We posted the short version of Colin Wilk’s Eagles song, The Ballad of St. Nick, yesterday. Sean had put the video of his cousin in queue earlier in the week, but I didn’t see it until mid-day yesterday. I asked Sean if he thought Colin could make it out to Carlino’s in West Chester on short notice and perform the song, in its entirety, at our live podcast last night. Lo and behold, midway through the show, in walked Colin with a guitar, Eagles jersey, and some sort of Spartans cap, ready to rock.

If you’re not walking around today singing, give me an E, given me an A, then there is something very wrong with you and you may not be human. Just an awesome, awesome original song. My only critique is that he dropped the F bombs for the live shows– could’ve kept them in there.

You can hear more from Colin on his Instagram (@collins_instagram).