The Mike Missanelli Show Will Now Air Live on NBC Sports Philly

NBC Sports Philly press release:

NBC Sports Philadelphia and the Beasley Media Group announced a partnership which will bring The Fanatic’s popular afternoon show hosted by Mike Missanelli to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s air beginning in 2018.  The announcement was made by NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Brian Monihan and Beasley Media Group Philadelphia’s Vice President and Market Manager Joe Bell.

The “Mike Missanelli Show” will air NBC Sports Philadelphia weekdays from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. “Philly Sports Talk” will air at its regularly scheduled time at 5 p.m.

I… kind of like this. No reason to not put on live programming during time otherwise reserved for tape delay or whatever else they put on between 2-5. This model has worked in other markets, and nationally, and putting one of the city’s top two sports talk radio hosts on TV, in his natural habitat, just makes sense. Whether you like Mike or hate him, this is a partnership that is too obvious to attempt to criticize.

Of course, I’m looking forward to Missanelli leading into Barkann, whom he once called a “marginally talented circus barker who couldn’t exist without a teleprompter” in response to Barkann criticizing him over his Victor Cruz Tweet. We don’t believe Mike will be working with a prompter.

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47 Responses

    1. I don’t need a woman with limited sports knowledge interjection comments. Mike’s producer Andrew is also weak. Doesn’t have the personality of Martinez who challenged Mike. Also I always felt that CSN was in bed with WIP. Now Mike is sleeping with the enemy.

  1. I’m cool with it as long as they dial down his kiss ass producer. Little kid doesn’t disagree with anything Mike says.

  2. Mike has spent years belittling the crew and programming. He is so desperate to be more than a lifelong local radio hack, he is sacrificing his principles for some face time.

    It won’t work. He will never be National. Not entertaining enough and has a duck face.

  3. Seriously, how long until Mikey Miss says or does something really dumb on the air and gets shit-canned? Like he did at Channel 6…
    I’m putting the over at 6 months.

  4. MASN (Nats, O’s, Caps, Wizards TV Network) has had Sports Junkies and other various FM sports talk shows on in the morning for (I think) the last decade plus. I want to say before YES network but I can’t prove that. As long as I can remember at least. Even though I’m no fan of FM sports talk, it beats having a commercial-driven, local SportsCenter on repeat for 8 hours in the morning, only to be followed by infomercials, until the same local SportsCenter is aired under a live setting, until the local-game comes on. Rinse and repeat. As someone who works remote from home, I’m more inclined to throw this on in the background every now and then — like for 5 minute a month.

    1. Michael Kay on 98.7fm NY, his show airs on YES network I believe. I wanna say Mike Francesa show was on tv too. MM must want to be in that club as well hence this move.
      Haha, like others have mentioned, Salchoonez (certainly spelled wrong) never challenges MM on anything, just stupid little quips come outta him. NatEgg definitely will be getting dolled up now

      1. He only left TV when they put him on FS1 and his show was getting preempted every day for soccer or other sports. Used to be on YES. Mike’s TV broadcast probably ended about 2 or 3 years ago. Mike was great on TV because he would go on rants. You could watch him hang up on callers without giving them a chance to rebut what he was saying. He had his bottle of diet coke there. The viewers loved it. I don’t think Mikey Miss will be the same. Mikey Miss plays to the camera and puts on a totally different air when he is on TV. Francesa was the same. He didn’t change his style one iota. Totally ignored the camera. If you ever have seen Mikey Miss on TV he is constantly trying to perform. It is totally forced and phony.

  5. I get a coupon with my weekly mailer that if I spend $25 I get two pints of Hagen-Daz for $4.98. I said this can’t be correct. Wawa charges almost $6 a pint.
    Never bought ice cream in a supermarket because it’s a compulsive buy. When I want some I usually go to Wawa. They downsized their selection and now push their own brand and Ben and Jerry’s. In any event sure enough Shoprite charges less with than $3 and with the coupon it only cost me $2.50 a pint. Too good a deal to pass up. Don’t know why Wawa brutalizes people on ice cream but they do. They are entitled to a fair mark-up because they are a convenience store but not 100%. I’ll stick to their hoagies and coffee. Hoagies are nothing special but the price is right and where the hell else are you going to get one at 11pm on Sunday night.

    1. I think we need more of these consumer watchdog posts. They are more useful than sports related stuff. Thanks. Looking forward to more.

  6. It will be a real delight for a broader base to get to hear that Natalie chick witch’s cackel and every caller to Mike start their call with “listen, man”.

  7. What exactly is Nat Eg’s job title? She’s only on Mike’s show like half the time. She contributes sometimes and with her laugh which is hard on the ears. But she also appears with other show’s events. She’s probably the only female at that station which is probably a good thing if you’ve ever heard a female guest get talked to the way the creepy hosts talk to them.

  8. Yo yo yo. Listen to me.Listen to what I say. Listen to what I am trying to to tell you. It doesnt matter none of it matters.MikeMissanelli is irrelevant in the grand scheme of thing. Missanelli or ans his clowns are easily replaceable. This is going to be my big break. Im going to open up some eyes over at CSN and it will be my show this time next year. Yo yo yo………..

  9. When i listen to Mike and his producer talking about Non sport tppics i always think of Jerry Seinfeld and George …he so wanna be Jerry

  10. He tries so hard to be relevant. MIssanelli is such a wannabe. He;s a an old man who acts like he’s 25, what a loser

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