RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Calls Michael Barkann a “marginally talented circus barker”

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As anticipated, Mike Missanelli used his Philly Mag column this week to address the backlash over his Victor Cruz Tweet. He expands upon what he told me on Monday, whilst also working in a shot at sports blogs in general (linking to Deadspin, The Big Lead and Bleacher Report): “I have professed many times my distaste for sports blogs, which I see as Wal-Mart journalism, and this was a chance for them to get back at me.”

I haven’t rolled back prices yet, but I do enjoy a good grammatical haymaker. And if there was ever such a thing in this town, this is it. Here’s Missanelli’s response to Barkann’s on-air criticism of the Cruz Tweet* and Josh Innes’ continued shots. I have bolded the part that has left my jaw on the floor:

For the people who insist on attacking me, well, if it makes you feel better, then knock yourself out. People are going to think what they want. To the piling-on local radio yokels, like Michael Barkann, a marginally talented circus barker who couldn’t exist without a teleprompter, don’t think that I’m not on to you. But if I had to rely on bringing up a competitor’s name in order to generate attention for my own underperforming show, I’d be duly embarrassed.

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You can read the full column and explanation here.

*We don’t have audio of this and haven’t heard what was said. But it had people talking.


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    1. Barkann knows how to check his ego at the door. The jackass on 97.5 has an ego, thinks he is never wrong and couldn’t give a flying fart about any of his three listeners.

      1. Bullshit. Barkann doesn’t check shit.

        And he’s the BIGGEST egotistical prick if you see him out in public. Big times everybody. Fuck Barkann.

        Fuck Missanelli, too. But especially fuck Barkann.

        1. Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve seen the guy at the newtown square wawa one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Stfu you moron

        2. we play to the charity bball tournament within a few years back shook everyone’s had who wanted to seems like a real class act I’m sure your f****** opinion is valid


    2. WIP or 97.5 need to hire Me.

      These radio stations go from Cape May to the Poconos and almost NYC. Theres close to 10 M people in their potential audience yet management keeps putting out a inferior product.

      A certain morning chick should be making $10 bucks an hour at the Shop Rite on 25th + Washington yet she is probably making in a year – 6x what your average yearly Crossing Broad follower makes.

      You can throw a dart at 97.5’s staff and I’d argue a warehouse worker at UPS could give you a better show. Its really bizarre how such a huge market has been saddled with poor sports talk radio.

      I cant count how many times Missanelli will say theres not much going on we are going to mail it in today. No dude you are in Philadelphia the 4th largest media market in the country. There are no mail in days. Do some fucking homework across the board (local + national) and give the listeners a decent show for a change.

  1. Michael Barkann is a good guy. He does a good job playing devils advocate just to facilitate discussion. He isn’t insufferable to listen to and is generally likable.

    So miss can say whatever he wants, he is only putting his on foot in his mouth

  2. mindless chatter to pass the week until kickoff…uh, ok two weeks til kickoff.

    rile up the masses. Orwell knew the deal.

    Mid 2015: Ebola 1 million CDC 0

  3. When the showed changed and seized control from DN reporters and CSN writers and put it in the hands of Barkann who only knows what the producer whispers in his ear. The worst is making Eagles current players panelists. Why would a current player criticize his own team. Even using a player one year removed is not going to be honest.

  4. no one is randomly bringing up his name….HE put it out there. It was on the cover of the f’n NY Post for god’s sake….what did he think would happen?

  5. Why the hell does Philly Mag give Missanelli a column?

    I seriously wonder what is wrong with this town. Miss has been a fucking douchebag to everyone and in everyone stop he’s been. He’s not funny, he’s not likable, he doesn’t know anything about sports. WHY DOES HE HAVE A RADIO SHOW AND WHY DO PEOPLE PAY HIM TO WRITE THINGS?

    He’s not wrong about Barkann….his schtick is well past the Chris Berman levels of cartoonishness….but jesus christ can someone just tell that greasy wop to go away.

  6. The real issue is still how big Dawn Timeney’s breasts are now. Any guesses whether they are fake or real and whether you think she is wild in bed.

    1. She is wild. I know from experience, dude, if you know what I mean. Well, not me personally, but a guy I know … him and her got it on! Actually, No, no, no they didn’t. But you could imagine what it’d be like if they did, right?

      1. Dawn and DEI need a lot of maintenace on those melons. Gravity and Father Time wreak havoc.

  7. Missanelli’s “columns” are nothing more than blog posts. What makes it a column? The fact that he is writing it?

  8. Michael Barkann does more for charity in one week than Missanelli has done for this city in his lifetime. Missanelli is a me-first prick and it comes through on his broadcasts. He thinks he’s big time, but bounces around from place to place. He hasn’t made himself indisposable.

