Mike Francesa went on 94 WIP to Address his Jason Kelce Comments

Retired New York radio host Mike Francesa course corrected on Thursday morning during an appearance on the 94 WIP morning show.

You might recall the longtime WFAN host calling Jason Kelce a “moron” for his “profanity-laced” diatribe at the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade. Francesa said he’d cut Kelce from the team if he was Jeffrey Lurie.

He talked about that and more in a 15 minute interview with Angelo Cataldi. The Kelce part begins around the eight minute mark:

The interview was… pretty good?

They spent the first seven or eight minutes talking about the Super Bowl and New York and Philly sports before getting into the Kelce thing, which I transcribed a section of below:

Francesa: “Lemme explain if I can for a second, because I didn’t think you missed me, I think that’s why you really wanted to have me on, was the Kelce thing.”

Cataldi: “I wanted to have you on for a long time Mike, but you were otherwise occupied.”

Francesa: “I hadn’t been on the air at all, so one of my board operators, Sal Licata has been doing a show, trying to get full-time employment with a station up there, WOR, which carries the Mets, 710 AM. I promised to go on his show. I hadn’t done any broadcasts but I had done a couple of podcasts. I was driving somewhere, traveling – right now I’m in South Florida with my family – but I had been traveling and I listened that day to the Kelce thing, the parade rant, and it seemed to me like I was a broadcast casualty because they were bleeping every other word and it was long, and I was like, ‘man this guy missed a great opportunity, he really messed this up, if he had just laid off the profanity..’ So that, I didn’t think about it, and when I did that interview about a week later, a caller brought it up. If you circle back to when LeBron won in Cleveland he went on this profanity laced thing and I went after him for days. I even had the commissioner on and said he should fine him. Because I thought, ‘who is LeBron in front of all these people to go on this filthy tirade?’ I got asked about Kelce, and I said, why don’t these guys just take this special moment, this special moment for the city and special moment for the sport and their team and just lift their vocabulary and just make something special that will last for forever instead of ruining it with this profanity. Bottom line is, I went back last night and watched the thing in it’s entirety, and I have to say, it was not as bad as I thought it was, when I watched it and got to see it, number one. So I wanna be fair to Kelce. Number two, I wish he didn’t use any profanity because it would have been a classic. It was really well done. He did a great job. And I thought it was one that would last and could be used for a very long time, and I know it’s popular in Philly even with the profanity, but to me, those are such special moments, that I wish they would just raise their level. I love the idea of a passionate tirade. I lived on them, but I’d like to see them do it so that they can be used time and time again…”

That’s more than fair, if we’re being honest.

Francesa says he felt like he “overreacted” a bit, but said he would not cut Kelce after all. He did double down on wishing that the Eagles center had tried to clean up the profanity a bit.

The interview ends with a discussion about Francesa’s retirement (and Angelo’s decision making process on that matter, too).




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  1. If you think Kyle Laskowski has an ego, you haven’t met Mike Francesa. He even makes Eskin seem humble.

  2. So wish Angelo would retire. They really don’t even need to replace him. The rest of that show is good.

  3. When Angelo retires that will be the end of a non-syndicated radio sports host earning huge money. Angelo should thank Mike because he is the reason that he was so well paid. Mike raised the bar along with Dog for sports radio hosts salaries.

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