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As anticipated, Mike Missanelli used his Philly Mag column this week to address the backlash over his Victor Cruz Tweet. He expands upon what he told me on Monday, whilst also working in a shot at sports blogs in general (linking to Deadspin, The Big Lead and Bleacher Report): “I have professed many times my distaste for sports blogs, which I see as Wal-Mart journalism, and this was a chance for them to get back at me.”

I haven’t rolled back prices yet, but I do enjoy a good grammatical haymaker. And if there was ever such a thing in this town, this is it. Here’s Missanelli’s response to Barkann’s on-air criticism of the Cruz Tweet* and Josh Innes’ continued shots. I have bolded the part that has left my jaw on the floor:

For the people who insist on attacking me, well, if it makes you feel better, then knock yourself out. People are going to think what they want. To the piling-on local radio yokels, like Michael Barkann, a marginally talented circus barker who couldn’t exist without a teleprompter, don’t think that I’m not on to you. But if I had to rely on bringing up a competitor’s name in order to generate attention for my own underperforming show, I’d be duly embarrassed.

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You can read the full column and explanation here.

*We don’t have audio of this and haven’t heard what was said. But it had people talking.