Trey Burton Says He Feels ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Hurt’ by Eagles


Today was a busy day for former Eagles tight end Trey Burton. Earlier, he reportedly agreed to a four-year deal worth $32 million with the Chicago Bears before executing the “Philly Special” one last time ahead of Phillies exhibition game with the Rays. Here he is hitting Phillies color analyst Ben Davis:

That’s fun.

He also made time to join 94WIP’s afternoon show hosted by Jon Marks and Ike Reese to discuss his big day. Although many assumed the Eagles wouldn’t be able to make a competitive offer to retain Burton’s services, apparently the arm behind one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history didn’t quite see it the same way. Burton rather forcefully expressed what he termed his “disappointment” with the Eagles. You can give it a listen after the jump:

I was really disappointed, man, honestly. If I’m going to be open and transparent, I was really disappointed that there wasn’t any offers, it didn’t seem like they were even trying to really make it happen. In reality, you can make anything happen if you really want to and so that was my mindset and I’m really disappointed in that. It kind of hurt me a little bit.

I don’t want to do this thing where I blindly defend every move the Eagles make. They’re going to screw up at some point and when they do, they should be called on it. This time around, though, I don’t know–Burton’s beef seems kind of ridiculous.

Sure, he’s right. If the Eagles wanted to keep him, they could have freed up the money and taken a hit elsewhere, but given the strong market for his services and their current cap situation, his disappointment is a bit surprising. Maybe he would’ve taken less to stay with the Eagles, but it would be irresponsible to offer a contract anywhere near what he received with Chicago to retain the services of a number two tight end. It wasn’t happening.

We seem to learn this lesson all over again every year, but this situation underscores how quickly life changes in the NFL. It was only 37 days ago that Burton forever etched his name into Eagles lore and now we’re here. The Eagles, at least for the time being, move Billy Brown to the backup tight end spot, while Burton takes his talents and animosity to Chicago. It’s a cold business.


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  1. Human reaction . No way birds pay 8 mill year for 22 snap guy. Sad fucking day losing trey, big beau and celek .

  2. Zero chance you big dicked fuckers repeat without these guys. Looks like we will remain the last team to repeat. BTW, I sucked the thickest dick this afternoon. Mmmmmmmm

    1. Come back when you’ve dumb something in the past 20 years
      besides hire shit for brains players who beat women.

  3. He was looking for a big contract and why wouldn’t he want to be the starting TE for a team. He had to understand the Eagles had virtually no cap space and couldn’t allocate what was necessary to keep him. Howie didn’t make an offer because it would only insult Trey. You would think he would be thrilled with the contract he got from the Bears.

    1. I’m sure he is thrilled. I get thinking at one point “maybe we can work this out.” But it came apparently pretty quickly that if he wanted to make even 70% of his worth on the open market that he would have to go elsewhere.

  4. Hey Trey, life’s a bitch and then you marry one

  5. Any so called “author” that comments in their own comment section is certainly a “choad”

  6. The Eagles didn’t make him an offer because they didn’t want to insult him. Why does this guy not understand? Doesn’t his agent talk to him?

  7. I think you and the Philly media are spinning this one all wrong.

    The guy was disappointed he didn’t have the opportunity to stay on with the super bowl champs. He likes it here. In a perfect world he would have stayed and he’s disappointed things didn’t work out that way. I don’t see any digs at howie, or the fans, or the team, or at the organization. In fact quite the opposite. I think it’s just frustration with how the world works.

    Regardless, he’s got 32 million reasons to get over it. Bon voyage and good luck to the man.

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