Allen Iverson has had quite the interesting calendar year. In March 2017, he made headlines when he announced his Big 3 team “3’s Company”. Five months later, he was suspended for skipping a Big 3 game in Dallas.

In last night’s Sixers/Hornets game, which Kevin Kinkead broke down here, AI once again set the Twitterverse ablaze with an interview that you need to see and hear for yourself.


Molly: “You said you look cool in these glasses, what do you think about the 76ers and what they’re showing out here on the court?”

AI: “I love my guys. I love my little dudes. They my little guys. I love ’em.”

Molly: “What brings you to Charlotte?”

AI: “I live here.”

Molly: “Okay… I didn’t know that. The more you know. You know, I was talking to you about the best Philadelphia athlete of all time, you said it wouldn’t be you. In terms of where Philadelphia is headed, what’s going to be the deal-breaker for them to make some noise in the playoffs?”

AI: “Um… I would, I would, I would, I would be crazy to say… we think we need more. I think we got enough… to be, um, competitive like we’ve always been. and um, I just think we have enough. I think it’s our time, but imma believe that anyway, regardless if I think we need more pieces or, you know, whatever. I know we got the best coach in the world, we got the two greatest superstars that we need, and we got the great role players that we need. So, like I’m winning. Like, I’m along with the journey. Like, I think we’re gonna do something.”

Molly: “We all we need, right?”

AI: “We all we need. We all we got!”

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I’ve stated before on the Crossing Broadcast that watching AI’s public appearances in recent years has changed the way I view one of Philadelphia’s favorite athletes. Iverson has been the subject of stories citing alcohol and/or gambling issues – which reportedly led to his Big 3 suspension – on ESPN in 2010The Washington Post in 2013Deadspin in 2015, and TMZ in 2017.

It came as no surprise that Iverson’s interview was a topic on this morning’s First Things First on FS1:

Besides ribbing Molly Sullivan for a perceived lack of research, Cris Carter commented:

“He looked like he was feeling pretty nice, that’s all I’m gonna say. Looked like he was riding around on a little hovercraft, just floating above the ground… I’m glad he got his words together.”

I’m not going to speculate on Iverson’s state-of-mind or his potentially being under the influence, but he certainly didn’t sound like himself.

To her credit, Molly Sullivan took to Twitter after the game to address criticism of the interview with AI:

What are your thoughts? Does this add to AI’s legend in Philly? Does this change how you view AI? Phone lines are open for the first time today…