From the ascension up the Eastern Conference standings to back-to-back losses.

The Sixers fell to the Bucks on Monday night, 107-95. Joel Embiid did not play due to rest.

The team was horrendous from beyond the arc, shooting just 2-26, but that is just only slightly worse than TLC in general.

As a starter, he logged 23 minutes and scored just six points. He was 2-8 from the floor, including 0-4 from three.

Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks led all scorers with 31 points.

Philly gets back at it on Wednesday night against the Nets at 7:30pm.

The Roundup:

The team lost on Sunday night to the Thunder on ESPN. Kevin Kinkead has his five observations:

Anyway, just too many brain farts for the Sixers when it mattered most. They only turned it over 14 times but committed 26 personal fouls, some of which were obviously Thunder home cooking. Defensively, they struggled on the pick and roll and couldn’t get the stops when it really mattered, fighting back to tie the game at 101 before finally running out of steam.

Super Bowl festivities got underway last night with Opening Night and the media day hoopla.

Before they began Tom Brady already had a run in with the media, the local WEEI radio station.

Because it worked so well for Vikings fans, Patriots fans put Brady’s jersey on Rocky:

The latest Crossing BroadCast dropped yesterday morning. The guys discuss turning the page to the Patriots, the offense, and Minnesota.

Kevin Kinkead takes a look at New England’s special teams as we inch closer to the big game.

Sean Cottrell rehashes what Howie Roseman did that brought the Eagles, and himself, back to the top of the NFL:

Trades are not very common in the NFL, but that is what makes Roseman so unique.

Market inefficiencies flow through the NFL like the plague. Every year, a handful of new coaches take control of their teams, promise to adapt their scheme to the players they have and then proceed to get rid of any and all players who either don’t fit the scheme or take issue with it.

As a result, players like Jay Ajayi become available for a fourth-round pick. Other players, such as Timmy Jernigan, become cap casualties and teams, desperate to get anything of value for them, give them up in exchange for swapping third-round picks.

Delusional Patriots fans don’t think they are like Eagles fans.

As I mentioned earlier, last night was Super Bowl Opening Night. At one point both Nick Foles and Tom Brady were on stage together, shaking hands, and answering questions. It was too much for Kyle:

Here we are. It’s real. Nick Foles is representing the Eagles on-stage at the Super Bowl next to Tom Brady. Somehow Sal Pal weaseled himself in there. Foles dropping “watched him… growing up” is straight Storm from Cars 3 getting inside Lightning McQueen’s head. Thing is, it actually worked! So, yeah, Foles just used Pixar to send Brady scampering back to his guru and eventually into retirement.

Doug Pederson was featured in Peter King’s MMQB column this week and had some great stories in it:

“I just think you can’t get caught up with who’s on the other side,” he said, never taking his eyes off the traffic-free interstate. “Everybody in the NFL is good. Every team is good. I’ve always believed you just go about your business. You prepare. You get your team ready to go every week, and you treat it that way. It’s about doing your job. That’s a phrase Bill uses all the time: Do your job. That fits with the faceless opponent. That fits with, Don’t worry if they’ve got a star on their helmet, or a ‘G’ for Green Bay or a Patriot on the side of the helmet. Do what you’ve been coached to do this week for 60 minutes. Win your matchup, the one-on-ones, and let’s see what happens after 60 minutes. Nothing else matters, so why introduce anything else?”

Chris Long made headlines yesterday as well as he told Pardon My Take that he would not go to the traditionally White House trip with the Eagles, if the team wins the Super Bowl:

No, I’m not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?

The NFL Twitter account compiled the five best Eagles plays from this season:

Minnesota is going all out in hosting the big game this week. However, someone didn’t think this one out:

Even babies are caught up in the birds craze:

Trey Wingo of ESPN is prepared for the Super Bowl. He recited every SB final score off the top of his head.

The Clippers are beginning the tank:

Pelicans’ security needs to check itself:

David Beckham is finally starting his MLS team in Miami.

Jim Nantz believes Tony Romo will be playing competitive golf very soon.

Roger Goodell said he is going to look at the catch rule again…:

The Cleveland Indians are dropping the Chief Wahoo logo from their on-field gear.

In non-sports news…

There’s a Super Blood Blue Moon on Wednesday morning.

U.S. House of Representatives votes to release highly discussed FBI abuse memo