    I learn nothing about sports from either of them, but at least isn’t a drain on society.

  9. Yeah I have my hand up mike’s ass and I call out people on twitter without using their name because I am afraid of them. I suck. Mike is making me do his dirty work.

  10. Hey guysss, let me chime in on dis sitchuation.

    Firs off I em not aloud to taylk about Missanelli on my show. And I reeefuse to acknaledge the existence of Innis. So hair I em, on the only outlet I can speak fraily.


  11. Love how Missanelli at least isn’t stupid enough to pick a fight with Innes. He knows Innes was on to him about his lame tweets and explanations.

    I hope Innes continues to bash him. Missanelli is a vomit….i never turn on that station when he’s on.

  12. Funny, he responded to Barkann and not Innes? Josh must be going nutso. Barkann is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a nice guy who doesn’t really rub people the wrong way. He is actually perfect with Ike Reese who is very abrasive at times and Barkann keeps things from getting out of hand.

  13. Missanelli is sometimes good to listen to. But most of the time he’s just an arrogant asshole who takes over the top stances just so people will call in. And by people I mean the same 10 people that pollute the airwaves every day. There’s no reason to bash barkann. He may not be great on radio but he does a lot in this city covering all 4 teams. Missanelli only proclaims to know about football and Lebron. “What he’s sees from week to week”. Please the guy definitelt never played a down in football and it shows Bc he criticizes and 4-1(now 5-1) football teams like they’re awful
    By the way can 97.5 stop calling themselves “Philadelphias football station”. You don’t even broadcast the games. It’s completely ridiculous to have that claim

  14. Missanelli has a bad hair dye job, the man is 60yrs old. He also may have had facial plastic surgery recently because he is looking different – ala Pacino pullback. Kyle, you should investigate. Furthermore, Missanelli should accept his senior status and stop pretending to be a little hipster doofus (meant affectionately) at the Union Transfer.
    I don’t care for Barkann either.

    Missanelli is basically like an Italian grandma at this point — with the hair dye. Mama Missanelli! — Innes – you can use that one, Mama Missanelli!

    1. And you are always packing, because that is your 2nd Amendment right and dammit no leftist, terrorist, communist, Muslim bastard is taking it away from you!

  15. Years ago, Barkann asked an Olympic speed skater if he fell because the ice was wet. Also believe there is a story about he and a female reporter at the then KYW TV studios in a basement shower. Assume he put her in the hopper.

    1. The shower story is 100% true, except it was an intern not a reporter. I know this because I have connections within a law firm that took care of making sure the story stayed out of the papers

  16. Guys, tune in today at 2:00 when I reveal my 5th “official explanation” of the events surrounding the Cruz tweets.

  17. Missanelli is an jealous,self-centered, egotistical asshole. Ever notice how whenever a black caller calls he kisses his ass just for being black? He is fake ,he wants to be one of the “homies”. He was always jealous of Bruno too that’s why he was always being a dick to him….he knew Bruno made it Nationally and he never did or could… He knew Bruno was always liked more and pissed him off cause he was supposed to the big shot at 97.5…..he is a clown

    1. Dead on post!!!
      Jackass Miss will never disagree with a black caller when the caller makes a comment anywhere along the lines of race. And Jackass Mike will go a step further and kiss the callers ass.
      Jackass Mike needs to find a job in Siberia and just get the F away from this area. F’ing loser!!!

    1. That’s because Mikey Misses is an Uncle Tom. Also, a hypocrite and a coward. He’ll self destruct soon enough.

  18. I say we start calling in Missanelli’s show and dropping INNES bombs on him just to mess with that douche. Who else is game?

  19. I can’t fucking stand Mike Missanelli. I hate how he talks. I hate his glasses. I hate his dumbass comments.

  20. I’d be cool with 97.5 replacing MM with Tony Bruno. Pay Bruno what he’s worth. Send MM packing.

  21. Mike Misinformed is a disturbed individual. His fans are low IQ juveniles which is painfully obvious by the comments on this thread. It is only a matter of time until the egocentric dope wears out his welcome again. Barkann is a class act. Misinformed couldn’t be a pimple on Barkann’s ass

  22. Missanelli hasn’t been relevant since the legendary Steve Fredricks was around to babysit him from 2 to 6 every day on WIP 20 years ago.

  23. I tune in sometimes in the car. Pretty safe to say that Mike’s audience averages about 80 IQ. 2 tough(?) “General Knowledge” questions today.
    What’s the largest stadium in England that starts with a W.
    When was the War of 1812.

    1. Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?
      What’s my favorite old T.V. show? Actor’s first name is Jerry.

  24. I can’t stand Mikey Miss. I love Angelo and Al tho. Ria blows too 🙂

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