmer. We will find out in due time if Doug can out coach his opponents.

  6. They will be favored in all their remaining games. Rams are favored over Birds. If we lose next week we will end up with fourth best record in NFC.

  7. eagles aren’t going to the superbowl reality check last night. defense more worried about the electric slide than stopping wilson

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