Michael Bennett Is Out on Bond

via NBC Houston

Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett was in a Houston courtroom this afternoon, turning himself in to authorities after a warrant was issued for his arrest Friday. Police allege that he injured a 66-year-old paraplegic woman in an incident stemming from Super Bowl 51, a felony “injury of the elderly” charge that carries a 10 year prison sentence.

NBC Houston had a camera inside the courtroom and wrote a bit about the hearing on their website: 

“During Monday’s hearing, Bennett’s lawyer and a prosecutor had a lengthy discussion with the judge about the process of the three-time Pro Bowl player, turning himself in. Bennett later walked up to the bench, where there was more discussion. Ultimately, the judge set Bennett’s bond at $10,000.”

Bennett apparently was at his home in Hawaii when he learned on the indictment on Friday. The judge has allowed to him to travel back and forth from Hawaii to Houston while out on bond and has barred him from having contact with the elderly victim that he is alleged to have shoved while entering the field of play after the Super Bowl.

Here’s video of the hearing, courtesy of KPRC Houston:


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    1. This thug deserves to be in a cage and wheeled to the sidelines for games only.
      Bennett is a white hating piece of garbage. F him.

      1. And you’re a black hating piece of garbage. So stop with the fake outrage. I’ll hang up so you can tell me how much you like “the good ones”

        1. First, you’ll have to find an actual “good one”.
          Good luck with that.
          F YOU and your denial of facts and statistics.

  1. Even though he should be in a cage where he belongs, he’s going to get a Pre Trial INtervention, community service, and everything will be erased if he stays out of trouble for a year.
    In the meantime, the trade should be voided for bad faith by the Seahawks, or we should get every ounce of play we can get out of this mercenary.
    I hate him for the garbage that he is. He hates white people. America, and cops, like the typical ghetto garbage that he is.
    But, the Eagles shouldn’t be suffer because of his behavior and stupidity.
    Let him play if the deal can’t be voided

    1. Fuck off loser. We all had enough of your keyboard muscles on the other post. You wouldn’t say any of this to his face because you are a coward, racist loser.

      1. Na, sorry dude. You can’t pass off your MSM snowflake routine of calling everything with a differing opinion racist or whatever ism you want to throw around that day. The fact of the matter is this guy made up a story about what happened to him in Vegas and the media fed right into along with you. We didn’t forget that what he claimed turned out to be false. This ‘recent’ development out of Houston is just added evidence that is mounting against this guy that he is a bad apple and not what this football team, locker room or fan base really needs.

        But go ahead and tell me how his 8 potential sacks a year will help you overlook his misdeeds. If that loser Riley Cooper was a #1 receiver would you have said the same thing about his dumb ass?

        Not that my comment will help you see anything other than what you want to see – or at least what your TV masters have led you to perceive as truth.

        Back to the stupidity of the comments on CB about Ahton and his ropes!

        1. Yea. Loser. I’m gonna punch you through the computer. And I have my gun to shoot you through the computer also. Once I heard down to Walmart and get some more AoL discs for free 20 hours of internet, you’re ass is grass.

          And I the lawnmower!!

      2. Coward loser? Tell yourself whatever you need to, snowflake.
        I have no problem legally defending myself with my hands or my registered conceal carry.
        Ghetto garbage have no mystical powers. They all fall, like anyone else..
        If not, I’ve got no problem taking a beating or bullet defending myself and the truth.

  2. Interesting that it was after he signed a contract he was sued for something that happened over a year ago.

    Nothing to see here though move along…

    1. He may be getting sued but that’s civil court. This is criminal felony charges, high court, they found enough evidence to indict him. The seahawks had to know about this. It should void the trade.

  3. Any chance the NFL could award the Eagles a Seattle draft pick for misleading info? There’s no way Seattle didn’t know about this.

  4. Uh oh, lookout Fultz is playing tonight! Time for everything to crumble

  5. Are the cock/sperm afficianados and the neo-nazis the same 2-3 sockpuppets, or is CB a unique singularity where such disparate groups coalesce around a shared interest? Genuinely curious.

      1. Maybe block them? Those comments are never funny. And it’s even sadder that the same people are commenting and likely responding to their own comments

  6. This woman was in one of those heavy duty power wheelchairs. Once they are locked in position they don’t move until the person moves the joystick. She positioned herself in front of the door when Michael said he was going through the door to get on the field. This isn’t like a regular wheelchair where you can easily push it a couple of feet. The battery for the power chair alone probably weighs 30 pounds, the woman another 125. All told your looking 225 pounds at least when you include chair frame. In trying to push the chair he might have inadvertently touch her shoulder. She tried to play hero. If those doors were direct access you put a couple 6-2 or 6-3 guys there then it’s a different outcome.

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