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If you turned on NBC Sports Philadelphia at 4:30 p.m. today, you got a program called “Inside Golf,” a “weekly magazine-style show that spotlights various public and private golf clubs.” I watched a few minutes of it before flipping over to channel 69 News at 4:00.

But if you turn on NBC Sports Philadelphia at the same time slot next week, you’ll get the debut simulcast of “The Mike Missanelli Show.” We learned about this when a press release went out in December, but didn’t have a start date. That date is April 16th.

The show will air from 2 to 5 p.m. weekdays on NBCSP and will stream online as well. Philly Sports Talk will continue to air at 5.p.m., followed by Quick Slants at 6.

The show is exactly what it sounds like – Mike’s afternoon show with a bunch of cameras installed in the 97.5 the Fanatic studios. He’ll be joined by update anchor Natalie Egenolf and producer Tyrone Johnson, whose roles, I assume, won’t change.

The other thing that won’t change is the 5 p.m. hour, so when NBC flips to Mike Barkann and his blue glasses, Missanelli’s show will continue on the radio until 6 p.m., which includes the “Sound Off” segment.



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  1. The show is impossible to listen to. I couldn’t imagine watching that obnoxious tool bag.

    Somehow he thinks this will get him closer to that national gig he and Tony Gargano are desperate for.

    1. Pretty sure his show is awesome, that’s why he’s getting a tv show.

    2. So Eagles fans imagine if the Pats beat you because 2 TD’s were allowed to stand that were not legitimately TD’s. And one was allowed despite the team being in an illegal formation. Betcha you would not be happy!

      Fans are such trash!! Even boo a manager after 6 games …what an embarrassment

      1. What a sorry spoiled my team hasn’t won in a generation baby of a fan.
        Can’t live with the fact that we’re relevant and you’re not.
        Suck it Cowgirl fan you’re as close to winning a title as every other team that didn’t make the playoffs.
        And we don’t have to worry if those TD’s we’re legit or not because they were, so what else do you have to bitch about
        EAD sorry excuse for a fan bae yourself.

      2. I think this is another CrossingBored ‘plant’ message to get people bent out of shape so they’ll respond.

        “Jerry Jones will live forever” = “The cowboys will suck forever”

  2. From WFAN in NY. Mike going through calls in rapid fire. No nonsense. Make a point and your on your way as Mike hit the disconnect button. Wasn’t two way talk but you never got bored. You can still find clips online. That’s how you do a simulcast.

      1. I hate New York too, but there is no denying that the quality of sports talk there is far better than in Philadelphia. Schticks like Cataldi, Duh Cuz, and Mike would not last a week up there because they spend most of the air time talking about mob movies or food. It’s fucking horrible, there people are not as interesting as they think they are

        1. i can attest to this as well. Not sure what it is, but the sports talk in NYC is so much more interesting and idon’t even root for any of those teams

  3. Sorry, i can’t ‘tune in’ to that windbag obnoxious fuckwad Missenelli.
    I have a shit scheduled for that time.

  4. “Bro. Bro. Bro.”
    *hangs up on caller*
    Sounds like riveting television.

  5. Better than an programming during that time slot now. Really, they should just carry it to 6:30pm as Sports Talk and Quick Slants are garbage.

  6. Apparently the morons at NBC sports aka Comcast have never heard his show……i would assume the chick has to wear tight tops and giggle at douchenelli’s witty comments about lebron, his law degree, his golf game, his cigars……..probably cancelled in 90 days… the way, listen to sirius sportstalk if you want to see how it sounds when the host is funny or smart or ‘not a dick’

  7. anyone think this lasts longer than “Breakfast on Broad”???

  8. Bout time. Can’t wait to watch Mike every day. The guys a legend and his show is awesome. I wonder if they’ll ever show that huge bulge of his….

  9. I can’t imagine it being worse than Breakfast on Broad. Oh hell, sure I can. Mike Miss has been horrible lately. Every day it’s the same topic, Lebron. Adding Tyrone was good because he knows what he’s talking about. Unfortunately Mike uses him for his black people points, which are all bad and mostly racist. And then they add someone who is a fraction better than MCW, with Nat. I’m sure some people find her good looking. I don’t. But she has been doing updates for a good amount of time now and continuously stumbles over her words along with her lisp and annoying Delco accent. It’ll be cancelled by years end.

    1. Nat is from the Great Northeast son. Feel bad for Tyrone though as Mike basically uses him to for hos brotha act.

  10. Does Mikes new producer sound like a mix between Evan Turner and WIPs Sue Schilling ?

  11. the comment section is pretty terrible now but this post is delivering

    good work everyone

  12. why does Mike have a turkey neck?

    On the real I actually dind’t mind Breakfast on Broad if it was Jillian Mele and anyone else. Sarah Baicker wasn’t good to look at, cheesy as fukk, and Rob Ellis was a tranny douche, Rob Ellis is the most cliched loser host, and he thinks he’s really in tune with Philly fans…no, he’s a whiny tranny. He coudln’t grow facial hair if he tried. Having said all that, and Barrett as the cuddly brother who was also annoying, and it overally being kind of cheesy, it was still watchable and did a nice job coveiring Philly sports hot topics. That was listenable, not Rob Ellis for another couple hours on sports radio.

    On that note, neither is barkann, those annoying ass blue glasses. He was overexposed on CSN, I coudn’lt stand his ass on the radio, especially with gargling Ike.

    Barkann should’ve been fired 5 years ago I prefer Neil Hartmann and Leslie Gudell’s chest, and I’ll take my boy Ron Malcolm X Burke anyday.

    Overall, I like Mike Miss. His show has always been kind of smart and entertaining. I think Tyrone is good but it was best iwth martietis. I think the chick is wayyyyyy tooooooo girly, trying too hard to be like the Blonde on Cowherd who is stunningly good looking. This Natalie is gonna be the Philly knock-off of her and she’s not as good. I can’t stand how she tries to soften MikeMiss and then MikeMiss obliges. Mike Miss has an asshole tone, but I actually like his asshole tone. I believe the guy knwos his basketball he’s a legit fan, I kind of enjoy wednesday trivia, I hate Lebron but I understand his take is to get a rise out of Philly fans…I like him. He’s funny in a smug asshole kind of way, tolerable…plus he’s a real Philadelphian.

    The best show on Philly sportstalk is Decamera and Ritchie. The morning guys suck ass on both stations. Decamera and Ritchie, then gimme Mike Miss, and I like Big Daddy and Jolovitz, I like Rob Charry too. Glenn and Ray, Sonny Hill, and Reuben Frank are good too. Eckl and the College Basketball guys were good too. Everyone else could vanish and I woudn’t give a shit. And when they vanish, please take our “Philly TV loyal love Michael Barkann” with ya.

    Whoever the fukk decided to put Hollis Thompson on the radio shoudl be shot. Trotter is good, B West ain’t bad. But please. get Ike Reese and Hollis Thompson off the damn radio.

    I’m done.

    1. also, Spike Eskin is a fukkin sissy. His dad was entertaining back in the day. His son the “programmer extroidinaire” is a fukkin sissy.

      1. Christ, did you burst an artery writing this? Are you unemployed or retired?

  13. IMO it’s a disgrace csn choose mike missanelli over my Angelo . Angelo is way more entertaining..
    Here is a song I wrote about Angelo :

    Angelo , there are certain times you think you’ll be fine by yourself, Cause a dream is a wish that you make all alone- It’s easy to feel like you don’t need help/ But it’s harder to walk on your own. Angelo Angelo my Angelo

  14. Mikey Miss is an act. I do a show. The problem is an act gets old and tired. Right, Howard?

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