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The Eagles don’t need another quarterback.

With Nick Foles jumping into the starting role, now that Carson Wentz is done for the season, that makes Nate Sudfeld QB2 on the Eagles’ depth chart. However, many around the league and the Philly fanbase in particular are suggesting the birds sign Colin Kaepernick as the backup. The suggestion is laughable.

Yes, Kaepernick is good enough as a football player to at least be a back-up in this league, but the circus around him would not be something the Eagles should be willing to do. Why add someone new, who would bring tons of media attention, to a locker room with a special chemistry? Having Sudfeld would be better than having Kaepernick as the back-up and, in my opinion, there are better options out there before even thinking about bringing in the former 49ers quarterback.

The media thinks otherwise.

Martin Frank:

Yes, Colin Kaepernick. It makes sense for a lot of reasons, assuming the Eagles and perhaps their fans can get past the national anthem protests.

For one, Kaepernick was a starting quarterback in the NFL for the previous five seasons, and he had taken the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012-13. Even last season, on a 2-14 team, Kaepernick threw just four interceptions in 12 games.

He can throw, he can run, and he doesn’t turn the ball over – all prerequisites for a successful playoff quarterback.

Marcus Hayes:

Sign Kaep.

The Eagles could have Colin Kaepernick.

The Eagles should have Colin Kaepernick.

Instead, they have Nate Sudfeld. The Eagles are in position to reach the Super Bowl for the first time in 13 years, and for the third time ever. The Eagles also are in position to have to play Nate Sudfeld.

One big hit to Nick Foles — a sprained ankle, a cracked collarbone, a concussion — and it’s Nate’s show.

It could be Kaep’s. It should be Kaep’s.

Thankfully, the Eagles aren’t interested:

Per a league source, the Eagles have shown no interest in Kaepernick, and they’re not currently expected to do so.

Kap does not give you a better chance to win a Super Bowl this season, in the event that Foles goes down. He will just be a distraction for a locker room with the capability to do something no Philly team has ever done before.

Stick with Nick.

The Roundup:

Continuing with the birds, it’s a little concerning that Stefen Wisniewski is still out, but Zach Ertz is cleared and back:

Celek missed practice because his wife went into labor.

Former Eagle Brian Westbrook has confidence in Foles:

After the offensive line learned that Foles was heading into the game against LA last week, they needed to hear his cadence:

MMQB’s Jenny Vrentas spent the week in LA with the Eagles and has a GREAT story about her time with the birds:

The adrenaline carried the Eagles while the game was still going on, and up the Coliseum tunnel, and into the locker room. But when they enter the locker room—where Wentz is waiting to congratulate them—reality sets in: They’ll have to try to achieve the rest of their goals, beyond a division title, without not only their MVP, but “arguably the MVP of the league,” says receiver Torrey Smith. In a quiet moment, McLeod finds his quarterback. “We did that for you, man,” he tells him. Wentz smiles back and tells him, good job.

Kevin Kinkead gives a brief history on Nick Foles and what he did between Eagles: Act 1 and Act 2 in his career.

Carson Wentz officially had his ACL surgery yesterday. Let the rehab, and anxious countdown until his return, begin:

Chris Long made a name for himself with his nice guy moves this year, but he took a shot at the LA Rams yesterday.

TheScore dropped the Eagles out of top 10 of its Power Rankings and Kyle wouldn’t let it go unnoticed. His response, in part:

“Go fuck yourself.”

In case you didn’t stay up for it, the Sixers earned a 118-112 win in OT over the Timberwolves on Tuesday night. Kinkead has his observations:

Alright, back to the Sixers, who got some energy off the bench from T.J. McConnell and Trevor Booker last night.

McConnell finished with 7 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and a steal in 26 minutes of play, though he did turn it over three times. He just looked more comfortable out there, mashing around the rim and doing his typical up-tempo thing. You could tell he wasn’t 100% when he tried to come back from the shoulder injury last week.

Booker, I think, has been a really nice addition to the squad. He contributed 12, 5, and 5 with a pair of blocks and 1 steal in just 20 minutes.

Joel Embiid keeps impressing.

The team hosts the Thunder on Friday night at 7pm in the culmination of ESPN’s Philadelphia All-Access day.

The Flyers are on a four-game winning streak, a badly needed one to catch up in the standings after a dreadful November. Philly earned a 4-2 win over Toronto on Tuesday night. Anthony SanFilippo’s takeaways are always a must-read:

To the Flyers credit, they played perhaps their most complete game of the NHL season to this point last night, defeating the Maple Leafs 4-2 and extending their winning streak to four games  – the first time they have won four straight in regulation since February, 2014. Yeah… almost four years.

They continue to get great goaltending from Brian Elliott (although the first Leafs goal was as unsightly as a big juicy whitehead on the side of your nose), Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier keep dazzling and production keeps coming from further down the lineup.

And for once, they won the possession battle, something that’s been eluding them for some time.

The team hosts the Sabres tonight at 7pm.

Our Tim Reilly opines about the issues within the “business” of college football:

Money has influenced every aspect of the operation, from the teams on the schedule and the coaches on the sideline to the apparel and equipment that the athletes wear. The system will eventually buckle under the weight of its own hypocrisy. Feel free to continue burying your head in the sand, but be careful: the tide is rapidly approaching the shoreline, threatening what little beachhead you have remaining under your feet.

Speaking of college football, Darren Rovell may have publicized a recruiting violation committed by Pitt.

SI’s Richard Deitsch has a TREMENDOUS interview with Tony Romo about his broadcasting career and more.

The 700 Level Show turned the tables on John Clark.

In non-sports news…

A flight was forced to turn around after a man started biting other passengers.

Wal-Mart is allowing its employees to get an advance of their pay.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates.

Lastly, a follow up to a story yesterday about a local house fire with the loss of life. It hits close to home for one of our staff members. Consider donating, please.





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14 Responses

  1. I hope the eagles get to the sb just because of the way fat cuz and mike miss are bitching about foles

  2. Kaep wouldnt be a distraction in a locker room full of people who are pro-kaep… fucking moron. He would be a media distraction, but I think most of the players would be fine with him just as they are fine with Malcolm Jenkins. But hey, keep getting paid to write pieces where you dont have to think at all. In fact, tell Kyle I’m available to write think pieces for free. Then he wont have to employ a brain that doesn’t work. Oh and you ended that part of the piece with Stick with Nick….that wasnt the reason people want kaep, they want him to back up Nick, so if he goes down, we dont go into the playoffs with Nate Sudfeld. You stink!!

      1. Because I think Kaep is better than Nate Sudafed, i hate America. Ok….I can see where that connection can be made. Turn the machine off on this one, he’s braindead.

  3. I’m against bringing Kaep in to back Foles up. I’m in favor of bringing him in to start and have that stiff Foles back him up.

  4. “Kap does not give you a better chance to win a Super Bowl this season, in the event that Foles goes down.”

    This is probably the dumbest take I have read on this website to date. Oh yeah, the Eagles 3rd string quarterback with no NFL experience still gives them a better chance at winning the Superbowl this season if Foles gets hurt because the guy who once lead his team to a Superbowl kneels down during the National Anthem.

    You fucking idiot.

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