The LeBron James/Malvern Prep Thing Was Never a Thing

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know a ton about Barstool Sports, but apparently one of their guys, “Smitty,” posted last night that LeBron James visited Malvern Preparatory School in advance of perhaps, possibly, maybe taking his talents to South Philadelphia next season:

Hmm.. interesting.

Smitty followed up 26 minutes later:

1,200 retweets for the rumor and 64 for the redaction.

Kyle resurfaced from a pile of t-shirts this morning to let us know that he checked with one of his sources at Malvern Prep, who said they hadn’t even heard of the rumor in the first place, so there you go.

And if LeBron was serious about coming here, why would he visit now? A quick trip to the Philly suburbs before or after the All-Star Game, which is on the opposite side of the country?

And why would he look for a private school when his son can get a similar education at Boyertown?

Nothing makes sense these days.

Obviously LeBron is close with Ben Simmons, which is the genesis of every LeBron/Philly link. He played with the Sixers in NBA2k the other week and commented on some Instagram post or something. There’s a bit of a connection there, but nothing concrete to go off of, unless these count:



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    1. I guaranteed Mariota would be drafted by the Eagles. I also thought Chip would lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

  1. Yeah, LeBron shouls send his kids to Boyertown, so they can participate in all sorts of extracurricular activities, like that one club they have on Saturday mornings, where you get to put on a white hood, hold up signs, and hand out “literature”

  2. Funny that the eagles hire Groh, a white man, over Duece a well deserved black man. Republicans are such racist pigs. I hate white people.

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